5 Best graphics card under 20000 in India 2020 (ultra gaming)

Graphics card is important for gaming if you want it a good graphic card under 20000 then you have to invest some time to find the best.

I have tested all graphic cards in this budget and made a list of the best graphic cards available in this budget.

Let’s dive right in.

Best graphics card under 20000
There are lots of graphics card available some are too old and some doesn’t value much.

As GTX 1060 6gb graphics card has a price of 16000 and the value is 20% lesser than the graphics card available in our list.

The minimum Vram available in a list of laptops is 4GB DDR5 and all laptop sports 1080 p giving at high to ultra settings with 50+ fps.

1. Gigabyte AMD RX 590 8GB graphics card

Gigabyte AMD RX 590 8GB

This card from AMD gives an amazing price to performance value. Is card launched at around price more than 30000 but now its price is around 18000.

Best graphics card under 20000 for amazing gaming performance at 1080p ultra settings. Full review and comparison with the graphics card in this budget.

RX 590 has an 8GB ram which enables you to get maximum performance from the graphic cards in this budget. Just one issue comes with this graphics card which is the TDP or power consumption of this graphic card is slightly higher.

Which means it requires a higher power supply and 8 pin power connectors working properly. Electricity bill will also come slightly higher as compared to others but that doesn’t matter for gamers I think.

This graphic card allows you to play games on 1080p ultra settings with 60+ frame rates in all games which you like to play.

Even this graphics card helps you to play games and the same frame rates in the coming games in the future.

Comparison with Nvidia Gtx 1060 6gb.

If we are comparing RX 590 and GTX 1060 6gb then we will see that the performance gap is about 30% sometimes even more.

And the RAM available in RX 590 is 2GB more as compared to GTX 1060 6gb. One thing is better in GTX 1060 it requires less power consumption as compared to RX 590.

2. Zotac Geforce GTX 1660 super 6gb DDR6 graphics card

Zotac Geforce GTX 1660 super 6gb ddr6

This graphics card is launched just last year and the performance is similar to RX 590 8GB with less power consumption.

But the price is 1500 more in 1660 super then RX 590. This graphic Card is based on the latest architecture which will help you to do more optimize your name will giving.

The RAM type in this graphic card is gddr6 and this is the latest Ram type available. 6gb Ram is enough for 1080p gaming and some video editing on this budget.

Comparison with GTX 1060 6Gb

If we compare both the cars we will see that there is 30% more gaming performance available in GTX 1660 super.

This graphics card is the successor of GTX 1060 6gb and as it is an improved version so it will give you more value.

3. Sapphire AMD Rx 580 8gb graphics card

Sapphire AMD Rx 580 8gb graphics card

AMD RX 580 8GB is another uh best graphic card in this budget and if you want to play games at 1080p medium to high setting it will help you in that.

The price of this graphic card when it is launched is around 28000 but now the price dropped to 16000 or 17000 approx.

If you are doing a PC build then you can pair this graphics card with a PC build under 50000 for the best performance of this graphic card.
This graphic card has an 8GB RAM variant which helps you to get more stable gameplay in 1080p gaming. The frame rates available at 1080p is around 60 FPS if you are playing your game at medium voice settings.

But if you are playing it with some lower settings then you’re giving FPS would be around 70 to 80 FPS which are enough for the great gaming experience.

Comparison of performance with GTX 1060 3GB.

There is a huge gap in performance from GTX 1060 3gb to RX 580. GTX 1060 e helps you to play games for around 40 to 50 FPS on medium settings and RX 590 helps you to play at medium to high settings with 40 to 60 FPS.

The RAM of Rx 590 is more than double as compared to GTX 1060 3gb. Which makes the GTX 1060 doesn’t work on high settings and will be lesser.

4. Zotac GTX 1660 6gb graphics card

Zotac GTX 1660 6gb graphics card

GTX 1660 6 GB graphics card is launched in the last year but still, it gives you great performance as per the price.

This graphics card performs similar to RX 580 but as per the prize, this gives you to slightly less performance than it.

It is mostly used in a laptop under 80000. At this price, it provides a great value graphics card for a laptop.

Here in this graphics card you will get around 50 to 60 FPS on medium to high settings sometimes this graphics card performs better than RX 580 but in most the games it performs less than it.

Comparison of performance with GTX 1050ti

GTX 1050 ti is an old graphic card that now doesn’t give you a great performance if you are buying it under a budget of 20k.

GTX 1660 provides you 40% more performance than GTX 1050ti 4Gb. But in some games, we will see the performance gap is reduced to 30% but that’s enough if you want to play a game with the latest better.

5. GTX 1650 super 4GB graphics card

Zotac GTX 1650 super 4GB graphics card

This is another good graphics card from Nvidia which helps you to play games better. This graphics card is launched last year and its price is around 17000. At this price, it performs way better then graphics card available.

This graphics card performs 5-10% better than RX 570 4GB version. GTX 1650 has 4GB Gddr6 memory which is faster than the GTX 1660 6GB graphics card. But the performance in some games is lesser than GTX 1660.

It helps you to play games on 1080p high settings with smooth fps in high-end games like the shadow of tomb rider and assassin’s Creed Odyssey. But this graphics card gives some fewer fps as compared to RX 570 in battlefield V games. However, it performs better from RX 570 majority of the games.

Comparison of performance with RX 570 4GB

As per the price, RX 570 is cheaper than GTX 1650 super. But as per the performance GTX 1650 super graphics card performs better.
The price of RX 570 4Gb is around 14K that why I have taken it into my list of the best graphics card under 15000.
The power consumption is of RX 570 is more than GTX 1650 super 4GB. The Ram of GTX 1650 super is better than RX 570.
Rx 570 is an old graphics card but the GTX 1650 super is a new graphics card. Which means if the cores and clock speed of both graphics card are similar than GTX 1650 super will perform better.
Because of the new graphics card with new architecture which small and faster as compared to the older version.


AMD Rx 590 8gb is an amazing graphics card in this budget. But if you like only graphics card from Nvidia than you can purchase Nvidia GTX 1660 super or GTX 1660 both graphics card are budget for gaming.
Here’s my top 5 graphics card under 20000.
Now I want to hear from you which of the graphics card from our list you like the most let us know by leaving the comment below.
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