Best Router And Modem For BSNL Ftth Connection In 2021 (New)

If you’re want to use the BSNL new unlimited data plans and want the best router or modem for the Bsnl ftth connection then check the list given below.

Also, the above-mentioned list contains a budget as well as top-notch routers and modems. Even some budget routers options are enough for the most expensive plan of BSNL ftth service.

So let check that list.

Best router for BSNL ftth connection
Router PRICE
Netlink HG323DAC  Rs 3500  Great Speed
Netlink HG323RGW  RS 2500  Budget-friendly
TP-Link AC1200 C6  RS 2400  Budget-friendly
TP-Link Archer AX10  RS 5000  All features
TP-Link Ancher C1200  RS 2600  With USB Port
Asus RT-AC58U  RS 5000   Gaming Router
TP-Link TL-WR820N  RS 1000  Under 1000

But still, if you want to know what to consider before buying a router for bsnl then checkpoints mention below.

How to pick the best router for BSNL connection (Consider before buying)

Before checking the list of routers. Let’s check what you should keep in mind before buying a router.

Mainly a router is responsible for connecting multiple devices like mobile, computer, and more. But still, every router is not similar.

Only some of the router supports USB port, long-range, Dual-band, and more users connectivity options. So selecting the router for your Bsnl connection should depend on your needs.

Guide to pick router for Bsnl connection

So if you go to market yourself to find the router for fiber connection, you have options like ADSL routers, Ethernet routers, RJ-11 port, RJ-45 port, Router with modem, or Router without a modem.

To use fiber optic services need a PON port on your router or modem. A router or modem with a PON port is known as GPON Router or modem.

Basically, if you want to do normal usage of the internet then you can consider a GPON router. But if you want the best ever performance then you have to consider the GPON modem and any dual-band additional router as per your requirements. However, But if you want a router for ADSL connection then any router with a WAN port.

The following are the best router and modems for the BSNL connection and FTTH services in 2021.

Best Ftth Router for BSNL In 2021 (Latest Options)

Before you check, the list of the router must Check the guides on how to pick the best router which is given below.

1. Netlink HG323DAC GPON ONT WiFi Router – Great Speed

Netlink HG323DAC

Netlink is a good brand in terms of routers. However, they are not that much popular in the market. So If you want a Tp-link router then skip to the second option.

However, Tp-link routers don’t support Fiber Optic cables directly. This router comes with High-speed internet. Exactly, you will get speed up to 1000 Mbps on this router.

Also, it has an Rj11 port. It helps you to connect with an additional router if you want. Almost 10 LED lights for an amazing user experience. You can use this router for every BSNL fiber plan.

Normally, there are 4 LAN ports. But on this router, you will get only two Lan ports. Also, it is a Dual-band router. The 2.4 GHz band has a range of 20 to 30 meters.

Why consider this router.

If you want you’re getting an expensive router or modem from BSNL. Then you can consider this router. However, it is a decent option for FTTH connections.

Also, it offers constant internet speed. Moreover, the build quality is good but that much great. The only problem, it is slightly complicated to configure the Netlink router.

If you found this router to be an expensive option for you then consider checking the next option.

1. Supports Fiber Connection1. Only Two LAN port.
2. Four Anntennas2. Slighty Hard to Configure
3. Telephone Wire Supported3. Good Range
4. High Speed Internet

2. Netlink HG323RGW GPON router. (Budget-Friendly Option)

Netlink HG323RGW GPON Router

This is another router from Netlink. It also supports the GPON port. You can connect your FTTH cable to this router.

Also, this router comes in the budget range. However, you will get only 300 Mbps internet speed on this router.

Therefore, if you want to use the most expensive plan of BSNL fiber then you should consider the first router.

Moreover, this router will offer maximum internet of 40 Mbps over wifi and 300 Mbps over LAN wire. Further, you can expect 25 to 30 meters of range from this router.

Why consider this router.

