Best Gaming PC Build Under 150000 (1.5 Lakh) For 4k Gaming

If you want to build a pc under 150000 then you can consider checking the list of components used in the pc given below.

Also, you will get two options in this budget one for gaming and the other for productive working. 

So let’s check the components used in that pc build.

Best Gaming PC Build Under 150000

ProcessorRyzen 5 5600x24870
MotherboardMSI MAG B550M15500
Graphics CardGeforce RTX 307085000
MemoryCorsair Vengeance 16Gb 7000
SSDSamsung Evo 98010599
Power SupplyDeepcool PM750D 5715
Liquid CoolerDeepcool 240mm4800
CabinetAny Mid-tower5000

First, we have selected the components according to a gaming pc build. After that, you will get full information about the components required on a pc build for productive work.

For gaming, you need a better graphics card as compared to a processor. And for productive work you need a better processor as compared to a graphics card.

Also, a PC built for productive work is also capable of gaming at 1440p resolution. So let’s check the first component of the gaming pc build.

1. Processor – Ryzen 5 5600x

AMD Ryzen 5 5600x Processor

This is a good processor and is affordable currently from AMD. It comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. However, if you can get i5 11600f in that place then you can consider that as well.

It is based on AMD’s latest 7nm architecture. Further, it has 32 Mb cache memory which makes it much smoother.

Why consider this processor

However, in that budget, you can expect a decent graphics card performance from this processor.

It can easily beat Intel’s 11th generation i7 processors in gaming. Also, it is a good processor for productive work as well.

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2. Graphics Card – Zotac Geforce RTX 3070

Zotac Geforce RTX 3070 ti 8Gb

The Geforce RTX 3070 graphics card is still popular in the market for playing games on ultra graphics.

RTX 3070 performs even better as compared to the old RTX 2080 ti graphics card. However, its price is almost similar to the selling price of the RTX 2080 super.

But still, the launch price is only 44500 in India. Due to the high demand for graphics cards, their prices have been raised that much.

Why consider this graphics card

This is one of the best graphics cards in that budget for playing games on 4k resolution. However, if you want to play games with full ray tracing then you will get a maximum of 60 frame rates on 1440p resolution.

However, if you want to use the newly launched i5 then you can consider these graphics cards for i5 12th gen processors.

3. Motherboard – MSI MAG B550M Mortar WiFi


The motherboard is an important component of a pc build. It should support all the select components of your PC build.

Therefore, we have selected an MSI MAG B550M Mortar WiFi motherboard for this pc. It is compatible with the selected processor and graphics card. Also, supports wifi and PCIe gen 4 SSD.

Why consider this motherboard

If you want a motherboard that supports the newly launched PCIe gen 4 SSD’s and the latest AMD processor then you can consider this motherboard.

Moreover, it has the latest WIFI 6 included with two antennas for getting a decent range from your router.

4. Random Access Memory – Corsair Vengeance 16Gb DDR4 3200 Mhz

Corsair Vengeance ddr4 ram

If you want to play games, 8 Gb memory will be more than enough. But if you want the best ever smooth running computer then you can consider 16 Gb of memory.

For 16 Gb memory, we have included two 8 Gb ram sticks. Because two Memory sticks perform much better as compared to single memory sticks.

Why consider this random access memory

If you want a normal 3200 Mhz 8 Gb memory stick or high-speed memory stick then you can consider Hyperx fury 8 Gb.

Moreover, you can also check a memory stick RGB according to your requirements. However, you will get better performance with that memory.

5. SSD – Samsung EVO 980 1 TB SSD.

Samsung Evo 980 1 Tb SSD

SSD is also important for fast booting and working of your computer. Also, this is one of the best options available in the market for SSD storage.

However, this is PCIe 3.0 version SSD storage. But still, it is way faster read and write speed as compared with PCIe 3.0 SSD.

Why consider this SSD storage.

If you want an SSD storage that is too fast and gives up to 3500 Mb/s read and write speed then you can consider this SSD storage.

However, for 5000 Mb/s speed, you can consider Kingston SN770 storage. But it will cost you 2000 more.

6. Power Supply – Deepcool PM750D 750 Watts

Deepcool PM750D 750 watt power supply

Deepcool is a decent brand for power supply units for this pc build. It will be affordable and give you an option for being a modular power supply.

The power requirement of this pc is only 650 watts. But for future-proofing, I have included 750 watts of power supply.

Also, For smooth and better power supply to your computer, it will be a good solution. Moreover, it comes with Japanese capacitors with 80 plus power efficiency.

7. Liquid Cooler – Deepcool 240mm 


Deepcool is a good brand for liquid coolers. Also, a liquid cooler is also required for this pc build.


Because the temperature of your processor can be increased a lot while you’re playing games for a long period.

Therefore, a liquid cooler will be a decent option for controlling the temperature of your processor.

8. Cabinet – Any mid-tower

The main thing while selecting your cabinet would be checking the size of the graphics card. If your graphics card won’t fit on that cabinet then it will not work.

