Best Graphics Card Under 5000 In India 2024 (High-end)

If you want the best graphics card for under 5000 rupees for gaming on your new or old computer.

Then in this article, you will get the best options available in the market for that budget. You can expect decent 720p gaming performance from these graphics cards.

So Let’s Check them.

Best Graphics Card Under ₹5000 In India (With New and Best GPUs)

Currently, in the market, you have GT 730, GT 710, and Rx 550 graphics cards. However, these graphics cards are for normal gaming on 720p resolution.

However, if you are a gamer then GTX 750 Ti and GT 1030 are best for you. GTX 750 ti is available in second-hand condition for decent 720p gaming and GT 1030 is somewhat 500 or 1000 rupees more from your budget but offers better gaming.

So let’s read the full details of these graphics cards.

1. Zebronics GeForce GT 730 4 Gb Graphics card DDR3 (Good Option for basic gaming)

Zebronics Gt 730 4 Gb GDDR3 Graphics Card

The GeForce GT 730 4 GB graphics card is one of the best graphics cards available under 5000.

You will get a decent 4 GB GDDR3 video memory and a graphics card that can provide you basic gaming experience.

The gaming performance of GT 730 GDDR3 is lower as compared to GT 730 GDDR5 because the GDDR3 version is a PCIe 2.0 GPU which has lower memory bandwidth.

It simply means that GT 730 GDDR5 can communicate faster and more with processors in games.

Gaming Performance

While testing, the gaming performance of GT 730 GDDR3 we found that you can expect 55 frame rates on 720p low settings and 45 frame rates on 1080p low settings.

For better performance, you can look at second-hand graphics cards like GTX 750 ti or GTX 950.

Also, you can use this graphics card on any PC and with any processor without any issue.

1. 4 Gb Video memory available.
2. Low Power Requirement.
3. Old architecture.
4. Small form factor
1. Not idle for 1080p gaming
2. Slower than GTX 1030

2. Asus Gt 730 2 Gb GDDR5 graphics card

Asus Geforce Gt 730 2 Gb DDR5 graphics card

GeForce Gt 730 2gb GDDR5 graphics card is an entry-level graphics card. It is a better graphics card as compared to Gt 730 GDDR3 in gaming.

As mentioned above!

But it’s in the second position because its price is double in comparison to Gt 730 GDDR3. Also, you will get half video memory.

This means that if a game requires a 3 Gb or 4 Gb video memory minimum to run then GT 730 GDDR3 will perform better in such games.

In other games, GT 730 GDDR5 will perform better.

Gaming performance

You should not purchase this graphics card while the price is more than 5000 because it is not capable of playing newly launched games at 1080p resolution and lowest gameplay settings

It performs almost similar to the Integrated graphics of a processor.

For comparison you can say that this graphics card performs slower as compared to the Ryzen 5 5600g integrated GPU. But still, the GT 730 gives you double the gaming performance of the GT 710.

Bottom line!

This is a basic graphics card no matter the pricing and the video memory available on it. It will be much better if you can discover a processor with integrated graphics or consider an affordable Gt 730 4 Gb version for very basic gaming.

1. GDDR5 Video Memory
2. Low Power Requirement.
3. Better then Gt 730 GDDR3
4. Small form factor
1. GDDR5 Video Memory
2. Low Power Requirement.
3. Better than Gt 730 GDDR3
4. Small form factor

3. Asus Geforce Gt 710 2 Gb graphics card DDR5 (For Connecting More Displays)

Asus GeForce GT 710

GT 710 is a display card that is used to provide display output to multiple screens. This graphics card is very weak in gaming.

Even while testing we found that this graphics card performs slower in comparison to Ryzen 3 3200G integrated graphics.

Therefore, you should not use this graphics card for gaming. However, it is a much better option in comparison to other graphics cards when using it for multiple displays for trading purposes or analysis purposes.

Gaming Performance

While you should not expect any gaming performance from this graphics card. Still, we have tested, its performance on some popular games.

In GTA 5, we found that you can expect an average of 25 frame rates on 1080p low settings and 35 on 720p low settings.

View More: Graphics Card Under 1000.