If you just want to use this router with your computer or laptop then you can consider it. However, it will be perfect with a 40 Mbps plan of BSNL fiber

But if you want a better speed then you have to purchase a modem from BSNL or online. In that case, you have to check the upcoming option. There is no need to purchase a router from BSNL. Only purchase fiber optic cable to LAN converter.

1. Budget-Friendly1. Only Two LAN port.
2. Supports Fiber Connection2. Slighty Hard to Configure
3. Telephone Wire Supported
4. Good Build quality for price

For the upcoming router, you need a GPON modem. Because Fiber cable doesn’t support these routers. To use these routers you have to connect the GPON modem with them.

So let’s check the list of Upcoming routers for combining with the ftth modem.

3. TP-Link AC1200 Archer C6 Gigabit Router – Enough for up to 100 Mbps plan (FTTH Modem Required)

Tp-link Archer A6

Specification of Tp-link Archer A6

Wifi SpeedAC1200
Wifi Range3 Bedrooms
ProcessorQualcomm CPU
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB portsNo

Overview of this router

TP-link AC1200 is a great router with a price range of just Rs 2500. This router supports an amazing speed of 1200 Mbps. It means 867 Mbps speed on the 5 GHz band and 300 Mbps 2.4 GHz band.

It supports 802.11AC IEEE technology which is the minimum requirement of a router in this budget.

Also, this router has 4 long-range antennas which will give you an amazing range of 100 sq. with 2.4 GHz, and with 5 GHz you will get a decent range.

It also looks really cool and premium for this budget. And you can buy it if you feel the other routers are slightly expensive.

1. Good range1. No USB port available
2. Budget-Friendly2. 200 Mbps data transfer from one device to other 
3. Easy to setup
4. Mu-Mimo technology available

4. Tp-Link Archer AX10 (WiFi 6 Supported) – Good High-end Usage (Don’t Support Fiber Cable)

Tp-link Archer AX10 Router

Specification of Tp-link Archer AX10

Wifi SpeedAC2600
Wifi Range3 – 4 Bedrooms
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB ports0

Overview of this router

Tp-link is known as a router and Wi-fi adapter manufacturing company. They have some cool routers for all the users.

They have introduced a new router in the market, it comes with the latest WiFi 6 technology. It has a great 1.2 Gbps internet speed on a 5 GHz connection and 300 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz connection.

The Best Part!

This router comes with a 1.5 GHz fast processor and the latest WPA3 technology. The WPA3 technology makes the connection more secure.

So if you want the best performing router then Tp-link Archer AX10 can be for you. However, you will not get a USB port on this router.

This router is more than enough for the Most expensive BSNL internet plan (including ADSL and FTTH plans). But if this is out of your budget then you can check the upcoming routers.

1. Fast dual-band network connections1. No USB Ports
2. WiFi 6 Compatible2. Doesn’t come with in-built onemesh
3. Easy setup
4. Comes with WPA3 Security

5. Tp-link Archer C1200 – Budget Friendly Router with USB port (Don’t Support Fiber Cable)

TP-Link Archer C1200 router

Specification of Tp-link Archer C1200

Wifi SpeedAC1200
Wifi Range3 Bedrooms
ProcessorSingle-core CPU
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB ports1

Overview of this router

This Tp-link router is a good option for home-usage. It also has a USB port that allows transferring files with the router’s help to other devices.

As per internet speed, it supports up to 867 Mbps with a 5.0 GHz band and 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

Also, this router supports the latest WP3 advanced security. It also has Gigabit Eternal ports.

It has three antennas that give a range of 2-3 bedrooms. But still, the range of this router may be slightly lesser as compared to the last router.

Moreover, 10 LED notification lights are available on the front side of this router.

