PC under 10000 in India: Best build for gaming on 720p (Including dedicated GPU)

In today’s pc are an important part of our life. But due to some reasons, everyone can not able to build pc which costs around 40-50K. So in today’s article, I am going to discuss which is the best pc under 10000.  

gaming pc under 10000

This is pc build you can expect some gaming and video editing performance. But this you get amazing performance is you are building for office use or some basic browsing.  

Is that which is good for some 720p level gaming and the video editing at the small level, browsing, and other small works can be done easily in this pc under 10000.

You can build this pc easily but if you think it is difficult you can assemble it for some money. The following are the best components used in this pc under 10000.

Best components for a pc build under 10000

The description of all the parts used in given after their names.

1. Intel Core i3 3240 processor

Intel core i3 3240 processor

Specification of this processor

  • Core clock: 3.40 GHz
  • Cores: 2
  • Threads: 4
  • Bus speed: 1600 Mhz
  • TDP: 55W
  • Socket support: LGA 1155

Intel Core i3 3240 is a 3rd generation processor. It has 2 cores and 4 threat. It will be a much better CPU as compared to intel core 2 duo E8400 budget CPU.

For basic working and some low-end video editing and programming is also possible with this processor. 

Even for gaming, you can play any High-end games at 720p(HD resolution) medium to high settings with this processor.

Tip: For better deals USE ADD to CART option for Buying during Amazon Sales.

2. Zebronics H61 Motherboard

Zebronics H61 motherboard

Specification of this motherboard

  • Supports LGA 1155 socket
  • Ram: up to 16GB supported 1600 MHz
  • PCIe version: 2.0
  • With four USB port
  • one VGI port and one HDMI port

In this budget, you have an option of Zebronics H61 motherboard. This motherboard will fully support the processor selected. Even you can install some high-end graphics cards on this motherboard. 

You can add 2 DDR3  RAM to this motherboard. If you paired this motherboard with 8Gb 1600 Mhz RAM then it would be enough for you to play games on 1080p (Full HD resolution) medium settings.

The best part

On this motherboard, you can install a high-end graphics card like GTX 1050 or GTX 1650. But still, they will not be included in this pc build. 

That means if you want to play games on Full HD (1080p) resolution then this motherboard is also capable. But not high settings up to medium settings.

Read full review of Zebronics H61 motherboard.

3. GTX 750 ti Graphics card for gaming in this pc build (optional)

Graphics card for gaming on this pc build

The graphics card is the most important part of a gaming PC. If your computer doesn’t have a graphics card you can’t able to play games with smooth fps.

The best graphics card for this build is GTX 750ti. This graphics card will make your PC run too fast.

The main thing

This graphics card is not available to buy at any online shop like AMAZON, FLIPKART. So you have to buy it from Aliexpress or Olx.in.

This graphics card is also good for an upgrade in used PC under 10000. Some new graphics cards under 15000.

That you can buy for future builds. The price of this around Rs 2500 in second-hand condition. You can check on olx, quikr. It is much better than a GT 710 2gb or GT 730 2gb graphics card.

4. Hynix 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

The main functioning of the ram is to make your system working fast. The name of the RAM Hynix ddr3 1600 MHz.

Dolgix 4GB DDR3 1333MHz

Specifications of this RAM

  • Memory Storage Capacity: 4 GB
  • RAM Size: DDR3
  • RAM speed: 1600Mhz

But due to the limited budget for this computer. We are going to select 4 GB ddr3 ram which supports perfectly with our motherboard.

You can extend in the future as per your requirements. The price of this RAM on AMAZON is: 1400

5. Circle 400 watt Power supply for this pc build

Power supply for this pc

The power requirement for our build is very less. So we are selecting Circle 400 Watt SMPS. This will complete the power requirement of our build.

This power supply is a good power supply by a circle. It is good for mini pc under 10000.

As the price of this SMPS is very less. Its price is around Rs 800 on AMAZON.

6. Seagate 500 GB Hard disk

Seagate 500 GB hard disk

In this build, we aren’t able to include 1tb hard disk because it’s the price is around 3000.

But we are including Seagate 500 GB HHD.  The SSD isn’t possible in this budget.

I also build a gaming pc under 50000 with this cabinet. The price of this Harddisk on AMAZON is: 1700

7. Circle Desire D1 CABINET

The best cabinet for this build is Circle Desire D1. This is an amazing cabinet with good looks as per the budget.

It has an additional 2 USB slots. This cabinet comes with SMPS which I selecting this build.

The price of this cabinet on AMAZON is: 2189

Summary And total price of PC under 10000

Name of componentComponent containsPrice
ProcessorIntel core i3 3240Rs 1700
RAMHynix DDR3 4Gb ramRs 1400
MotherboardZebronics G41 MotherboardRs 3740
Power supply
Rs 2149
Hard diskHard diskRs 1700
Graphics cardGTX 750 ti 2Gb (optional)
TotalRs 10689

The total cost of this pc build: Rs 10298

Performance of this PC build

You can play games and do video easily. This is the best gaming PC build under 10000. In general, you will get more than double the performance as compared to a core 2 duo processor.

