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Features Of this product Comparison Tool

With this tool, you can easily compare two products by entering the pricing available on the offline market or online markets.

Comparing current-generation and last-generation graphics cards

For comparing this you don’t any to get pricing online or offline. Just enter the current newly launched product in the first graphics card option and previous or old-generation graphics in the second generation.

In this type of comparison just enter the price 100 for the price of both the product.

Example: Comparing RTX 3070 vs RTX 4070

Compare product image 1

Comparing Two Products Confusing Products.

For this feature just select both the product you want to compare and then check for the prices available online or offline then enter those prices on the enter price box for both products.

Now, just click on calculate button and you will get a score which means the value of the graphics card. Better the value score more the valuable the graphics card is for your money.

Example: Comparing RTX 3060 vs RTX 4060.

Compare product image 2

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