1. USB port available1. Three antennas
2. Budget-Friendly 
3. Easy setup
4. Gigabit LAN ports

6. Asus RT-AC58U AC1300 Gigabit router – For Gaming (Don’t Support Fiber Cable)

Specification of Asus RT-AC58U

Wifi SpeedAC1300
Wifi Range3-4 Bedrooms
ProcessorQuad-core Processor
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB ports1

Overview of this router

This router is the best router for BSNL FTTH and normal plans. Asus is known for decent routers for gaming as well as working purposes.

Also, this router has an in-built modem feature. You will get almost 1300 Mbps internet speed on the 5 GHz band and 467 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

It is a perfect option for home usage with BSNL FTTH services but with a price of around 6000. Also, It has four Ethernet ports, A Wps button, and two USB 3.0.

Moreover, it supports Quad-core A7 processor for better performance. Even Mu-Mimo is available with 128 memory for best performance across multiple devices.

It can also handle a 1 Gbps BSNL internet plan.

1. Fast dual-band network connections1. Slightly Expensive
2. WPS enabled
3. Good range
4. Easy setup
5. Mu- Mimo technology

7. Tenda AC8 Gigabit router – Good Looking Router (Don’t Support Fiber Cable)

Tenda AC8 router

Specification of Tenda AC8

Wifi SpeedAC1200
Wifi Range3 Bedrooms
ProcessorGigabit CPU
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB ports0

Overview of this router

Tenda is also a good brand for routers. They offer great-looking Wi-Fi routers on the budget. Tenda AC8 is one of the best routers for long-range and design. 

This router support 1200 MBPS speed which is enough for downloading and video streaming with a BSNL connection. 

IPv6 in this router helps to protect from viruses. IPv6 also reduces the processing time this in the end gives a better gaming performance from a router.

The best part!

The antenna in this router supports dBi6. The dBi6 gives a better and longer range in this router.

Even it has a gigabit processor included in it. This processor will help to maintain the Datastream and a better internet connection in this router.

1. Faster speed in budget1. Doesn’t have a USB port
2. Includes Gigabit router2. One Led Indicators
3. Supports Mu-Mimo
4. More secured due to IPv6
5. Good looking

For more best router under 5000

These routers are enough for BSNL ADSL plans. Also, you can also use them for the first BSNL fiber plan. However, you still need a GPON modem for using these routers with BSNL fiber.

8. TP-Link TL-WR845N 300Mbps Wireless-N Router (White) – Basic Usage (Don’t Support Fiber Cable)

TP-Link TL-WR845N router

Specification of Tp-link TL-WR845N

Wifi SpeedN300
Wifi Range2 Bedrooms
ProcessorSingle-core Processor
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB ports0

Overview of this router

This router is the best for the router provided by the BSNL for having their services. This is router has an in-built modem.

Also, it is perfect for home usage with BSNL internet plans for a price of 1099. It has four Ethernet ports, A Wps button, and a reset button.

Moreover, it supports 300 Mbps speed which is good for the normal BSNL plans and FTTH low price plans but now for 1 Gbps plans.

But this is not a dual-band router. That means you will get the best experience only if you have a plan with a speed under 50 Mbps. However, you can connect LAN wire with your devices for much better performance.

1. Fast dual-band network connections.1. Less speed only 300 MbpsNo USB port
2. WPS enabled.
3. Easy setup.
4. Good range

9. TP-Link TL-WR820N – Stylish Router (Don’t Support Fiber Cable)

Tp-link TL-wr820N router

Specification of TP-Link TL-WR820N

Wifi SpeedN300
Wifi Range2 Bedrooms
ProcessorSingle-core Processor
LAN ports4
WAN ports1
USB ports0

Overview of this router

This router is the best for the router provided by the BSNL for having their services. This is a router that has an in-built modem.

For a price of ₹899, you will get amazing value from this router for home usage. Also, it is a fantastic-looking router for that price.

Moreover, for better signal strength, it supports two 5dBi antennas with 2×2 MIMO technology. These are not the latest but are still good for a price range under 1000.