There will be no lag and stutter while using some basic software’s like chrome and Microsoft excel e.tc.

As per the gaming performance you can play some small but good games like GTA san address and GTA vice city easily.

But if you want play GTA V or other high end games then you have invest some more money and buy an graphics cards. That will be GTX 750ti or GTX 950. With these card you can play high end games with this pc easily.

It will not cost you more than 3 thousand to Purchase GTX 750ti 2Gb.

Important: Never purchase GT 710 or GT 1030 graphics cards. They are not made for gaming just as a display card.


If you want to play games on 720p settings with good frame rates then this pc build will be good for you.

But if you are saying that it is hard to buy a GTX 750ti graphics card. Then you can check other GTX graphics cards like GTX 650ti or GTX 660.

So here’s Best gaming PC build under 10000 for you.

Now I want to hear from you, do you liked my picks for this budget pc build. Let me know your thoughts by leaving the comments below.

44 thoughts on “PC under 10000 in India: Best build for gaming on 720p (Including dedicated GPU)”

        1. Hi Paramveer

          Don’t call me sir. Just be a friend. The above-mentioned motherboard doesn’t have Wi-Fi. But still, you can connect an external WIFI adapter or WIFI PCI adapter with this motherboard. Even this motherboard has an HDMI port. However, if you can increase your budget then MSI B320M motherboard.

          Also Just ask anything on this site. You will get possible support from my end.


    1. Hi
      Bro plz tell me if i would not buy graphics card but i ll buy that later can i use this pc for programming without graphics card

      1. Yes, This PC Build will be a better option for you in this budget. But still, Android Studio may lag on this pc Because it requires a better processor. However, Visual Studio Code will work fine on this pc.

        1. For good gaming playing fortnite i3 processor and GTX 750ti graphics card.

          One option is that you can make a build of i3 9100f and Gtx 750ti. This of build is possible if you are near Delhi.

          And i3 8100 with GTX 760 graphics card. Both build are possible with 4 Gb ddr4 ram and 400W powersupply.

  1. It may take some time in order to efficiently take action,
    and you’ll should double check over a bit of report,
    but once you may do it relatively fast within your head that’s good.

    1. Rajesh Vishwakarma

      Hi Kunal, I just want to build a pc for Home use plus office conf calls. Will this serve my purpose? I dont have any prior exp of assembling pcs.

    1. Yes, You can check I3 9100f rather than r3 3200g. Only If you want to add a dedicated graphics card.
      But still, if you want to buy R3 3100 and the price gap is not too much then R3 3100 is better in gaming as compared to the i3 9100f processor.

      If you have any questions feel free to reply.

  2. Is this pc good for performing activities like ethical hacking, coding, editing or normal gaming? and what about its negative points if any?

    1. If your budget is tight. Then this will be the best pc build. The negative point is that you will get an old processor in new condition from Amazon. It may show some problem but it will be better in comparison to the intel core 2 duo processors.

  3. I had some questions plz reply me it’s my first time when I am going to a PC
    (1)Does this PC have bluetooth and wifi support
    (2)Can I have cd drive in it ?
    (3)Can you recommend me any other Processor which is equivalent to this in price and better performance provider ?
    (4)Can I have SSD in future ?
    Plz Answer My Questions I don’t have any knowledge about this

    1. Thanks for commenting. Your questions are answered below.
      1) It supports wifi and Bluetooth. But they are not inbuilt.
      2) It depends on the cabinet you want to use. The motherboard supports the CD drive.
      3) It is the best processor for that price and motherboard. If you want a better processor then you have to increase your budget.
      4) Yes, you can use SSD in the future.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

          1. Dear Kunik,
            I need a PC under 15k for gaming, programming, photoshop, coding etc. Can you suggest me on that.

          2. It will be hard to build a pc build with new components for this budget. But still, it’s possible. Just make sure you buy the component for the given prices.

            1. Intel core i3 9100F(6000).
            2. Dddr4 4Gb (1500).
            3. GTX 750 2Gb (2500).
            4. Asus or MSI H310 motherboard (3500).
            5. Any Storage and cabinet (2000).

            Now the total will be 15500. But still, if you purchase them as per current pricing then the total will be around 20000. However, these are the general prices of the products.

    1. For this software, you need a better PC build. However, the older version of this software may work smoothly on this pc build. Only if you have increase RAM for 8GB. Even the total cost of this pc build will be 11000 with 8Gb ram.

    1. You can get these configurations easily. But still, there will be some problem with buying a graphics card. The main component for gaming. However, this PC build will be best for a budget under 10000. Also, you can upgrade the RAM in the future if you want.

      Even, it supports that GTX 1650 for better gaming on high-end resolutions. The price of this graphics card may reduce in the future. So currently this pc build will be great.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

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