Should I wait for RTX 3000 series or not

If you want to purchase a new computer I would suggest you wait because Nvidia 3000 series would be better than RTX 2080 and it comes at a similar price.

If you want great performance in gaming as well as video editing then you should wait for the RTX 3000 series.

There are so many questions in your mind regarding RTX 3000 series I have tried to answer them.

So let’s begin.

Should I wait for RTX 3000 series

Buying RTX 3000 graphics card to upgrade the current graphics card.

If you want an upgrade from GTX 2080 then you should wait. But if you are saying that I wanted just some fps around 60 for a price similar to RTX 2080.

Then it’s will be possible as when the new RTX 3000 series graphics card will launch the prices of the current graphics card go down.

So then you can easily purchase RTX 2080 super for that similar price for 60 fps at 4k gaming.

Even you will have an option for purchasing new hardware called RTX 3080 which will perform the similar to RTX 2080 super.

The next question is

Should you wait for RTX 3000 series for making a new computer?

The main thing is that a new graphics card is always better than an old one as it comes with new technology and new hardware at almost the same price.

So if you want the best and most powerful gaming performance then you have to purchase Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 ti.

The best part!

If you purchase RTX 3080 in the future you will get a better graphics processing color which is not available in the current model of their RTX series.

You will also get GDD6 ram which is even better than GDD5. This is the latest technology that will help you to maintain more smoothness while playing a game.

Maybe you can also able to overclock better for having some more performance by having more fans or more effective fans included on the top of the graphics card.

Should I purchase a graphics card for a 200000 gaming pc or wait for a new RTX 3000 series?

This time I would say that it depends. That means if you can wait for the time till the graphics card launched.

As in this price you are not going to use a graphics card like RTX 2080 ti. But yes you can use that graphics card at this price.

The main thing

Here you have to select between two options that are buying RTX 3080 ti and Ryzen R7 4800X. Because the price will increase as per your current specs.

So if you want to purchase R7 4800X then you should not wait for RTX 3000 series. But if you say That I will manage to reduce the price to buy both by buying during sales or another method.

Don’t worry will make a guide which would be the best pc build under 200000. That will help you to build a pc under 200000 including RTX 3080 ti and Ryzen R7 4800X

Then you should wait because it will you better performance at that price.

Is the price of RTX 3080 would be cheaper than RTX 2080?

The answer to this question is no. Because the price of every graphics card launched by Nvidia expects some times is higher or max similar.

So if you are waiting for the reduction in the price of RTX 2080 then it may be possible. And if you are waiting for the price of the RTX 3080 will be lesser than RTX 2080 then there are fewer chances.


If you want better performance and similar price from RTX 3000 series for then you can wait for that and Nvidia may be launching it soon.

If your aim is to play games at 60 fps at 4k then you can purchase Nvidia’s current graphics card. Because that’s possible with RTX 2000 series.

So that my answers on should you wait for RTX 3000 series or not.

If you get your answer feel free to share it with your friend who is confused about it. And if you have any further questions let me know by leaving a comment right now.

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