For the internet, it supports downloading speed of up to 300 Mbps. Even if you can use this router as a WISP mode for directly connecting your ISP connection.

1. Less price1. Less range
2. The good speed at the price2. Fewer LAN ports
3. Unique design
4. WPS button
5. With IPTV

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Best Modem For BSNL FTTH Connection In 2021 (Latest Options)

Let’s check the best Fiber modem for the bsnl connection.

Best Modem for bsnl connection

The modem is a device that is used to modulate the signals given by an operator to a device.

If you don’t want to use the internet on your mobile or Smart TV and your main requirement is to use it on your PC with a LAN cable, the modem will be a good option.

If you want to use the BSNL fiber broadband services then you need an ONT modem or router.

ONT modems are also provided by BSNL and you can also purchase from the market. I have mentioned one ONT modem below.

1. Skrotech GPON modem – Great if you want to use it on your pc only.

Skrotech GPON modem

Skrotech is one of the favorite companies of BSNL in terms of routers and modems. This is a modem, not a router. It can only provide the internet with a wired connection.

However, its price is too low as compared to the expensive options available in the market. Also, you can use this modem to connect any additional router for the best experience.

Moreover, it supports some expensive routers as well. For internet speed, you can expect almost similar speed as offered by internet service providers.

Only this to consider that you will get CAT 5e LAN wire. Therefore, you have to purchase an additional LAN cable for an internet speed of more than 1 GBPS. However, it is not required with BSNL fiber plans.

Why consider this modem

If you want to some that can connect any router with your fiber optic cables then you can consider this modem. 

Also, it will be more than enough if you only want to use the internet on your computer. Now, if you want an additional router to be paired with this modem check the list of best routers given below.

1. Budget-Friendly1. Only one LAN port.
2. Supports Fiber Connection2. Slighty Hard to Configure
3. Not a big Modem
4. Good for basic usage

2. Tenda TE-G103 Gigabit Optical Network Terminal – Expensive option For Ftth Modems

Tenda TE-G103 Gigabit Optical Network Terminal

Specification of Tenda TE-G103

Wifi Speed1000 Mbps speed
Wifi RangeSmall to medium houses
LAN ports1
WAN ports1
USB ports0

Overview of this router

Tenda is a decent brand for products related to wifi. This is an ONT-based Modem that means it can handle BSNL Ftth Services easily.

It can handle connection speed up to 2.5 Gbps which is more than enough for the most expensive plan of BSNL fiber. However, it has only one LAN port for internet sharing.

That means you can connect only one device from this modem for fiber connection. However, you can connect an additional router in case you want to connect more devices.

For the best performance from additional routers, you can check the above-mentioned routers that will support a speed of more than 1 Gbps.

This modem is a great option for using the internet from fiber cables.


So if you want to buy a BSNL FTTH router that will be within the budget you can buy Tp-link router archer A6 1200 which will just cost Rs 2500. 

If you want an amazing FTTH router then you should buy tp-link ac1750.

Now I want to hear from you which of the router you liked the most from our list.

Let us know by leaving a comment below right now and feel free to share it.

Frequenctly Asked Question

What is the difference between ASDL and FTTH?

The ADSL connection is based on copper wire. On the other hand, FTTH uses Fiber wire for internet connection. Also, the FTTH connection is much faster as compared with the ADSL connection. Even the FTTH plans are cheaper in comparison with ADSL plans.

What is OLT?

OLT stands for Optical Lines Termination. The main work of OLT is to send the Internet to the ONU and record the ranging information.

What is ONT or ONU?

ONT stands for Optical Network Termination. It is something similar to an optic modem that supports Fiber Optic cable for the internet.

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    Please advise me sir

    • February 2, 2021 at 2:50 pm

      You have to use the BSNL default modem for the FTTH connection. But still, you can connect your current router with that modem if you want. However, if there is no need to buy a BSNL router. Only a modem is necessary. Because you need an ONT modem or router for FTTH connection.

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