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Realme X3 and X3 pro mobile phone news

Realme has launched so many phones now and Realme plans to launch new Realme X3 and X3 pro mobile phones. Before some days Realme X3 is listed. Now Realme X3 pro is also listed by Mukul Sharma. As Realme X2 launched with Snapdragon 730G and Realme X2 Pro launch with Snapdragon 855+. Now Realme main launches its new Realme X3 with Snapdragon 765 and Realme x3 pro-May comes with Snapdragon 865+ processor. the price of Realme X3 is above 20k. and the price of real X3 is around 40k. as this is not an official from Realme. But these will the best and Powerful mobile phones. and both phones come with 5G maybe MI Realme X3 will not support 5G because in India 5G is not yet launched. but realmeX3 pro comes with inbuilt 5G as Snapdragon 865+ has inbuilt 5G.
Realme X3 and X3 pro mobile phone news

Specification of Realme X3 and X3 pro mobile phone

Realme X3 and X3 pro mobile phone news

Performance of this phone

As this is not official from Realme but they conformed that these mobile phones are so power full. And gaming is amazing on these mobile phones. But the main thing is the price as Realme had launched Realme 6 at slightly higher prices. so we are expecting a good price from Realme for these phones.

Camara of Realme X3 and X3 pro mobile phone

Realme X2 may come with 4 cameras. With a primary camera of 64 megapixels.
Realme 2 Pro will also come with 4 cameras. it may come with a primary sensor of 108 megapixels.


Both come with great 5000 MH battery with a fast charger inbox.

The expectation of Realme X3 lite

This mobile phone comes to beat Poco X2. as it comes under 20k of price and it's the computer is Poco F2. and this will offer slightly better performance from it and with a Better camera. Poco is best at that budget. in some months you can expect some good phones from Realme and this phone was very powerful. but they may be slightly expensive.

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