how to take screenshots on a windows 10

There are three types of styles to take a screenshot on the windows. In Windows 7 onward you will get a tool snipping tool in build in the windows for the screenshot which is not available in Windows XP. The snipping is the easiest way to take a screenshot with just a few clicks.
But if I told you I can just take the screen-shot with Windows XP by just pressing some keys. However, it just copies your screen as and now you have to paste it to you Micro-soft paint. I had explained fully in this blog all the tricks to take screen-shots but after that, if you have any doubts you can comment I will answer it.

I am going to share with you how to take screenshots on a windows in 2020 it’s really important to take is in short different terms and some of we don’t know how to take it in shot anywhere in our Windows 10 so here is the quick video and this in this video I am going to share with you our check-in concert’ entry easily in your

how to take screenshots on a windows

Best ways to take Screenshots on a windows

The first method to Take Screenshots on a windows

Windows 10 so let’s take a look, first of all, there is an easiest and simple little twist in your keyboard a pretty skin and it will check automatic age in short if there is a difference a kind of a keyboard or operating system maybe it is not work for you oldest religious people are press out and click click is kinky so maybe cheesecake is future if either it is if it is not working then I click a Twinkie plus print it scan a little automatic our take a screenshot so if we are just now I will take a screenshot in use in my windows so it will automatically save on your picture and if you go a still shot you will find you’re recently been taken a screenshot so this is how you can object easily very simple our food is, in short, a need or illness and now

The second method to Take Screenshots on a windows

I am going to share with you other wait number two you can click it in short simple you can fast in your code turn up and type here snapping shows and this is our new open this is desktop app it will automatically by default coming with all windows so when you’re going to open the snipping tool it will pop up like this and here in choose a new that you can choose here are different kind of for nothing just like you can see it’s fully skin snap or in the slab edge of cooler snap free from snap so for example of example I choose RIT come to the schnitzel so I click new and then I choose the area which a I exist want to take snapshots as in chart in my points or simple if as an example I choose this direction item and this automatically a pop up a new in which will give you the current you are chooses the selection area and here you can edit it like you can pin each example if you want you can highlight any kind of work in this side in short even Icahn is if something you make mistakes we can easily and then simply you can sip snap or you can copy you can send snap to directly email so this is how you can object snap screenshot in your computer so now

Third method

I am going to show you a few lost art ones which you need to download a software which is free and this is Microsoft or giving you without any license in order to do anything just simply are downloading and if I hope you can download it I will put a video description in this software link so you can directly jump over there and you can simply download it and install in your computer and here is how it exactly dr. Hahn, you are installed in your computer this will come just automatic like this and Hanyu over you click this captured it will pop up like this window and you have to uh select the area which area you would like to take a screenshot for example I like this area and I Cannae whenever I click it will automatically pop up like this then here I have to I get a highlight anything whatever I would like to I can choose the color I use anything if I made any correction I can either is all I can are a pencil and even I can whatever I like I can do here and that even I can add a record you can check here what I am talking it is recording a pop-up even I can add a bass message with this picture and after all I can share it with any like email or one node I can save it on my computer and all these things I can do it so I hope this tree weight will make easy for you in later on future to take a screenshot in your windows.


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