Best portable study tables in India

The best portable study tables In India is that which good for long time study and easy to fold.

These best portable study tables contain only that portable study table which is solid. But if you want it very solid it will have more weight on the otherwise.
But don’t worry about that In this list the average weight of the study table is just 499 Grams. Which is lightweight if you are not a child.

Best portable study tables in India

This is an amazing portable study table with amazing looks and amazing functions.

1. MemeHo portable study table

MemeHo portable study table
This is the best portable study table in India. As the weight of this portable study table is just 399 Grams. But This is slightly expensive. However, It offers value for money.
The best part!
It has an amazing mobile holder on the one end and it helps to make it super amazing. It is a good option for lightweight laptops under 40000.


The following features are included in every portable study table.
  • Lightweight 399 Grams.
  • worth the money only Rs 869.
  • Good build quality.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Easy to carry.

Ebee Brown study Table with Drawer

Ebee Brown study Table with Drawer

This is also an amazing study table. This is also used as a laptop table. This study table has an additional drawer which helps to store more things.

This table is mostly for those who want to do both study and laptop work.

The main thing!

This study table is not made of steel. It is built by wooden products which will not last long but it will be good till more than one year depends on the usage.

You will get a vent in this table which allows your laptop to pass out the heat build inside.

This table is made for laptops under 30000 but it is also a good study table as this table has an amazing build quality is amazing and this laptop has a drawer.

The drawer also helps to store some stationery which is not available in the other tables.

The following are the features of this study table.

Features Ebee Brown study Table

  • Worth for money.
  • Quality wood included.
  • Portable table for both study and laptop purposes.
  • With side drawer.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to hold.


Both tables are good and justify their prices. But if you only want to buy a laptop for long hours of study you should by the first study table.
If you have a laptop and doing online studies you can check out the second option. However, the First option is also good for laptop usage.
Still, if you have any questions feel free to comment. I will reply to each comment.

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