Best gaming PC build under 50000 march 2020

Everyone wants to play games but due to limited budgets, they would not be able to play games. So today I will tell you the best gaming PC build under 50000 march 2020. So as the title suggests we will suggest the best parts possible for this gaming PC build in full detail. As the budget is limited so we try to get it from the best possible price. So we'll take it from where it will be the cheapest.

In this, we have taken whose parts that can be the best for gaming. But have not included keywords and other small components.

In this gaming PC build, you can play games like Pubg, GTA V, and heavy games with 1080p Ultra settings for a minimum of 50 to 60 fps. As this pc build has a limited budget please check the best buy link first As these were much cheaper from amazon
Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020

Parts for Best gaming PC build under 50000

In this, we have taken the best possible paths for the best performance so you are not required to check each and every part for best performance just as we have ensured they would provide 50 to 60 + favorites in each game at 1080p

1. Processor

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Processor an important part of your PC build. this PC build we have taken the AMD Ryzen 5 3500. This is a 3rd gen processor from AMD. This process comes with 6 cores which are enough to game on 1080p.

Even this processor is used in the best gaming PC under 60000. This processor comes with an inbuilt CPU cooler so we don't need to invest in an additional Cpu cooler. It is a power-efficient processor from AMD with amazing gaming performance. As the TDP of this processor is only 65W. It comes with an AM4 socket.

Why this processor for Best gaming pc build under 50000 IN MARCH 2020

There are many reasons to select this processor for your build as this processor is less expensive. And this Comes with Amd 3rd zen Architecture. This processor is best for Pubg gaming pc to build India. It has an amazing 4.1 GHz of turbo boost speed. This comes with an amazing inbuilt CPU cooler. But IF you want to spend some more money Buy Ryzen 5 3600.

Specification of this processor

  1. Socket:- Am4 socket
  2. Normal speed:- 3.6 GHz
  3. Turbo speed:- 4.1 GHz
  4. No. cores:- 6
  5. No. of threads:- 6
  6. TDP: 65W


  1. This processor is overclockable
  2. Consistent Gaming performance
  3. Less power consumption


  1. Ram incompatibility
  2. Expensive motherboards
Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020

2. Graphics card

Best gaming PC build under 50000 march 2020
In this build, we have taken Rx 590 graphics cards. This promises the best possible gaming on 1080p at any game it can be new or it can be old. But the graphics card comes with high power consumption which will increase the power consumption required from the power supply of our build. Even in the future, you can do no lag gaming at 1080p resolution. When it is launched it's too expensive but due to its competition, its price is reduced to 17k. This graphics card comes with 4th gen GCN architecture.

Why This graphics card for best gaming pc build under 50000 in India

This graphics card has an amazing performance at 1080p. Even this card is used by the majority of the best PC build under 60000 2019. There any graphics cards like GTX 1660 which are less expensive than this will provide less performance to our users. This graphics card is based on 12 NM Technology so this is another reason to buy it. Provide the same performance as GTX 1660 Ti with less price.

Specification of graphics card

  1. Compute units:36
  2. Base frequency: 1469
  3. Boost frequency: 1545
  4. Stream processors: 2304
  5. Texture unit: 144
  6. Memory speed: 8Gbps
  7. Memory type: GDDR5


  1. Strong game bundle
  2. Best for 1080 gaming
  3. Easy transition for partners
  4. Lots of display output


  1. 2.5 years old architecture
  2. It is not power-efficient
Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020

3. Motherboard

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Msi B450M Pro-VDH Max This is the best motherboard at this price for our best computer under 50000. In this motherboard, you can easily upgrade from this processor in the future. This processor supports good overclocking so that you can also overclock your R5 3500 processor for the best performance. But this motherboard needs a macro cabinet which is expensive. Sports 64 GB of RAM but we are using only 8GB of time. Is motherboard comes with inbuilt 3rd Generation AMD bios? which are capable of our build.

Why this motherboard for best desktop under 50000

This motherboard supports Ryzen 1,2,3 zen processors. It supports 4 ddr4 ram slots with speed up to 3440 MHz which is enough for our gaming pc build. Before some months the 4 ram slots are only available for that budget. But now it is available in this budget. This is much better than Msi B450M Pro-M2 because it supports only 2 ram slots which I think is not enough in the long run. Motherboards in this budget should support M.2 SSD slots. This motherboard is good for the best budget gaming pc build.

Specification of Msi B450M Pro-VDH Max

  1. VGA & DVI-D Ports
  2. PS/2 Port & USB 2.0
  3. USB 2.0 & HDMI Ports
  4. LAN Port & USB 3.2 Gen1
  5. USB 3.2 Gen1
  6. HD Audio Connectors
Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020

4. Ram

Corsair Vengeance Lpx 8GB BEST RAM
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Corsair Vengeance Lpx 8GB. In this budget, you need a minimum of 8Gb of ram for the best gaming performance. But if possible you are suggested to invest in one more 8GB in the future. This ram is a budget ram as it comes under 4k price. It is also best for pc buildings under 40000. This ram comes with 3200 MHz speed which is required for best performance in games. As this build is a budget build so this ram would contain any RGB. However, if you want RGB you have to invest some more money in his build. Or you can just buy an RGB cabinet.
Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020

5. SSD 240gb

Best gaming PC build under 50000 march 2020
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This is the best and fastest ram under for this build. As this SSD comes with the name of Kington and its SSD were much better than others in this build. When this SSD launched its price was slightly more expensive than now. But now its price has come down. Gigabyte's SSD this budget is similar to this SSD or even less than it. But our SSD is much Better than Gigabyte's SSD as it seems slightly slower in our testing. You should buy Kingston SSD as this provides more speed. Don’t make decisions just by the price and the storage of SSD speed also make it better.

Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020


WD best hard disk
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The hard disk is an important part of our pc build as you can install some games and files on the SSD. But you always need a hard disk for storing all games and video files. And for this, the best Hard disk is WD 1 TB. As there are many hard disks available in the market. But this hard disk is much better than a Seagate harddisk. And this is also less expensive. Must buy that Hard disk which has maximum storage and maximum speed under minimum budget.

Best gaming pc build under 50000 march 2020

7. Cabinet

As cabinets are also an important part of the pc build but this doesn’t include any technical points which we suggest buying. So you can choose any cabinet with the remaining budget.

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Summary How to build Best gaming PC under 50000 2020. You can play GAMES at 1080p ULTRA setting with 60+ FPS. Full description of the component used with pros and cons.

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