5 Best Dual Band Wifi Router under 3000 in India 2021 (NEW)

The router is mostly used for internet in homes and offices. The prices of internet plans are also decreased as of before.

Which also gives another reason to have a router. I am testing some router under 3000.

I found it to give the same performance as an expensive router.

Let’s Know about these router under this budget.

Tp-link anchor AC2600 router

Top 5 router under 3000

Tp-link Archer C1200Good Usb port
Tp-link C60Good Range
Tp-link Ancher C6Smart router
D-Link DIR-825Qality product
Tenda AC10Good looking
TENDA TE-FH1201Good looking

In these routers, you will get an amazing speed of more than 1200 Mbps.

These routers are based on the latest IEEE technology which will give you the best performance in this budget.  

1. Tp-link Archer C1200

This router is the best router ever in this budget and you can expect that this will remain the best for a few years.

Tp-link Archer C1200 router

It has an amazing 1200 Mbps speed with dual-band support. Which means you can run 2.4 and 5.0 GHz together.

The best part

This router supports a USB storage option in this price range. Which means you can plug in the pen drive and you the router for sharing the files.  

Build quality and performance

As part of the range, this router is amazing as it has four antennae that help to reach each corner of your home and offices.

Tp-link Archer C1200 backside

As per the looks of this router, it has a really good looking design and good looking led notification icons on its front.

This router supports Mu-Mimo technology which will help you to get a better user experience. If your devices support this function then it will be better for you.

1. It supports a USB port.1. Not for 24*7 usage
2. Good range.
3. 4 Lan ports
4. Led notification lights

2. Tp-link C60 AC1350 router

This is the fastest counter in our list but in the surrounding, you will get slightly different functions from other routers.

Functions like, you will get 867 Mbps 5 GHz speed and 300 Mbps 2.4 GHz speed max.

Tp-link C60 AC1350 router

Build quality and performance

This TP-link router has 5 antennas that provide an amazing range that can cover every edge of your home and offices.

Tp-link c60 AC 1350 router back side

As per this can be the best router but you don’t get any USB port to transfer the files that’s why I take it to the second number in our list.

All the basic functions like Mu-Mimo and guests’ access and more are working well as for our testing.

If you want better performance you can check the router under 5000.

1. 5 antennas for better coverage1. No USB port
2. 4 LAN ports for better-wired connection2. Slightly less internet speed of WAN port.
3. Easy setup
4. Wps Connect
5. Led Notification lights

3. Tp-link Ancher C6 AC1200 smart wireless router

This tp-link router is another good router at this price. You will get 1200 Mbps speed from it.

Tp-link AC1200 smart wireless router

And if you want to share files through LAN you will get just 100 Mbps speed from this router.

But the speed of the internet will be similar. Here in this router, you get Mu-Mimo technology and some basic operations like guest wifi, parental control.  

Build quality and performance

Here in this router you can’t LED codification lights which can help you to know what is going on in the router.

This router is not much different from the earlier router there you get only two differences.

The first difference is it has better looks as compared to it and it doesn’t support the USB file sharing function in it.

1. Gigabit LAN ports.1. No notification lights.
2. Smart connect feature.2. No USB port.
3. Good looking router.
4. Supports Mu-mimo.

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4. D-Link DIR-825 router

This router is also a gigabit router that can handle amazing speed with 5 GHz.

D-Link DIR-825 router

It is made by D-Link. This is my favorite company if I want to buy wifi related products. This brand provides amazing quality customer support to the user.

Build quality and performance

The range in this router is good it also can cover a large portion of your home if you are under 850 sqft. The looks are also really fantastic on this router.

The Best part

This router can connect 20 users constantly and if your connection is good everyone can still use the internet and stream videos and play some games.

The LED notifications in the front panel are also good this around tourist spots WPS connect which helps you to connect your router without the password.

1. Good internet coverage.1. Not for 24*7 usage
2. Good built quality.
3. Supports led lights for notification.
4. Supports USB port.

5. Tenda AC10 1200 Mbps

Tenda good brand of Wi-Fi routers provide cheap router but now in this router, you get an amazing performance as well as looks.

This router supports 1200 MBPS speed with dual-band wireless technology.

You will also get a decent amount of range with this router which can help you to reach every corner.

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Build quality and performance

In it, the led notification is slightly harder to read and detect what is going on with the router.

The best part

This router looks cool as it comes with the different design models as compared to other routers in this range.

Here you get slightly fewer supports of LAN ports as compared to the other routers in this range.

But if you want and different router which looks cool and you can sacrifice some LAN ports then you can try it.

1. Unique design.1. No USB port.
2. Good internet coverage.2. 3 LAN ports only.
3. Supports 1 GHz processor.
4. Gigabit WAN port

6. Tenda TE-FH1201 AC1200 router

Tenda is a good brand for budget routers. They give good looking router with good internet speed.

Tenda TE-FH1201 AC1200 router

For this router, you will get an internet speed of 1200Mbps. This 5.0 has 867 Mbps internet speed and the 2.4 GHz band has 300 Mbps speed.

Build Quality and Performance

It has a good-looking body. It also has Led notifications. This router has two external and two internal antennas for a better WiFi signal. Its coverage is better than a normal router.

It has 3 LAN and one WAN port. These LAN ports help to connect much your can Gaming consoles and Smart TV for better internet speed.

This router is more power efficient because of the latest 802.11AC technology. It is more optimized as compared to the normal 802.11N IEEE technology.

This router is also good for HD streaming and gaming.

Buying guide for a router under 3000

So if you want to get something better in this budget. You can check this guide.

Wi-Fi Bands (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz)

There are two types of WiFi bands available. These are 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

Now the question is which will be better for you.

It depends on internet usage. So if you just want to do simple internet surfing then a single 2.4 GHz band will be enough for you.

But still, if you want to something more like downloading videos, games, and more from the internet.

Then Dual-band router will be a better option for you. As 5.0 GHz gives much faster internet speed as compared to the 2.4 GHz band.

However, the range of 2.4 GHz is better in comparison to the 5.0 GHz band.

Speed of the router (How much actually required)

The speed of the router is an important factor that should be considered first.

It means that if you have an internet connection with a 1 Gbps plan then your 5.0 GHz band should support speed more than it.

As per the list of the routes you will get a maximum 867 Mbps speed from the router on the 5.0 GHz band. That means these routers will not be enough for a 1 Gbps plan.

For that, you can check an article on routers under 4000. But still, you will get 800+ internet speed from the routers.

IEEE technology

It is also an important thing that should be considered before buying a router. So, if your router has 802.11N IEEE technology support.

Try to avoid that router in this budget. For this budget, you should check a router with a minimum of 802.11ac IEEE technology.

However, there is also an option of something even better like 802.11ax. But still, it is way more expensive than this budget.


The full form of mimo is multiple input and multiple outputs. This uses several antennas for better experience and enhancement of performance.

You will get the option of this feature in almost every router in the above list.

Final words

You can play games video editing and video streaming with these routers these are the best at this price.

If you want to buy a router that will provide you with USB storage and at a good speed you can buy the first router.

But if it looks matters a lot for you you can buy a last and you can also check out the rest routers as your best for this price.

Here are my 5 best routers under 3000 in India.

Now I want to hear from you which of the above you like the most let me know by leaving a comment right now.

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