Best PC Build Under 100000 (1 Lakh) In 2022 For 4K Gaming

Today I will tell you how to build a pc under 100000 or 1 lakh.

You can play games on 4k high settings with this PC. Even it will be a good option for video editing.

So let’s check the components used in this pc build.

Best Pc Build under 100000 (1 lakh)

For this budget, you will get too many options available from Intel and AMD. But if you want to do gaming then spend more money on the graphics card.

However, If you want to build pc for video editing then spend more money on your processor.

ProcessorIntel Core i5 12400f15560
Graphics CardAsus RTX 3060 ti44000
MotherboardMSI PRO B660-A16490
SSDSeagate Barracuda4454
Hard DiskWD Blue3500
Power SupplyAntec NeoEco 650M5011
CabinetAntec NX2003009
MemoryKingston DDR45500

So let the check the first component processor.

1. Processor – Intel i5 12400f (New)

Intel I5-12400F Processor


Cores / Threads6/12
Base clock2.5 GHz
Boost Clockup to 4.4 GHz
CMOS10 nm
L3 Cache18 Mb Smart Cache

Overview of this processor

This processor is good for gaming as well as for video editing. But still, for video editing R5 5600x is slightly better. This processor is based on the latest architecture from Intel.

Also, you will get a better CPU cooler with this processor. However, it is better than old stock coolers, but it is recommended to install a better air cooler for this processor.

Why consider this processor

As per i5 12400f, it will give you more than 80+ frames per second even if you play games on resolution 1080p resolution and ultra settings. For proper gaming and video editing, pc build you can consider this processor.

However, if you want better frames you need to buy a better graphics card rather than a processor.

Pros and Cons of Intel I5 12400f

1. 6 Core processor1. Good VRAM motherboard required
2. Great For gaming2. Not optimized for some games
3. Unlocked Processor (overclockable)
4. Supports PCIe 4.0
5. 18 Mb Cache memory

Estimated price for this processor

Price Range (₹)Estimated Price (₹)Check Current price (₹)

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2. Graphics Card – Asus Tuf Gaming RTX 3060 Ti 8 Gb (Best option)

Asus Tuf Gaming Rtx 3060 ti

Specifications of Radeon Rx 6600 Xt

Bus clock1.67 GHz
Boost clock1.41 GHz
Maximum digital resolution7680×4320
Maximum GPU temperature93
Recommended Power Supply600
Graphics card power Requirement200

Overview of this graphics card

It is the most important component if you want to play games on your PC. Currently, if you want to build your pc with current pricing then you should consider RTX 3060 ti.

In this budget, you will get an option to play games on 2k and 4k resolution with Rtx 3060 ti. Also, you will get a good ray tracing performance at 1080p resolution.

Only problem!

The upcoming graphics card may give better value for the price. However, you can bookmark this page if you want to get the latest graphics card suggestions.

The best part!

You can play games on 4k high settings with this graphics card. Even this graphics card is good for the Intel i5 11400f processor.

Moreover, if the price of this card is close to the price of RTX 3070 then prefer buying RTX 3070.

Pros and Cons of RTX 3060ti

1. 4k medium gaming possible1. Currently price is high.
2. Triple fan variant available2. 12 Pin Connector required
3. Overclockable
4. Great for ray tracing
5. RGB options are also available

Estimated price for this graphics card

Price Range (₹)Estimated Price (₹)Check Current price (₹)
31000 – 5500050000

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3. Motherboard – MSI PRO B660-A

MSI PRO B660-A DDR4 Motherboard

Specifications of this motherboard

RAM (Maximum)128 Gb 4800 MHz (O.C)
Storage2x m.2, 4x SATA
DisplayHDMI, DVI
I/O12 USB ports
AudioRealtek® ALC897 Codec
PCIe x161

Overview of this motherboard

MSI B550-A Pro is a great option for motherboards. This Msi motherboard supports all Intel 12-generation processors properly.

It supports the 4 DDR4 random access memory for 32Gb each. Also, it has PCIe 4.0 slot, 2x Gen 4 M.2 Slot, Type-C, and USB 3.2 ports. This is an ATX motherboard with two heat sinks.

Why consider this motherboard

You can use this motherboard for gaming and video editing without issues. Also, can install 4 displays from this motherboard. But still, only with a decent integrated GPU.

Moreover, if you are finding a new motherboard for intel 12 generation processors then this motherboard can be a good option.

Pros and Cons of Gigabyte B550 Gaming X

1. Maintains low VRM temperatures1. Budget-friendly but a decent audio chip
2. Two M.2 slots available2. No USB type-c at the Back panel
3. Supports High-end processors
4. High-Speed Memory Supported
5. 2.5 Gb Lan port

4. Ram – HyperX FURY 16Gb 3200Mhz

Hyperx Fury DDR4 8 GB

Ram is an also important part of your gaming pc build. For this build, 16 Gb DDR4 3200 MHz ram is selected.

However, the motherboard supports RAM up to 64 Gb. So if you want to increase Ram in the future it will be possible.

16Gb Ram is the minimum required to play games on 4k resolution. This Ram doesn’t support RGB.

But still, if you want an RGB option then check CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO.

