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Best microphone for Youtube under 1000 in 2020

The microphone is used to record your voice. But there are lots of microphones are available in the market to purchase under 1000. So now I will help you to buy the best microphone for youtube under 1000. If you could suggest a cheap microphone with decent quality under 1000. This is also best for youtube videoes.
Best microphone for Youtube under 1000 in 2020

1. Boya be ym1 best microphone for youtube

This is the first microphone in the list of best microphone for youtube under 1000. So 1000 is not a ton of money and so options are pretty limited however my personal favorite microphone in that price range is the Boya be ym1 this is a great lavalier microphone that you can click onto your shirt and then it'll plug into a mic jack on your camera if so make sure you have a mic input but the other thing

Features of Boya be ym1

I love about this is that it also works with smartphones and so there's a smartphone mode and there is also the camera mode and that is because it has three plugs so it's trees if it's gonna work with a smartphone it's got to have three plugs a normal one will only have two so one of the reasons I love this mic is not just for youtube videos but also for the versatility to use it for Facebook live Instagram live plugging it into your phone if you want to create content on your smartphone and things like that let's check out
how it sounds okay so first of all this is the onboard microphone on the Canon 70d so this is what you know the camera sounds like without any microphone at all so now let's plug in the Boyett and see how it sounds so now you are hearing the Boya microphone I have it connected to my shirt here plugged into the camera and again I mean I really like the sound of this microphone I think it sounds great it's not on the same level as the shotgun mic that we were shooting with but that also is a multiple hundred dollar microphone and so this performs really well for twenty dollars and so that's why it's my top pick but there's also two other mics that I think are worth checking out if you want to stretch your budget a little bit and still get some great audio at an affordable price.


2. Taxstar SGC 598 best microphone for youtube

the second one is the Taxstar SGC 598 now you can see this is a shotgun microphone that will get mounted on top of your camera you can plug it into your audio input and it's just one of those really cool microphones has incredible reviews on Amazon that comes in at $30.00 here in the US and so it would sound similar to kind of the mic we're shooting with right now it would kind of be sounds very similar to like this rode mic which is I believe over a hundred dollars and that Taxstart $30.00 you know it's gonna go on-camera you have a few adjustments and so that's one to check out and it's also different rights not a lapel mic its one that can be mounted on the camera so check that out.

3. Fifine USB podcast

This is the third microphone in the list of best microphone for youtube under 1000. This one would be getting a USB microphone because maybe you want to do voiceovers and something that you can plug into your computer may be for gaming or something like that and so I took one up the Fifine USB podcast microphone the six six nine version I'll link that up in the description it comes in at $24.99 I've watched a couple videos about it again you get what you pay for but pretty solid it's got a game control on there and that is gonna plug into your USB port and then you could record audio on something like audacity or if you wanted and then you could sync it up later with your camera and so depending on like the final thing you need to use it for looking into USB microphones could be something that you might want to check out as well question of the day what microphone do you use for your videos and if you discovered any really good budget microphone solutions.

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