best graphics card under 15000

Best graphics card under 15000 in India (NEW)

A graphics card is most important for gaming and video editing.

If you’re not using a graphics card for gaming or you are using an APU from AMD for gaming the fps on the 1080p setting will be less than 50.

But sometimes our budget does not allow us to buy an expensive graphics card. So today I will tell you which is the best graphics card under 15000.

Best graphics card under 15000 in India

I tested some graphics cards under that budget and found that graphics cards like Gt 1030 or Rx 550 are useless in this budget.

let’s discuss which graphics card you should buy.

Best Graphics card under 15000 in India

These graphic cards will allow you to play every on 1080p setting with good frames.

If you think you can play games with the GT series from Nvidia then you are going to waste your money.

So I tested almost 15 graphics cards and made a list that is best for you.

1. Inno 3D Geforce GTX 1060 6Gb.

Geforce GTX 1060 6Gb graphics card

You may have heard about this graphics card before. It is the best graphics card of that time of 2018.

The price of this graphics card when it was launched is very high. It was more than 20k. But now its price is reduced to 14k.

That makes this graphics card the decent for gaming under 15000 rupees in this list.

Performance of GTX 1060 6Gb

This graphic card provides maximum possible performance In this budget from our list. You can expect amazing performance from this graphics card in the 1080p setting.

You will also get 70 plus Fps in every game at 1080p high to ultra settings. If you want a better performance in gaming then I would suggest a graphics card for a price around 20000.

As the Vram of this graphics card is 6 Gb you can expect fewer lags as compared to other graphics cards in this budget.

The Best part

This graphic card is that You can play newly launched games at 1080p settings.

This graphic card is much better than the GTX 1050ti and its price is around it. But sometimes the price of this graphics card is higher.

To run this graphics card you need a more powerful power supply as compared to Gtx 1050ti.

GTX 1060 6Gb is the best 6Gb graphics card on our list. It is based on Pascal architecture with memory type Gddr5.

Benchmarks of Geforce GTX 1060

Gaming benchmark of Geforce GTX 1060

As you can see this graphics card has 3x more performance from Gtx 960 in virtual resolution.

In games like The shadow of tomb ride, you get more than double the performance from Gtx 960.

The Benchmark of this graphics card is also more than 10000.

2. Asus Radeon Rx 580 8Gb graphics card

This graphics card is also a good graphics card after GTX 1060 6GB. This graphics card has a big Ram of 8GB which is better than GTX 1060 6 GB.

So you can expect more smoothness in this graphics card.

Asus Radeon Rx 580 8Gb graphics card

The price of this graphics card when it launched is more than 25000. But now its price is less than 15000.

Performance of Rx 580 Graphics card under 15000

You can also consider buying it as we tested it and the result is that it is sometimes better than a GTX 1060 6gb. But after all, the GTX 1060 is much better than it.

Personally, I don’t like graphics cards from AMD but when I was testing this graphics card I found that at that budget it gives amazing performance.

This is the best 8 GB memory graphics card on this list. And this memory is Gddr5 which is the fast in this budget.
You will get more than 60 plus FPS at 1080 p high to ultra settings in almost every game.You can also play newly launched games in this graphics card on 1080 p settings at smooth FPS.

This graphics card is better than RX 560 which is another graphics card under that budget I highly recommend not to buy that graphics card.

Benchmark of this Radeon Rx 580

Gaming benchmark of Radeon RX 580 graphics card

In this graphics card, you get amazing benchmarks of over 8000. In resident evil 7 you get amazing Fps of 103 at 1080p high settings.

In Battlefield 1 you get 81 fps, it may be lesser sometimes. But you can expect that kind of performance from this graphics card.

In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare you get 77 fps and it gives an amazing gaming experience at that budget.

3. Zotac Geforce GTX 1650 Graphics card

This is another good graphics card from Nvidia you get amazing performance from this graphics card 1080p gaming.

The graphics card is newly launched and it provides amazing value to customers. Sometimes the price of this graphics card reaches 12000. And then it becomes the best graphics card at that budget.

Zotac Geforce GTX 1650 Graphics card

Performance of Gtx 1650 graphics card.

Its performance is better than the 1050ti graphics card and If you’re buying the OC edition that is suggested by me. You will get good performance with less heating.

As the power consumption of these graphics is only 75 W. It doesn’t require an additional pin connector to start the graphics card.

It is also available in a low profile graphics card version in that you will get less performance but with less space.

You can easily overclock it and the performance of these graphics will be more than 10% from usual.

The main thing

The benchmark of this graphics card is also near to Rx 580. In some games, the performance of it is better than Rx 580.

This Zotac graphics card is also available on Mdcomputer to buy.

Benchmark of GeForce Gtx 1650

Gaming benchmark of Geforce GTX 1650

The Benchmark of this graphics card is around 8000. Which is good at this budget you cannot expect more than 8 if you are buying a new graphics card which is launched after 2019.

4. Gigabyte Radeon Rx 570 8Gb

It is another graphics card from AMD under that budget which is good for gaming at 1080 p resolution.

When this Graphic card has launched the price of its price was around Rs 20,000 but now its price is lesser than 15000 sometimes its price has reached 12000.

Gigabyte Radeon Rx 570 8Gb graphics card

You can play at medium settings with 50 plus FPS on this graphics card at 1080p resolution. you can not face any leg as the RAM of his graphics card is 8GB.

This is enough memory you can get in a graphics card at this budget.

Performance of RX 570 8GB.

The performance of this graphics card is lesser than RX 580 8GB. I am recommending this graphics card because sometimes the price is much cheaper. You get it for an amazing prize amount with good specs.