Also, the 240 mm liquid cooler should be supported on that cabinet. 

After that, you’re done with all the components required for the gaming pc build. Let’s discuss the gaming performance of that pc.

The gaming performance of this PC build.

For this PC, I have used an RTX 3070 graphics card and Ryzen 5 5600x processor. With that combination, you can easily get 1440p resolution gaming performance.

However, if you want to play slightly old games then you can easily get 70+ frame rates while playing on 4k ultra settings.

Even when you play games like Shadow of the tomb raider you can expect 70+ frame rates while playing on 4k resolution.

That’s it for the gaming pc build. So if you want to build a pc under 150000 for productivity then you can consider the components given below.

Best PC build for productive work.

ProcessorRyzen 5 5900x48500
MotherboardMSI MAG B550M14899
Graphics CardGigabyte Rx 6600 XT55000
MemoryCorsair Vengeance 16Gb7000
SSDCrucial P5 Plus14000
Power SupplyDeepcool PM750D5715
Liquid CoolerDeepcool 240mm4800
CabinetAny Mid-tower5000

While building a pc for productive tasks. You should keep in mind that spending more money on a processor than a graphics card is important.

Also, there will be decent Apple laptops under 150000 that can easily beat the performance of this pc. However, the gaming performance of these laptops would be very weak.

So if you want to build a pc for productivity and some 1440p or 1080p ultra gaming then consider the pc build given below.

1. Processor – Ryzen 5 5900x

AMD RYZEN 9 5900x Processor

This is one of the most powerful processors in the market for video editing and other productive tasks.

It has 12 cores and 24 threads which are double as compared to Ryzen 5 5600x processor. Even the cache memory is also double as compared to Ryzen 5 5600x which is 64 Mb.

Why consider this processor

If you want an ultimate processor for productivity then you can consider this processor. Moreover, this is an old processor which was launched almost 21 months ago.

2. SSD – Crucial P5 Plus

Crucial P5 Plus SSD storage

This is one of the fastest SSD storage available on the market. Also, the price of this SSD storage is also affordable.

You will even read and write speed up to 6600 Mb/s. However, you need a PCIe 4.0 Nmve slot in your motherboard with a good heat sink on it for much better speed.

3. Graphics Card – Gigabyte Rx 6600 XT

MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Graphics Card

Radeon Rx 6600 XT is a graphics card that gives you a much better gaming experience while playing games at 1080p resolution and 1440p resolution.

It performs 10% slower as compared with RTX 3060 ti in some games. But in most games, it will perform almost similarly.

Why consider this graphics card.

If you want a decent graphics card for gaming then you can consider this graphics card. However, you may face issues while playing games with ray tracing. 

But without ray tracing, you can enjoy gaming at 1440 resolution with high settings. Moreover, the performance may be around 50 frame rates while playing newly launched games.

With slightly old games like assassin’s creed Valhalla you can expect 70+ frame rates on 1440p high settings.

4. Cabinet – Any Mid Tower

For cabinets, you can select any mid-tower cabinet that has enough space to hold your graphics card. Also, the cabinet should support 240 mm liquid coolers.

5. Motherboard – MSI MAG B550M


This motherboard will be enough for this pc build. Also, it supports the PCIe 4.0 which offers decent read and write performance as well as compared to PCIe Version 3.0 Nvme SSDs.

Also, the graphics card and processor are fully compatible with this motherboard. However, for an even better value, you can consider Z570 Motherboards.

6. Random Access Memory – 16 Gb DDR4 3200 MHz

Corsair Vengeance ddr4 ram

16 Gb memory will be enough for this pc. However, if you need more then you can consider buying one more 8 Gb memory stick that gives your pc a smooth working performance.

7. Power Supply – Deepcool 750 watt (Similar to gaming pc)

Deepcool PM750D 750 watt power supply

The power requirement of this pc build is only 650 watts. However, the 750 watts powers supply is only chosen to make sure that the upcoming graphics card will also be compatible with your pc.

8. Liquid Cooler – Deepcool 240 mm (Similar to gaming pc)


White Pc Build for this budget.

If you want to build a white gaming pc built for this budget then you can consider buying the power supply, cabinet, graphics card, and fans in white color.

Also, after that, you can even consider checking the white color motherboards. But these will be way more expensive and don’t seem that great.


For doing pc build you should keep in mind some pc building tips. Also, you should spend money on processors and graphics cards according to your needs.

In gaming, the Ryzen 5 5600x processor will be more than enough. However, for productivity, you can consider Ryzen 9 5900x processors as well.

Moreover, RTX 3070 will be enough for budget 4k gaming and Rx 6600 XT will be enough for budget 2k gaming.

So here’s the guide for the best pc build under 150000 (1.5 Lakh)

Now I want to hear from you. Do you like this pc build or do you have any queries? Let me know in the comments before or feel free to contact us.

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