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Zebronics G41 motherboard review

There are more than so many people in India whose still using LGA 775 socket motherboard. And everyone wants to play games with this CPU socket.

However, this is a very old CPU socket found even 7 years before. At that time this is the best Zebronics G41 is the best budget motherboard from games.

But bow this motherboard is not able to handle big games which are demanding nowadays. 

This is the best motherboard based on the LGA 775 socket. And the motherboard is best at this price from Zebronics.

As in this article, you will come to know All about the Zebronics G41 motherboard review.
Zebronics G41 motherboard review
For gaming, this supports GTX 1050. This graphics card can handle the games like GTA V e.t.c.

But think if you pair this motherboard with a weak processor it will bottleneck hardly the performance of the graphics seem to useless.

Even GTX 750 ti is only a graphics card that can able to give the best performance on this graphics card.

But to play games like GTA V you need to have a minimum of 12GB of RAM in this motherboard With 1333Mhz.

Specification of the motherboard.

  1. Supports LGA 775 socket
  2. Two RAM slots
  3. PCIe 2.0
  4. one PCI slot
  5. form factor: Micro-ATX

Compatibility of Zebronics G41 motherboard

  • Max processor:- INTEL CORE 2 QUAD
  • GPU:- GTX 1050 max
  • RAM:- 16GB ddr3 1333MHz max
  • The power supply supports all
  • Have all necessary ports

Gaming performance

This motherboard doesn't support high-level gaming. But even you can do average gaming on this motherboard.

This motherboard support GTX 1050 4GB graphics. Which is met for gaming only and offers amazing performance in gaming?

Even when this graphics card launched it is named as best budget graphics card. Full specification

Comparison of Zebronics G41 and G31

Zebronics g31 is also an option motherboard for LGA 775 socket users. But this motherboard only supports DDR2 RAM with a maximum of 4GB of RAM which is 4 times lesser than the G41 motherboard. 

And this motherboard doesn't have a PCI slot which G41 has. Both have a PCIe 2.0 slots. Both support maximum Intel core 2 quad Q9650. 

Other All about the Zebronics G41 motherboard discussed in the review.

Can G41 motherboard supports I3?

No, it doesn't support the i3 processor and the maximum processor supported is Intel core 2 Quad Q9650. As i3 processor requires minimum LGA 1156 to run properly.
As the i3 processor requires minimum LGA 1156 to run properly. Click here to initiate a return.

Does G41 supports ddr2 RAM?

No, it doesn't support the DDR2 and As it supports DDR3 ram with maximum 1333 MHz of speed. You can install 16 GB RAM in this motherboard which is maximum in this motherboard.

Which processor is best for g41 motherboard?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 is the best processor for this motherboard. You can also pair GTX 750ti 2GB with it for the best performance from this motherboard.
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What is G41 motherboard?

This is an amazing motherboard for LGA 775 socket motherboards which supports DDR3 ram with 1333 MHz speed. But this motherboard is not for high-level gaming.

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