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When Graphics Card Prices Drop – Recent Updates.

During these days you are getting new graphics cards. Also, the launch price of these graphics cards is according to human wants.

But still, due to less availability, the prices of the graphics card have been increased. So today, you will know when graphics card prices drop.

So let dive right in.

When Graphics card Prices Drop

According to the recent steps taken by the companies, the prices may drop soon. 

There is no exact date available for a price drop. But still, according to the expectation, the prices may start to drop after two or three months.

However, To understand the exact date let’s consider the reason for rising in prices.

Reasons for the increase in price

Chip shortage.

Chip Shortage

The chip shortage is also a major reason for an increase in the price of newly launched graphic cards. The GPU is made up of silicon and if there will be a shortage of that then the prices will be increased.

Mainly the thing happens that there will be less product of graphics cards that leads to less supply.

When everyone is willing to buy a limited stock of a product then you have to pay more to get that product.

The same happened with Nvidia and AMD when they launched their new graphics card, the demand for these graphics cards has increased.

Due to chip shortage, the demand for these graphics cards would not be fulfilled which leads to an increase in the price.

The best part

If the Chip shortage is handled by the companies then you may see that prices will start to normalize within some weeks.

Increase in demand due to huge increase in performance.

Due to a huge increase in the performance of newly launched graphics cards from Nvidia as well as AMD.

In the case of Nvidia, RTX 3070 graphics card has provided more performance as compared to the old most expensive RTX 2080 ti graphics card.

Also, the price of RTX 3070 is almost half as compared to RTX 2080 ti. It leads to a huge increase in the demand for that product and results in rising in prices.

For AMD, the same thing happened with RX 6800 and RX 6800 xt graphics cards. AMD started offering amazing performance even for a lesser price as compared with Nvidia.

That again leads to an increase in the price of the graphics cards.

Problems caused by an increase in pricing.

Increase In Price

Because the price of the graphics cards has been increasing the buyer won’t be able to purchase them and it leads to less from in the sale of RDNA 2 based architecture.

However, huge quality of graphics cards is sold in the market that leads to an increase in pricing.

But still, budget gamers won’t get an idle graphics card as per their requirement. Normally, in the budget of you will get a GTX 1660 graphics card for the price of 300 dollars but during price rise.

Instead, that budget gamer has to buy a GTX 1050 ti an old graphics card for 300 dollars. That same card during normal days can be bought for 100 to 150 dollars.


The price rise has made pc gaming more expensive and console gaming more affordable. If you only want a pc for gaming and waiting for a price drop then you have to wait for a minimum of two or three months.

So here’s the update on the price of the drop of graphics cards.

Now I want to know from you what do you think about that let me know in the comments below.

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