Best 5 router under 5000 in India 2020 (speed over 1 Gbps)

In today’s life, the internet plays an important role. If your internet is that old or slows, you are not going to have the best experience. For having the best internet surfing experience you need the best wifi router under 5000.
Best router under 5000

So, in this article, I am going to show you what you really expect from the best wifi router under 5000 in India.

These wifi routers are the best dual-band routers under 5000. If you have you can think to replace it if you like.

But you already have that wifi routers I list than just enjoy the speed and performance.

D-Link DIR-13604999Dual-core processor
TP-Link AC19004999Fastest Router
Netgear R6350 AC17504299With USB port
TP-Link Archer C58HP4199Budget-friendly

Top 5 best router under 5000

In this list of the top 5 best router under 5000, you are going to get amazing the following features:-

  • Speed more than 1 Gbps
  • With MU-MIMO
  • Works with Alex
  • Dual-band routers
  • Supports parental control
  • Easy to pair

1. Asus RT-AC58U AC1300

Asus RT-AC58U AC1300 router under 5000

Asus RT-AC58U AC1300 is a dual-band and good-looking wifi router with some amazing features which have some amazing features which are not seen in any router on this list.

This router has 1300 speed with 802.11 Ac technology. But the price of this router is slightly higher. However, The price is not that much higher just Rs 50 or Rs 100 max.

It is also good for online gaming and video streaming as the speed-accuracy is better as compared to the other routers in this budget.

The best part!

As this router maintains its looks you got a USB port in the front of the router. And This USB port is not USB 2.0, it is USB 3.0 which is 10x faster than USB 2. The range is also amazing in this router as it has four antennas.

This router would be enough for the best internet plans in India. Even you can check other routers for good speed with fiber plans in India.

Specification of Asus RT-AC58U AC1300

  • Speed – 1300 Mbps with 802.11 Ac technology.
  • Improved wifi range which is very long.
  • Supports Mi-Mimo technology.
  • WPS enabled.
  • USB 3.0 port is available.
  • Four antennas.
  • Parental control easy to monitor internet activities.

2. D-Link DIR-1360 wireless router

D-Link DIR-1360 wireless router

This D-Link DIR-1360 is an amazing router with good range and speed. However, If you want a router under 5000 with McAfee Anti Virus Protection. You can check out this router.

This router comes with an amazing 1360 Mbps speed with 802.11 Ac technology which is the first requirement in the best gaming router under 5000.

The best part!

It supports an amazing voice control system by which you can easily command the wifi router for performing a task. But it is not available without the internet.

Specification of this best router under 5000

  • High-speed AC1300 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO.
  • Dual-Core Processor- 880 Mhz.
  • Ram – 256 MB.
  • Flash Memory -128 MB.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa but not without the internet.
  • McAfee Secure Home Platform.
  • WPS enabled

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3. TP-Link AC1900 Archer A9 best wireless router under 5000

TP-Link AC1900 Archer A9 router

This is an amazing router under this budget. This router made by a popular wifi brand tp-link this wifi brand provides amazing built quality.

The router has 1300 Mbps speed which is enough to handle all games and video streaming platforms.
It has an inbuilt USB port in the back of this router.

Specification of TP-Link AC1900 Archer A9

  • Amazing 802.11AC 1300Mpbs speed at 5 GHz
  • 802.11N 600 Mbps speed 2.4 GHz
  • inbuilt USB 2.0
  • 4 Gb eternal LAN port
  • with MU-MIMO – This technology helps get optimal performance by making communication more efficient.
  • Boosted wifi coverage -This technology helps to deliver a highly efficient wireless connection
  • Easy to disconnect any devices connected even from a phone.

4. Netgear R6350 AC1750 wireless router under 5000

Netgear R6350 AC1750 router

This is also a fantastic router under this budget. But this router has its own features. It has an amazing 1750 Mbps speed with 802.11 Ac technology. This is the fastest technology in the router.

The best part!

This router looks very cool and has less expensive than others. However, this router is made by Netgear which is not liked by some people but this is a good wifi router brand.

IT has an ideal range of 1200 sq ft which can connect up to 6 users. It has inbuilt Mu-Mimo technology which helps in making optimal performance by making communication more efficient.

Also, read best bsnl ftth router.

Specification of Netgear R6350 AC1750

  • Speed – Upto 1450 with 802.11 Ac and up to 300 Mbps with 802.11N.
  • Supports – Dual-bands.
  • It has Mu-Mimo technology.
  • Range – 1200 sq ft.
  • USB 2.0 – helps in share the files stored in USB to any device with any wire.
  • WPS enabled – helps to connect your wifi without any password.

5. TP-Link Archer C58HP AC1350

TP-Link Archer C58HP AC1350

TP-Link Archer C58HP AC1350 is the cheapest router under 5000. But this is not a bad router.
This is also a good router with an amazing 1350 Mbps speed with 802.11 Ac technology.

This router has three antennas that give a good wifi range. But the wifi range is slightly less than routers all in this list.

The best part!

Even after that cheap price, this router gives some amazing features.

Specifications of TP-Link Archer C58HP AC1350

  • Speed – up to 1350 Mbps with 802.11 Ac latest technology.
  • Parental control – easy to monitor internet activities.
  • Support Mu-Mimo.
  • WPS enabled.
  • Three Antennas.

Buying Guide for a router in this budget

If you want to about everything which is required for the best router under this budget.
The following are the points which you should keep in mind before buying it.

Mimo technology

Mimo technology is a technology that means multiple-input and multiple-output.
It helps you to use seamlessly for office and home use.
This technology should be available in every router in these budgets.


At this price, I would suggest you buy your router from brands like tp-link, Netgear, Asus, and D-Link.
These all provide the best possible quality for their products.


As more and more bandwidth your router has better it will be for you.
Which means
A Router that has AC1000 gives more speed or bandwidth than a router with AC750.
If you want the best router under 2000 you can check.

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