How to Optimize AMD Radeon for gaming in 2020 full detials

what’s going on guys today we gonna be show you how to optimize your AMD Radeon settings for better gaming performance before we begin this method is only for the latest AMD drivers the adrenaline Edition so if you are running the previous edition of em do graphics travelers such as catalyst or crimson I recommend you to uninstall those drivers completely from your computer and get the latest adrenal edition drivers for your particular GPU from the official source so hope y’all install the latest edition and the graphics travels at this point so let’s begin right-click on your desktop and choose MD Radeon settings which will bring us to the AMD Radeon Settings window

Method optimize AMD Radeon for gaming

the first thing we have to do here is to make sure you’re running the latest version of your graphics driverYou can do that by going to the update tab and click on check for updates if you found any go for it and get it update because the latest travels are always to get a better performance now let’s go ahead and optimize the AMD settings click on the gaming tab then click on global settings and once you’re here right-click on the reset button now choose graphics settings then click on yes and we’ll reset everything back to default so if you are previously messed up any settings here it will not affect your new optimization process so let’s start first you need to go to the anti-aliasing mode now choose all right application settings which reveals anti-aliasing level settings so make sure your selected a 2 X option from here now go to anisotropic filtering and turn it on which will bring us the anisotropic filtering level and again make sure you’re selected the least of the setting which is 2 X option again now go to texture filter quality by default it is set to standard but I recommend you to choose performance option now go to wait for verticals refresh it’s not something new but the same old vsync or vertical sync so I recommend you to choose the option always solve for vertical sync now go to tessellation more and you can see it is set to am the optimized option by default at this point the tessellation process will always run at a maximum level which is 64 eggs but it can definitely have a negative impact on the performance especially if you’re running games on a low-end card so recommend you to change the MZ optimized option to override application settings and maximum tessellation level settings fell revealed to you so click on it and choose 32 X or lower but beware decreasing most of the settings below a certain level may result in a loss in quality and that’s all we can do to optimize the MD settings for better gaming or boost fps so hope you all experiencing a performance boost in your games by doing this optimization.

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