which is the best graphics card under 5000

Best graphics under 5000 are the which can offer up to 1080p gaming in high settings. However, you are upgrading your PC or you are planning to have a PC with the best budget graphics card under 5000 in India. So come to the right place here you get the best gaming graphics card under 5000 rupees. I this I had distributed the list into two types of best graphics card. In first you are supposed to get the best Graphic card which is old or second hand but they offer amazing performance under 5000. In the second one you are supposed to have a list of new graphics cards which might offer less performance but it will provide a good warranty as well. If you wanted to spend Rs. 3,000 for best possible gaming performance then check out our list of Best Graphics card under 3K.


5. AMD Radeon RX 550 OC 2GB

AMD Radeon RX 550 OC 2GB

AMD Radeon is based on GCN architecture 4 generation. It is also based on 14nm technology. This card comes with 512 stream cores with clock speed of 1183 MHz/ 1100 MHz. Memory bandwidth of this graphics card is 112 GB/s. It gives the same almost the same performance as Nvidia GT 1030. So the question arises why I don't include GT 1030 my list of which is the best graphics card under 5000. Because Nvidia card which are under 5000 and included in this list gives better performance than GT 1030. So that who just wants to buy AMD card can buy this and which like Nvidia gets other given below.


  1. Cool running
  2. Future proof because new
  3. No auxiliary power connector
  4. Better E-sport performance


  1. 2GB VRAM in this budget
  2. Slower than RX 460

4. AMD R9 370 4GB

AMD R9 370 4GB

This graphic is first on our list which is made by AMD. This is launched in 2019. This the AMD's graphics card to beat Nvidia's GTX 960. But it gives performance as GTX 950 2GB. As this is also the best graphics card for gaming. This supports DirectX 12. This graphic card help to play the games in 1080P at med to high setting with 50-60 Fps. As this graphic card is also not available in new condition you have to buy an old one.


  1. Best performance
  2. Less power Consumption
  3. Good overlocking
  4. 4GB VRAM in this budget


  1. Second-hand. But looks like a new.
  2. No VGA port
"Buy from Olx or other"

3. Nvidia 660 2GB DDR5

Nvidia 660 2GB DDR5

This is the best graphics card in the world in this budget. This card can maintain 60 fps in 720p ultra with games like PUBG, tomb raider, GTA, e.t.c. even you can play some games in 1080p in this budget but its price is slightly more than  3000 its price is RS 3250 but if you buy it as a new user you will get a 3$ discount which makes it under 3000. So if you are going to build or upgrade your pc this is the best option for you in the secondhand market. However, this card is best in this list as per his budget.


  1. Good cooling
  2. Factory overclocking
  3. Two 70m fans
  4. Single 6-pin power connector


  1. No freebies.
  2. No bios Switches.
  3. Second-hand but looks like a new.

2. Nvidia GTX 760 2GB GRAPHICS CARD UNDER 5000


This graphic card is launched in 2012. This card is used by the budget gamers how has a budget of 15000 to 20000. But now this card price costs for Rs 4300 and even I find this card selling for the price of Rs 3800. This card supports the best gaming performance at this price. The benchmark of the graphic card is around 4900 which is good. You can play some games like GTA V at 1080p at HIGH settings for 50-60 Fps. I think you don't expect before visiting my website. But this is possible if combine just 8 GB DDR4 Ram with this then you can see the performance. However, this card is only available in second-hand condition. But it seems like a new one.


  1. Good pricing.
  2. Best performance.
  3. Quick Cooling but with double fan.
  4. Native full-size HDMI and DisplayPort.
  5. Quiet performance


  1. Slightly more power consumption.
  2. Second-hand but looks like a new.

1. Nvidia GTX 950 2GB 128Bit GRAPHICS CARD UNDER 5000 GDDR5

Nvidia GTX 950 2GB 128Bit GRAPHICS CARD UNDER 5000 GDDR5

This is also a good graphics card for this budget. This is the only card that can help you to experience 720p gaming at ultra settings in this budget under 5000. This graphics card comes with gddr5 memory. IT comes with two best cooling fans which provide you long time smooth gameplay under 5000. But with 768 CUDA cores. It card has a base clock of 1024 and a boost clock of 1188. This graphics card has a memory clock of 6.6 Gbps. It has memory bandwidth (Gb/sec) 112. It supports PCIe 3.0. This is a used graphic but comes as a new one and the seller is aliexpress which provides you 60 days money refund and ensures you a good quality product. However, this card can run with 450 Watt power supply.


  1. Best performance
  2. stable performance
  3. Quiet performance
  4. Great power efficient
  5. Overclockable
  6. HDMI 2.0


  1. Only 2 GB VRAM. but gives good performance.
  2. Fans do not turn off in idle.
  3. The card is quite large But adjustable.

Although Prices don't remain the same please check the price before deciding.
However, we had included all cards which are under 5000 and the best as per their price.
Summary Top 5 which is the best graphics card under 5000 is included in my list. In this list all new and old best graphics card are included.

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