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AMD VS INTEL CPUs in 2020 in India in full details


AMD VS INTEL CPUs in 2020 in India in full details

Gordon, it's the eternal debate AMD versus Intel on the CPU side of things you know say we. ; re not gonna look at them you know high core count thread rippers and Zeon. and we're you know we're gonna get a discrete GPU what do you think is the landscape out there for CPUs what are the strengths and weaknesses of AMD what are the strengths and weaknesses of until well first no matter what you read no matter what you hear there is no right answer there is a right answer for you so don't let anybody else tell you you made the wrong decision on 
AMD VS INTEL CPUs in 2020 in India in full details

what you bought but right now I think MD has the advantage for most people discrete graphics okay first let. ; s go over why Intel is great whyIntel. ;s fantastic right now Intel has higher clock speeds yeah they generally have slightly better I pcs they have an infrastructure that has been nailed down longer they. ; ve been being told boards that have been around a lot longer so kind of if you want to consider more stable right AMD rise in motherboard pretty new most ninety percent of the time 99% time no problems but Intel is the rock that they can lean on because of it. ;s Intel it. ;s it. ;s all the warm fuzzy Nassif given with an Intel product but the reason why I. ;m gonna say 


AMD still better is because of it. ;s just so much value which is you get more cores or more threads more hardware because a lot of AMD CPUs you actually get the cooler inside Intel does. ;t give you the cooler with most of its high-end parts okay so you got a factor in buying a cooler and then there. ;s a price difference generally Intel 97 or k97 z KF that. ;s coming out the 9800 K 9900 KF that. ; coming out faster higher clocks pricier - oh yeah five hundred and thirty dollars for the highest n part if you can get them if you can get it three almost four hundred dollars for the 97 2 K versus what you. ; re getting out of AMDeight cores eight-thread 2, 700 X is to 84 with the cooler rise in 520 600 X is185 with the cool you. ; re looking at $200 to $150 more in your pocket with AMD now in tow we. ; ll give you higher clocks generally better gaming performance sometimes better application performance because everybody runs on Intel they. ; ve been optimizing for Intel for a long time generally faster I.;m willing to give up say 20% of frame rate okay generally that. ;s across the board and in games older games especially where it. ;s just CPU limited not GPU limited because for the hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars I will get out of 


AMD I could put that toward a fatter GPU so for a gaming machine and most of these processors without integrated graphics. ;s face that they're being used for gaming machines that. ;s the risk in twenty sixty and a twenty seventy practically pretty close $200 will definitely get you from a 2060 to a twenty seventy 150 a little less but still you. ; re a lot closer to a twenty seventy that. ;s a big step up in graphics and for most games you. ; re gonna want a fatter GPU rather than a fatter GPU true that. ;s not to say Intel is got problems again we just said it. ;s faster you also get quick sync as you mentioned for people who do video editing quick sync important is a huge difference it slays CPU base encoding and it only even kick the smoke out of GPU encoding for the most part it. ;s pretty awesome yeah you can only get that on Intel or people who are into video premiere or those kind of things that might actually be worth it yeah well and there. ;s some people out there who. ; ve been burned by AMD in the past yeah I mean yeah there. ;s there are some bad bad blood in the past the AMD CPUs have not been the fastest in the past but Rison is a real deal it. ;s a real fast CPU most applications it. ; gonna be very close somewhat faster than Intel it. ;s kind of Intel counterpart something. ;s a little slower and in gaming generally 10-15 percent lower worst-case scenario maybe 20 percent depending on the game okay if it. ;s a pure GPU limited game if you. ; re playing a battlefield 5 rate race or metro exodus rate race it. ;s not gonna make that much of a difference yeah so I say the advantage goes to AMD I think for most people and but if you. ; ve got the money you. ; re not that price-sensitive I am but you. ; re not that price-sensitive or you want the absolute best for a you know mainstream single-socket gaming machine 1900 k97 2k still got a strong message but will cost more, okay well actually I am very interested to hear what you have to say about this why did you decide to pick AMD or Intel or why are you going to pick one of them you know I want to hear what people think you know about the landscape as of right now like you said earlier they shouldn. ;t just listen to you Gordon no I think I.;ve definitely nobody right don. ;t definitely none depends on your use case so what. ;s not the best hardware it. ;s what. ;s the best hardware for you exactly or some people quick sink higher clocks it. ;s best for them cost them more but it. ;s best for them yeah right okay well the Thank You Gordon for your for trying to take on this eternal debate for me and we will talk to you later

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