However, if the price of the both does not have a long gap then you should prefer to buy RX 580 8GB graphics card

This graphics card can be overclocked which will give more performance. Sometimes this makes cross the performance given by RX 580 8GB in some games.

Benchmark of RX 570 8GB

Gaming benchmark of the Radeon Rx 570 graphics card
Benchmark score of 6700 which is good if the price is less than 12000. This graphics card can easily be overclocked which will amount to more performance and you get more value for your money.

This graphics card’s performance is near to the GTX 1650 4GB version. If you like AMD you can buy this graphics card it will be good for you.

5. Zotac Geforce Gtx 1050ti

This is the most popular graphics card in the Nvidia lineup. This graphics card most sold graphics card so Nvidia reduced its price under 10,000.

Zotac Geforce GTX 1050ti graphics card

It enables you to play games at low to medium settings gaming at 1080 p resolution so you can play games at that setting in this graphics card.

This graphics card is also available in overclockable edition and the power consumption of this graphics card is 75 watts.

So, you will face no issue while overclocking it.
This GPU is the most popular under 15K.It is also included in the list of Video cards under 10000.

Performance of GTX 1050 ti

As per the performance, this graphics card enables you to play games at 1080p settings. This graphics card was my personal favorite Corporate Card when it launched.

I used it many times. But now the performance of this graphics card if I have to pay the same price.

So finally Nvidia also decided to reduce its price to 10,000 which is better and sometimes best in that budget.

You can play games like PUBG easily on that graphics card with no lag and GTA is fully optimized for this graphics card.

You play Every latest game with the best possible settings with 1080p resolution.

Benchmark of GeForce GTX 1050ti

Gaming benchmark of geforce Gtx 1050ti graphics card

The benchmark of this is around 6700 which is near to the benchmark of Rx 570.

It is good for the price point of the graphics card.

However, after overclocking the graphics card you can also get 5 to 10 percent more performance from this graphics card.

Buying Guide for a graphics card under 15000

I must say that you should read the whole buying guide before buying a graphics card under 15000.

It will take more 5 to 10 minutes which is not much if you are buying a product of 15000.

Buying Guide for a graphics card under 15000

Compatible graphics card

If you are buying a graphics card which is not compatible with your system your money will be wasted.

Brand of the graphics card

If you are buying a graphics card You must find a graphics card of Gigabyte, Asus sometimes Zotac.

These are the most popular graphics card brands which you should look at before purchasing a graphics card.

There are some more companies like Innove, Galax e.t.c. These companies provide the graphics card for a very cheaper price but if you don’t get a graphics card from the above-mentioned brands only then you can buy from these.

Brand of the graphics card
Image source: premium builds

The value of graphs from these companies is slightly lesser as compared to others so you should do comprehensive research and if you don’t get a graphics card from Asus Gigabyte or Zotac then you can buy from these companies.

However, the chipset of a graphics card is designed by Nvidia for all the companies.

But only some of the companies provide good value for that chipset.

Ram of the graphics card

In the budget of 15000, you should look for a minimum 3GB Ram graphics card which is the minimum requirement for gaming at budget. If you are buying a graphics card like ok GT 1030 2Gb OC edition this will result in a wastage of mine.

Ram in the best graphics card under 15000

In our list, you get a minimum of 4GB RAM and a maximum of 8 GB RAM. It is enough for the amazing performance at this budget.

Core clock in the graphics card

As more and more core clock or boost clock your graphic card has better it will perform. The minimum core clock of a graphics card should be more than or equal to 1500.

If you are going to buy a graphics card with less clock frequency that is 1400. then you are not going to get good performance from that graphics card.

Core clock

I always suggest following my list of graphics cards which will amount to the best possible pics for that budget.

The clock frequency is the most important part of the graphics card. It also helps you to do video editing.

Cores available in the graphics card

The core count is also an important thing in a graphics card. As more and more cores you have better your graphics card will perform.

One thing about core count if your graphics card has less core frequency then the performance from the graphics card will be lesser.

Core count

And if the cores are slightly lesser but with higher core frequency then the performance from graphics cards will be better.

For example,

One graphics card has 1000 cores with 1600 Mhz frequency.

And another graphics card has 950 cores but with 1800 Mhz frequency.

Then the second graphics card will perform better.

Never buy two small graphics card for a one big card

If your budget is less than 15000 and you want to play games in the best possible setting on that budget.

One thing may arise:

why not buy a graphics card for 7500 each. This will waste your whole money. And you will only be able to play low-end games even on lower settings.

Never buy two graphics card

For example,

GT 1030’s cost is around 7500 and you purchased two Gt 1030 graphics cards. The max performance of these will be near to GTX 760.

My recommendation if you want to pair two graphics cards should be more than RTX 2070. Because at that level a more powerful graphics card is not available.

So you can use two graphics cards in that case to achieve the best possible performance on 4K gaming.

But not recommended for our build.

Other Features (overclockable and More HDMI ports)

If your graphics card is overclockable it will always give more performance from the standard version of the same graphics card.

If you purchase an overclockable edition you get more cooling facilities in a graphics card with more fans.

Other Features of best graphics card under 15000

More HDMI is good for the future. Sometimes one of the HDMI ports is not working or cracked due to some reasons.

Then the other HDMI port will help you to play games.

Now I’d Like to Hear From You

There’s my list: 5 Best graphics card below 15000 in India

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which of the above graphics cards are willing to purchase?

or which of the graphics cards you liked most?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Also, read the Best graphics card for 1080p gaming.

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