1. Good option for display output.
2. Less Expensive
3. Don’t require much system power
4. Small Form Factor
1. Not, particularly for gaming
2. Only low-end games supported

4. AMD Radeon HD 7300 1 GB (Only for display not for gaming)

AMD Radeon HD 7300 1 Gb

AMD HD 7300 graphics card is not recommended for gaming on any resolution. This graphics card is only added if you are looking for the lowest price option for getting displayed with non-Igpu processors.

It means if your processor is not capable of providing display then you can use this graphics card. But still, it doesn’t mean that no game can be played on it. Low-graphic games are still playable.

Why consider this graphics card

Only consider this graphics card when you need a low-price display providing graphics card. Not for gaming purposes. You can even connect two monitors with this graphics card.

Note: This graphics card only has a Display Port. Always check if your monitor has a display port before buying.

1. For Display Output only.
2. Less Expensive.
3. Don’t require much system power.
4. Low-profile graphics card
1. Not, particularly for gaming
2. Only low-graphic games supported

5. Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2 GB graphics card (Better Option if Affordable)

Zotac GeForce GT 1030

Nvidia GT 1030 is a good-performing graphics card for this budget. For gaming performance, you can expect 50 to 60 frames per second from this graphics card while playing GTA 5 on medium settings.

This graphics card performs better in gaming as compared with the GT 730 graphics card. However, the Video memory is more in the GT 730 graphics card.

Even you can use this graphics card on newly launched games. You will get 30 frames per second while playing newly launched games on low settings.

Why consider buying this graphics card

If you want to play high-end games on low to medium settings you can consider a Gt 1030 graphics card. Also, you can use this card for routine work.

Currently, the price of this graphics card is slightly High. So if possible wait for some days then consider buying this graphics card.

1. Good for 1080p Gaming
2. Faster than Gt 730
3. Capable of playing 4k movies
4. Small form factor
1. Maximum 2 Gb ram available
2. Slower than GTX 750 ti

6. Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB graphics card (Best Option if you can get it)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Nvidia GTX 750 ti is an amazing graphics card for this budget and is compatible with high-end games. With this graphics card, you can get 60+ frames per second while playing GTA 5 on 1080p resolution and High gameplay settings.

In almost every game GTX 750 gives more frames per second compared to GT 1030. Even the cost of GTX 750 ti is half the cost of GT 1030.

Moreover, you can get a playable gaming experience with this graphics card while playing newly launched games.

Why consider buying this graphics card

This graphics card is affordable for most users in this budget and offers good value-for-money gaming performance in high-end games. But still, you have to buy it in second-hand condition. However, you may get it for a price lower than this budget.

Bottom line!

If you can get GTX 750 ti in a good condition then this graphics card is amazing. Otherwise, you can consider other graphics cards given below.

1. Low Power consumption
2. Only a 300 W Power Supply is required to run
3. Comes with HDMI and Display port.
4. 1080p Gaming possible
1. Low VRAM
2. Now available as a new graphics card

Buyer Guide for graphics card in this budget

When buying a graphics card always consider what gaming performance you want from it. You can check if the game you want to play is good with your selected graphics card or not.

Also, consider some more things given below.

Monitor ports compatibility

It is most important to check if the graphics card has a display output that is compatible with your monitor. Some monitors only have a VGA port and if the graphics card supports a Display port as output then it may not work.

For an HDMI monitor, consider checking if your graphics card has HDMI output.

Gaming Performance

While checking the currently available option you will get only options like GT 710 and GT 730. These are good for normal gaming but if you want some playable frame rates on 1080p resolution then you may face some issues.

So instead of buying the new option from the market try once to arrange old great performing graphics card options like GTX 750 ti or GTX 660. They will give you a playable gaming experience that is twice as good compared with the GT 710 or GT 730.


If you want to purchase a new graphics card in this budget then you can buy GT 730 graphics card.

But if you want more performance and you have an option of second-hand graphics in new condition then you should buy GTX 750 Ti is also a good option.

Here’s my best graphics card under 5000.

Now I want to hear from you which graphics card from our list you liked the most.

Let me know by leaving a comment right now.  


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