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Best gamepad in 2020 with full gaming comparison


Best gamepad in 2020

The benchmark that I compare every single controller to the current generation Xbox One. Now,  it’s seen some updates over the last few years, like Bluetooth and an audio jack, you also have the Design Lab. But this is always what I compare things to. Kev,  why am I wrong?- I mean,  look,  the standard Xbox One controller is great. When it comes to just the baseline models that come with systems this is honestly my personal favorite as well. - [Austin] Same,  yeah. - But there’s a lot of room for improvement still and there’s a lot of things that have kind of become more common and popular amongst pro controllers that aren’t necessarily feasible in an affordable regular baseline like this one. - Such as.
Best gamepad in 2020
Such as Microsoft’s own Xbox One Elite 2. Honestly,  we could talk all day about the special features and things. I think the main kind of take away points aside from just general build quality, multiple sticks you can use,  multiple D-pads,  back paddles. Which are pretty common across a lot of these ones. The big stuff for this to though the unique customization features that are in the Xbox Accessories app where you can do things like button remapping, adding a Shift button options,  stick acceleration, lots of crazy in-depth stuff. - And of course,  this works across the Xboxas well as the PC and those settings that you sync will actually work across consoles as well. Or across,  did I just call PC a console? I mean,  across systems,  across platforms. - Identity crisis. So aside from the Elite 2the other one we have here is the Prestige. Now,  this is the newest one from ScufI’d mentioned earlier and the main thing with this is that this is a modified Xbox One controllers it still has the same core base in it, which is really cool actually’cause that means you can use it with the Xbox One, the upcoming Project Scarlet,  PC,  whatever, if it works with Xbox controller it’ll work with this. One of the cool things about it is how you can further modify it. If you wanna change the sticks or anything you actually just pop off the faceplate. - That’s cool. - And this is how you can swap out the sticks. You can also switch out the D-pad, although I think you can just do that from having this faceplate on as well. So this one has four adjustable paddles, you can take them off if you don’t wanna use them. - [Austin] The problem though is that this is expensive,  right? this is actually around the same price as the Elite controller?- So,  it’s 20 bucks cheaper if you just buy the base model unmodified. But one of the big things about Scufis how you wanna customize it to make it your own design so depending on if you want certain colors, special designs,  different sticks, depending on all the things you modify and do to it can end up adding up to being quite more money. - So I get that you’re really excited about your controllers and everything but really everyone knows the superior way to play any kind of game is using a mouse and keyboard. Which I so helpfully have provided with the Razer Turret. - You said this was a controller video. - This works with an Xbox,  I can control my games with it, I think that counts. What is wrong with you?- Can I bring in a racing wheel next then?- There’s a cursor inside the game. It’s almost as if I’m playing on a PC called the Xbox. - Now to be clear,  this is because the Xboxactually does support keyboard and mouse, it doesn’t have to necessarily be the Turretbut the Turret is an awesome controller design specifically for the Xbox in mind. - ‘Cause essentially you’re getting like a proper Razer keyboard.

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