5 Best Graphics Card Under 10000 In 2023 (1080p Gaming)

A Graphics card is an important component of your PC or laptop for playing games. Also, integrated graphics cards are not made for high-end gaming.

So I have made a list of the best graphics cards you can consider under 10000 for a good gaming experience on high-end games.

Let’s check that list.

Top 5 Best Graphics Card Under 10000 (For High-end games)

While checking online I just found that very old graphics cards are available in this budget.

That means you will get only 1080p low-setting gameplay on new games with these graphics cards.

Zotac Geforce GTX 1650 Benchmark

However, if you want a decent 1080p gaming performance as mentioned in the image above then you have to increase your budget for the best graphics cards under 15000.

But if you just want to play games on 1080p low settings with decent frame rates then the following graphics cards are more than enough for you.

1. Sapphire Radeon Rx 550 4Gb Graphics card

Sapphire RX 550 4GB Graphics Card

Specification of this graphics card

Stream CORES512
Boost clock1.206 GHz
RAM4 GB Gddr5
Recommended Power Supply400 watt
Graphics card power Requirement65W

More Detail of RX 550

This is a decent graphics card that comes with 4Gb Gddr5 Video memory that is only available on this graphics card.

Also, the power requirement of this graphics card is only 65W which is below GTX 1050 ti.

However, you may not get a VGA port with this graphics card.

1. 4Gb Video Memory1. Slower then Rx 460
2. Low Power Requirements2. VGA port not available
3. New Games playable

Gaming Performance

Sapphire Radeon Rx 550 Benchmark

For gaming performance, this graphics card can handle new gaming titles at 1080p low settings with an average frame rate of 42.

Moreover, while testing on a few old games we found that it is a good option for 80+ frame rates on 1080p low gameplay settings.

2. Msi Aero GT 1030 2 Gb Graphics Card

Msi Aero GT 1030 2 Gb

Specification of this graphics card

Boost clock1468 MHz
RAM2 GB Gddr5
Maximum GPU temperature97
Recommended Power Supply300 watt
Graphics card power Requirement30W

More Detail of Gt 1030

Disclaimer: Gt 1030 DDR5 2Gb is better as compared to Gt 1030 4 Gb DDR4.

Gt 1030 is another option available on the market for a decent gaming experience on 720p low settings.

However, this graphics card only has 2 Gb of video memory which is lower for newly launched games.

Some games like Horizon Zero Dawn require a minimum of 3 Gb video memory. That means high video memory-demanding games don’t work on this graphics card.

1. Budget-Friendly1. Not For 1080p Gaming
2. Low Power Requirements2. VGA port may not available
3. New Game playable
4. Can be used in small form factor builds

Gaming Performance

Msi Geforce Gt 1030 2 Gb Benchmark

For gaming performance, while testing we found that this graphics card only performs well on new games when the resolution is reduced to 720p.

However, this happens just because of low video memory. So if your game has an FSR option then you can get decent frame rates on 1080p resolution and low gameplay settings.

Moreover, on old games, this graphics card can handle games on 1080p normal settings.

3. Zotac Geforce Gt 730 4Gb Graphics Card

Zotac Geforce Gt 730 4Gb

Specification of this graphics card

Boost clock902 MHz
RAM2 GB Gddr3
Recommended Power Supply300 watt
Graphics card power Requirement49W

More Detail of Gt 730

Gt 730 is a graphics card that comes with 4 Gb DDR5 video memory. This means you can play mostly all the games on this graphics card.

But still, this graphics card is not much capable because it performs slower compared to Gt 1030.

However, sometimes it performs similarly to Gt 1030 because of more video memory.

1. Small Form Factor1. Not for new games
2. Low Power Requirements2. No cooling fan
3. 4Gb Vram

Gaming Performance

Zotac Geforce Gt 730 4Gb Benchmark

While playing new games on 720p low settings you can just get some 10 to 15 frame rates. Even games like God of war are not playable with a GT 730 graphics card.

For old games like GTA 5, you can expect 40+ frame rates on 720p resolution and low settings.

4. Asus GeForce Gtx 1050Ti graphics card for 1080p high gaming

Asus GTX 1050 ti 4GB graphics card

Specification of this graphics card

Bus clock1290 MHz
Boost clock1390 MHz
RAM4 GB Gddr5
Maximum GPU temperature93
Recommended Power Supply300 watt
Graphics card power Requirement75W

More details of GTX 1050 ti

Geforce GTX 1050 is a budget-friendly graphics card that gives you decent 1080p gaming performance. Currently, this graphics card is either expensive or out of stock.

This is the most popular 4Gb graphics card under this budget till GTX 1650 launches. And this is a DDR5 graphics card with OC(overclocking) addition in this budget.

1. Gddr5 Video Memory1. Old Technology
2. Less Power Consumption
3. 4Gb Vram
4. Less Temperatures

Gaming Performance

Asus Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Benchmark

When you are playing games at 1080p resolution with high gameplay settings you can expect around 46 average frame rates on new games.

However, while testing old games you can play them at 1080p very high resolutions with 50+ frame rates. For good 1080p gaming consider a computer under 50000.

5. Sapphire Rx 560 4 Gb

Sapphire RX 560 4GB

Specification of this graphics card

Boost clock1275 MHz
RAM4 GB Gddr5
Recommended Power Supply450 watt
Graphics card power Requirement80W

Sapphire Rx 560 graphics card is a better graphics card available online or offline. In most stores, this graphics card is either expensive or out of stock.

However, this graphics card performs much better than RX 550 graphics card. But still, it performs slower than GTX 1050 ti.

1. 1080p Gaming Possible1. Not Idle For 1080p Gaming
2. DirectX 12 supported2. Need 6x pin connector
3. 4Gb Vram

Gaming performance

You can play newly launched games on 1080p resolution and medium gameplay settings with 30+ frame rates. Also, when it comes to some old games then you can play them at 1080p high settings with playable frame rates.

With this graphics card, you can get decent gaming performance on 1080p resolution.

Buyers Guide – Graphics card under 10000

On this budget it is slighlty difficult to get best value graphics card option. So always consider the following steps given below before buying a new gpu.

Video Memory

In this budget you will get three types of video memories DDR5, DDR4, and DDR3. For better gaming performance DDR5 is a best option. After DDR5 you can consider comparing the DDR4 and DDR3.

However, there are also some 2gb and 4gb confusion

4 Gb DDR3 Vs 2Gb DDR5

If you want to get more frame rates while gaming then 2Gb DDR5 performs better as compared to 4Gb ddr3. However, in some games there is a minimum 4 Gb video memory requirement.

In this case DDR5 2 Gb will performs similar or low as compared to DDR3 4Gb.

Power supply

Always pair your graphics card according to your power supply. If you use a poor or small power supply then your graphics card may not work properly. In some cases the graphics card stops working due to power supply issues.

Cooling Capacity

If you want a best gaming performance from your graphics card then you cabinet must have decent space for holding it.

Also, good air flow is required from the cabinet for maintaining the temperatures.


If you want a graphics card in this budget then you will get a maximum 1080p Low settings gameplay experience.

However, if possible consider GTX 1650 for a much better gaming experience.

Also, in this budget Rx 550 4 Gb gives great performance with new and old games. For a budget-friendly option, check the GT 1030 and GT 730. Lastly, consider checking the buyers for better value.

So here’s the guide on the best graphics card under 10000.

Now I want to hear from you which of the graphics card you liked the most let me know in the comments below.

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