THE best GPU for gaming at 1440p so this is actually a really interesting part of the market because this is the part where prices really start to diverge yeah like in 1080p gaming you’re typically looking under $300 you know two to three hundred dollar range.

When you start getting into1440p gaming a lot of it depends a lot more on your monitor speed your an aspect ratio stuff like that and prices can start to quickly get out of handlike for this price point you’re probably gonna start around the 350dollar mark okay between the RTX 2060 the original and the Radeon RX 5700 don’t buy 2060.

it has ray tracing which Nvidia has been ramping up and you know talking about but the Radeon RX 5,700 from AMD is just a better card it&;s faster it&;s just as power efficient it&;s quiet it&;s just way more worth it and the rate rates and performance you get from the r-tx 2060is not great so it&;s not worth investing in ray tracing at this level yet on our site on PC WorldCom I maintain an up-to-date list that I&; ve been updating for years it&;s gonna be updated for years awesome all the link to in the description below yeah graphics cards and we actually have the Radeon RX 5700 as our current recommendation for 1440p gaming that&; sat 60 frames per second

your looking to get on the monitor okay so most monitors are 60 Hertz once you start getting up into 1440p like this you start to see some faster ones, huh okay yeah that was gonna be into my next question what about crazy high you know frame rates that uh that some of these monitors enabled yes so both of these cards have upgraded versions for 400 bucks you can get the Radeon RX 5700 XT okay or Nvidia z&;g4s r-tx 2060 super so a more super version of the 2060 and it is the 2060super has two more gigabytes of RAM so it has eight gigabytes of RAM it&;s a lot better for this resolution of gaming, this is where if you really want to get into rate racing if you really want to buy into that like future-proofing if you think it&;s gonna take off in the next few years this is where you might consider jumping in the boat skip the RT X 2060 consider the RT X2060 super if you want ray-tracing huh if you don&;t know if you want rear tracing if you&; re kinda on the fence for the exact same price the Radeon rx5700 XT gives you a lot more performance Wow okay so like I said this is a question do you want more performance now or the future turning of RT X in the future I wouldn&;t even call it future-proofing I&;d call it potential I always buy for what you&; re doing now never the future is never guaranteed well everything looks like ray-tracing is gonna blow up all the dips I&;ve talked to about it love it but it might take longer than you think well in inthe news recently somebody said that you&;d be crazy not to buy our DX card right now because it is the future so that is you know kind of an internal battle that a lot of people are having right now it is an AMD is countering it pretty well with the


Radeon RX 5700 XT actually because for 400 bucks in a lot of games it across the board beats that&;s 2060 super in performance obviously doesn&;t have retracing but it gets real close like single-digit percentage performance was with the $500 RTX 2070 super which is another good option for 1440p gaming um so you&; re getting a lot of the performance for$100 less you don&;t get ray-tracing interesting oh and what about crazy things like kind of I&; ve seen at this monitor resolution you start to get like white aspect ratios like a what is it thirteen forty thirty-four forty by you know 1440 yeah and those are actually much more demanding than a standard1440p because you have that many more pixels to drive so if you do have a widescreen gaming monitor an ultra-wide gaming monitor you might want to consider looking at the 4k graphics card recommendations that we have later but if you&; re going to be buying one of these graphics cards and hoping to get an ultra-wide graphic an ultra-wide monitor going well especially if it has a higher refresh weight rate is when you&; re gonna want to look at the 4k Upson&;s but if assuming it&;s a 60 Hertz monitor which again the vast majority of monitors are I would think if you stick to one of the higher-end cards the Radeon 5700 XT or the 2070 super 2060 Super.

your gonna want to go for that rather than just to make sure you have enough because nothing cents worse than spending 350 dollars on a graphics card it doesn&;t do what you want and whatever how much you spent on the monitor itself yeah he wants to be able to keep up so I asked this in the 1080p version of this video but I&; ll ask it again here what&;s your take on things like the different companies the different manufacturers even the reference cards I know there&; a heated debate over the Radeon blower-style fans versus the Dougalaxial stuff I mean what&;s your take on that well in general unless you have a very specific reason – mainly being you&; rerunning for three or four graphics cards or you have a very small form-factor case I advise avoiding blower-style coolers which have a single fan and then they use that single fan to shoot the hot air out the back and instead of getting dual or tri-axial fan cooler with the fan you know
so they have two or three fans right in the shroud blows it back into your case and then your normal case fans take it out the Radeon RX 5700 models they just recently launched and for the first month or so they were only available in reference card blower-style was fortunate enough to be able to benchmark and test a sapphire pulseRadeon RX 5700 which is for only a $10 more expensive than the reference version and it has a backplate it has the dual axial fans it

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