Pros and Cons of HyperX Fury

1. Overclockable1. Sometimes expensive
2. Looks good2. No RGB
3. Solid body

5. Storage – Samsung Evo 970 SSD

Samsung EVO 970 500GB SSD

For Storage, SAMSUNG EVO 860 is 500GB is selected. It is the best option as per an SSD in this budget. It will give you much better read and write speed as compared to the other SSDs.

The read and write speed is 2500 Mb/s and 3200 Mb/s respectively. It is 100x faster than a normal hard disk. Samsung uses its nickel-coated controller and heat spreader for controlling the temperature of this SSD.

Sometimes you will face some heating issues with normal SSDs. But these issues are not available on the Samsung SSD.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Evo 970

1. Very fast SSD1. Expensive for basic usage
2. Less Heating
3. Comes with Windows software

WD Green 1TB harddisk

WD Green 1Tb Hard Disk

You can install the Windows files and games you want to play on this SSD. For other files like movies can be stored in WD green 1TB hard disk.

WD is also a decent brand for storage devices. It offers great products at invaluable prices.

6. Power Supply – Antec NeoEco 650M

Antec NeoEco 650M

The power requirement of this pc build is higher than a normal Pc. So you have to include a minimum 650 Watt power supply.

For that reason, Corsair 650w will be a better option. It will be much better as per the normal power supplies. However, Cooler Master and Antec power supplies are also great options.

In this power supply, you will get 80+ power efficiency which means it will take 812 watts of current to power all the components.

Pros and Cons of Antec NeoEco 650M

1. Modular Power Supply1. No Dedicated Molex connector lines
2. 80+ Power Efficiency
3. Comes with a Power button



DEEPCOOL cabinets are great options for Gaming cabinets. It is a Mid-tower cabinet and supports RBG lights. You will also get a Button to control RGB lights in this cabinet.

It comes with full-sized 4nm Tempered Glass for better and unique looks for your cabinet. Even you will get four RGB fans installed in this cabinet.


1. Comes with good design1. No rubber on the bottom of cabinet legs
2. Good quality tempered glass2. Small screws on Tempered glass.
3. Supports RGB
4. Good airflow

8. DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 V2(Blue) CPU Air Cooler with 120mm Fan

DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 V2(Blue) CPU Air Cooler with 120mm Fan

This is a budget CPU cooler available in this market. But still, it gives your CPU decent cooling.

It will be enough if you don’t want to overclock your processor. But still, It will be good if you want to play games on this pc for a long time.

It doesn’t support RGB lights. You will just get an option of a blue LED light in this CPU cooler. The stock is also great. But it may cause problems. If you want to play games for a long time.

Pros and Cons of DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400

1. Supports Two fans1. Only one color.
2. Silent Fans

If you want better CPU cooling options then check Liquid coolers.

Gaming performance

This gaming pc build will give you 50+ frames per second on high-end games. If you are playing games on 4k high to ultra settings.

But still, there may be fewer frames per second on newly launched games like Cyber Punk 2077.

For video editing, it will be good for basic 4k video editing. As you will get Ryzen 5 3600x processor included in this build.

Best Prebuild under 100000 (RTX 3060 ti)

Building a PC on your own will increase the budget a lot. Because of the increase in GPU pricing.

So there’s a solution for that you can consider Hp prebuilt desktops for great gaming and video editing performance.

Victus by HP 15L Gaming Desktop (Rtx 3060 12 Gb)

Victus by HP 15L Gaming Desktop (1)

If you want a prebuilt PC with an Rtx 3060 and i5 12400f processor then you can consider this prebuilt. However, assembling a PC will be less expensive and offers more performance.


  • Processor – Intel i5 12400f
  • Motherboard – H670
  • Graphics Card – GeForce RTX 3060 12 Gb
  • Storage – 512 GB SSD
  • Memory – 16 Gb DDR4 (2966 Mhz)
  • Power Supply – 500 Watt
  • Wifi 6, Bluetooth, and Type-C port available

For gaming performance, this prebuilt pc can handle games at 2k resolution. However, for the best experience with ray tracing in newly launched games, this pc can handle 1080p gaming only.


In this budget, Core i5 12400f and RTX 3060 ti offer decent gaming and video editing performance.

Even if you want more gaming performance you can check RTX 3070 or other high-end Graphics cards as per your need.

So here’s the Best PC build under 100000 in India in 2022.

Now I want to hear from you.

Do you like the components used in this pc build or do you have any suggestions?

Let us know by leaving a comment below

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  • February 13, 2021 at 12:33 pm

    Wow nice post, but one thing using RTX 3060ti under 100k PC build.
    Is it Possible

    • February 13, 2021 at 7:01 pm

      Yes, Actually the current pricing is very high for that graphics card. But the original price is just 40k.

    • March 22, 2021 at 9:26 am

      Intel Core i5 is a little bit faster compared to AMD Ryzen 5 but for a budget-friendly build like this AMD will be a better deal.

    • March 23, 2021 at 11:43 am

      I5 processors are good gaming. But still, Ryzen 5 processor are for both gaming and video editing. Even you will get a maximum of 2666 MHz ram support with an Intel i5 processor.

      If you want to play games only on 1080p resolution then I5 may be a better solution. But for higher resolution gaming Ryzen 5 is better. Because the processor is not that important for higher resolution gaming.

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