Best router for ACT fibernet

Best WiFi Router for ACT Fibernet in 2021 (Speed over 1 Gbps)

If you want a better speed from your Act Fibernet connection then you need to have a router.

But Still, it is not that easy task to choose this. So Below you will get a list of the best routers for act fibernet which have great speed as per price.

So let’s check the list.

Best Dual-band router for Act Fibernet

The plans for Act fibernet starts from 50 MBPS. So if you are using that plan then you can use a budget router. Even you can use a router that has a 300 Mbps minimum speed.

But if you are using a 1gbps plan then you have to buy a minimum 1900 Mbps wifi router.

Because in dual-band routers the total speed is being divided between the two bands.

I have mentioned routers for all budgets. So that you can check as per your requirements.

1. D-Link DIR-1360 – EXO AC1300

Dlink router gives you good quality and coverage of the internet with act fibernet. You will also get a unique design and features with this router.

Dlink Dir-1360 WiFi router


It supports 867 Mbps speed maximum with 5.0 GHz and 400 Mbps with 2.4 GHz. Even you can connect this router with google assistant or Alexa for better control over wireless devices.

It also supports voice command features. It means you give the voice command to with router to your Alexa or google assistant devices.

For better processing on the devices in this router, you will get the support of a dual-core processor. You can also check the internet speed in this router easily without opening any external website or application.

For controlling your wifi usage. You can schedule your internet usage timing with this router. Here you will also get a USB port you get. It helps to share files between devices without connecting with wire.

This router will be more than enough to you for Act fibernet services.

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1. Supports ALEXA1. Not enough for a 1Gbps plan
2. Dual-core processor2. Slightly expensive
3. 802.11AC Router
4. USB port available

2. Tp-link Anchor A9 wifi router

Tp-link anchor A9 AC1750 wifi router

This tp-link router is an amazing router for 1 Gbps internet speed. Even in this router, you can connect the internet speed of 1300 Mbps with its 5.0 GHz band and 600 Mbps with its 2.4 GHz.


Even if this router has a USB Port. With a USB port, you can easily share your files with other devices without connecting to the router with LAN wire.

This router also supports great and long-range connectivity with its high gain antenna. It also supports the smart connect feature.

This feature will automatically connect your device with a better and faster signal.

For battery customization of your router, it also has parental control and guest mode option available. These options can be used both from your computer and mobile.

1. Long Range1. Fewer antennas
2. Good for 1Gbps internet plan2. Looks small
3. 802.11AC Router
4. USB port available

3. Tenda AC8 budget router

This is a budget router from Tenda. With this router, you will get a speed of 867 Mbps on 5.0 GHz and 300 Mbps with 2.4 GHz maximum.

Tenda AC8 budget router for act broadband


However, you can also check another router with a similar price on our list which will get you an option of a router from a different brand.

With this router, you can connect internet plans up to 500 Mbps. It will enough if you want to download some games and stream videos.

For better control over the router will get a 1 GHz processor included in this router. Some other feature like Mu-mimo and Guest network is also available in this router.

Even you will get IPv6 in this router. It helps to make your connection between router and devices more secure and virus free as compared to the IPv5 technology.

1. Long Range1. Not Good for 1 Gbps plans
2. Supports 1Ghz processor2. Less Led notification lights
3. 802.11AC Router
4. IPv6 available

4. TP-Link Archer C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wireless Router

This is another budget router with premium features from Tp-link. On this router, the speed of the internet is 867 Mbps with 5.0 GHz and 300 Mbps with 2.4 GHz.

TP-Link Archer C6


It is also enough for internet plans up to 500 Mbps. But if have more internet speed plan then you may face some issues.

In this budget, it has Gigabit LAN ports for better internet speed if connected with LAN wire. It also WPS connect button. With WPS you can connect your devices without entering the password.

It also has the required features like Mu-mimo, Guest mode, and parent control within the router. But in this router, you will get a unique feature of creating access point mode with this router.

With its four external antennas and one internal antenna, you will get a great converge of the internet.

1. Long Range1. Not Good for 1 Gbps plans
2. Supports 1Ghz processor2. Less Led notification lights
3. 802.11AC Router
4. IPv6 available
5. Affordable

5. TP-Link C20 AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router for ACT fibernet budget plans

This is a lower budget router. But still, you will get 802.11 AC premium IEEE technology in this router with an internet speed of 433 Mbps with 5.0 GHz and 300 Mbps with 2.4 GHz.

TP-Link C20 AC750


You can connect the act fibernet plans up to 300 Mbps with this router. However, you can also connect to the 400 Mbps plan. Still, you can invest some money for a better router for the 400 Mbps plan.

This is a low budget router. But still, you will get IPv6 technology in this router. This technology makes your connection more secure as compared to older IPv5.

You can connect this router with both android and IOS devices. It also has some required function in a router like Parental control and guest mode.

In this router, you will get Omnidirectional signal coverage from three antennas. It has four Lan ports and WPS connect.

1. Affordable1. Not Good for 1 Gbps plans
2. Good for long time usage2. Fewer antennas
3. Good for 100Mbps plan
4. IPv6 available


You can check the router as per your budget and internet plan. But still, if you are in a budget range then Tp-link C6 is a good option for you.

For a low budget, the Tp-link 750 router is also a good option.

So here the guide on Best router under act fibernet.

Now I want to hear from you which of the router from our list you like the most. Let me know by leaving a comment right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which modem is best for act fibernet

Tp-link Anchor C20 router is great for act fibernet services. It would be more than enough for the basic plan from act fibernet.

Does ACT internet provider provides a router?

Yes, But for this you need to pay for six or more months in advance. But Still it is a N300 Router. It will not be enough for you for downloading Big games.

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