PC under 10000: Is it possible to build a gaming PC in ₹10000?

In today’s pc are an important part of our life. But due to some reasons, everyone can not able to build pc which costs around 40-50K. So in today’s article, I am going to discuss which is the best pc under 10000.

This is pc build you can expect some gaming and video editing performance. But this you get amazing performance is you are building for office use or some basic browsing.

Is that which is good for some 720p level gaming and the video editing at the small level, browsing, and other small works can be done easily in this pc under 10000.

You can build this pc easily but if you think it is difficult you can assemble it for some money.

gaming pc under 10000
The following are the best components used in this pc under 10000.

Processor for pc under 10000

Processor for pc under 10000
The processor is the most important part of any task that performed on your PC. So we have taken intel core 2 duo e8400 that processor which costs more than 5000 when it launched and now its price is less 1000.
But this is the best processor as per the budget at a very cheap price. This graphics card comes with an amazing 3.00 GHz that is enough for this build.
However, if you got intel core 2 quad q9400 you can also buy it for this budget.


  • Core clock: 3.00 GHz
  • Cores: 2
  • Threads: 2
  • Bus speed: 1333 Mhz
  • TDP: 65W
  • Socket support: LGA 775

Motherboard for this pc build

Motherboard for this pc
The motherboard is also an important part of building a gaming pc under 10000. So in this budget, we select the Zebronics G41 which supports DDR3 Ram up to 16GB this is an amazing motherboard with a PCIe 2.0 slot. Which required to play games in that budget.
The best part
This motherboard supports the GTX 750Ti graphics card. This graphics card will make you all requirements for gaming and video editing fulfilled.
But this graphics card costs you 2500. If you like to include it you can include it.
For more information check out the specification of this motherboard

Specification of this motherboard

  • Supports LGA 775 socket
  • Ram: up to 16GB supported
  • PCIe version: 2.0
  • With four USB port
  • one VGI port

Graphics card for gaming this pc build

Graphics card for gaming on this pc build
The graphics card is the most important part of a gaming PC. If your computer doesn’t have a graphics card you can’t able to play games with smooth fps.
The best graphics card for this build is GTX 750ti. This graphics card will make your PC run too fast.
the main thing
This graphics card is not available to buy at any online shop like AMAZON, FLIPKART. So you have to buy it from Aliexpress or Olx.in.
This graphics card is also good for an upgrade in used PC under 10000. Some new graphics cards under 15000. That you can buy for future builds.
The price of  this around Rs 2500

RAM for this computer

RAM for this computer
Photo by dolgix.com
The main functioning of the ram is to make your system working fast. The name of the RAM Dolgix 4GB DDR3 1333MHz.
But in this due to computer price we are going to select 4 GB ddr3 ram which supports our motherboard. You can extend in the future as per your requirements.
The price of this RAM on AMAZON is: 1685

Specifications of this RAM

  • Memory Storage Capacity: 4 GB
  • RAM Size: DDR3
  • RAM speed: 1333Mhz

Power supply for this pc build

Power supply for this pc
The power requirement for our build is very less. So we are selecting Circle 400 Watt SMPS. This will complete the power requirement of our build.
This power supply is a good power supply by a circle. It is good for mini pc under 10000. As the price of this SMPS is very less.
Its price is around Rs 800 on AMAZON.

Hard disk

Seagate 500 GB hard disk
In this build, we aren’t able to include 1tb hard disk because it’s the price is around 3000. But we are including Seagate 500 GB HHD.  The SSD isn’t possible in this budget.
I also build a gaming pc under 50000 with this cabinet.
The price of this Harddisk on AMAZON is: 1700


circle desire d1
Photo by circlect.com
The best cabinet for this build is Circle Desire D1. This is an amazing cabinet with good looks as per the budget.
It has an additional 2 USB slots. This cabinet comes with SMPS which I selecting this build.
The price of this cabinet on AMAZON is: 2189

Summary And total price of PC under 10000

Firstname Lastname Lastname
Rs 3949
Power supply
Rs 2149
Hard disk Hard disk Rs 1700
Graphics card Graphics card Rs 2500

The total cost of this pc build: Rs 10298

Performance of this PC build

You can play games and do video easily. And this is the best gaming PC build under 10000.
Please check this video for the performance check

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        1. For good gaming playing fortnite i3 processor and GTX 750ti graphics card.

          One option is that you can make a build of i3 9100f and Gtx 750ti. This of build is possible if you are near Delhi.

          And i3 8100 with GTX 760 graphics card. Both build are possible with 4 Gb ddr4 ram and 400W powersupply.

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