Best 550 Watts Power Supply 2024 (Affordable and durable)

Are looking for a power supply unit for your budget computers? We have tested 550-watt power supplies from various brands and added best here.

You will get the most affordable and durable option available in this list for a 550-watt power supply.

So let’s check them.

What we found common in budget.

We found every power supply in the market has 85% of efficient power delivery. Also, you can’t use two graphics cards which these power supplies. Because you will get only one PCIe wire.

Two graphics cards require two separate wires. Also, for most of the available new graphics cards, you need at least 550 watts of power supply. Therefore, now it is recommended to consider at least 550 watts of power supply, for 450 watts PC build as well.

Also, if you want to get the best option available online, then consider checking if that model name is available on the 80plus website under 230v.

Best 550 watts power supply

We have tested almost every power supply mentioned below and shown our take on them as well.

1. Corsair vs550 watts Power Supply

Corsair VS550 Power Supply

Specification of Corsair VS550

SATA connectorx7 connector
PCIe connector x2 (6+2) pin connector
ATX connector (Motherboard Connector)x1 (20 + 4) Pin connector
CPU power connectorx1 (4 + 4) Pin connector
Othersx1 Floppy connector, MTBF 100000 hours

More Information about Corsair VS550 power supply

Corsair is one of the best brands for the power supply. It comes with 80-plus efficiency power. A VS550 is a powerful power supply with a 120 mm fan. Low noise and high-efficiency power supply for your computers with continuous power delivery.

It comes with three years of warranty. The MTBF is around 100000 hours which is not mentioned by any other brand only from Corsair.

What we found while testing the power supply.

Corsair is one of the best options I have found in the Market for power supply. Their power supply has no problem even after years of usage.

I have been using it for more the 3 years still no problem.

It has good-quality wires with solid connectors. Their wires have extra wrapping on the wire for more durability.

I have used it for work, gaming, and video editing as well. It worked fine in almost every aspect.

One thing to mention is that you will get the foreign plug in almost every power in the market.

2. Deepcool PK550D Power Supply

Deepcool PK550D Power Supply

Specifications of Deepcool pk550d

SATA connectorx6 connector
PCIe connector x2 (6+2) pin connector
ATX connector (Motherboard Connector)x1 (20 + 4) Pin connector
CPU power connectorx1 (4 + 4) Pin connector
Othersx1 PERIPHERAL 4-pin connectors x3

More Information about Deepcool PK550D power supply

Deep cool pk550d is a next-gen power supply tough and durable power supply. It is usable for a temperature under 40° C.

It comes with a 5-year warranty with highly efficient power delivery to computer components.

What we found while testing the power supply.

You will get a bigger 5-year warranty and a durable power supply. The only problem is that in our unit the power cable stopped working just after a few days.

Also, you will not any metal wrapping which is available on the Corsair power supply. It has almost the same black colored cable for power delivery which is available on the cooler master.

However, it is a good option for its budget and comes with 5 year warranty which is the maximum in our range.

3. Cooler master MWE 550 Power Supply

Cooler Master MWE 550 Power Supply

Specifications of Cooler Master MWE 550

SATA connectorx6 connector
PCIe connector x2 (6+2) pin connector
ATX connector (Motherboard Connector)x1 (20 + 4) Pin connector
CPU power connectorx1 (4 + 4) Pin connector
Othersx1 PERIPHERAL 4-pin connectors x3, x1 FDD cable 4-pin connector

More Information about Cooler master MWE 550 power supply

Cooler Master provides a highly efficient and low-noise power supply. It comes with the capabilities of a powerful power supply on a budget.

It is based on 80-plus bronze certifications which means you will get almost 85% percent of continuous delivery of power to your components.

You can operate this power supply only if its temperature is under 40°C. It has a low-noise 120 mm fan for maintaining the power supply temperature. Also, you will get a 5-year warranty as well.

What we found while testing the power supply.

In testing, we found that the build quality of this power supply is very nice. The main thing is that extra wire protection which is available on Corsair.

You will get good quality black colored cables but lack the premium quality. It has a low power consumption standby feature. You can use this power supply in Indian summers as well.

However, Corsair’s power supply is better in comparison.

Buyer’s Guide of 550-watt power supply.

For this section on computer power supplies, you need to consider some points. These are mentioned below.

80-plus certified power supply

The 80-plus certified power supply is much for consistent power delivery to your components. Otherwise, you will get interpreted power delivery and it can damage your products.

Check connectors available

Always which power supply is offering more connectors. With more connectors, you can connect more devices. Sometimes you need more connectors to connect more fans on your cabinet.

Check the warranty and build quality

The more warranty you will get, the better it will be for you. Also, check the build quality like Corsair power supply mentioned above has better wire quality as compared to other ones.

550 watt power supply enough for 3060 ti?

No, you need a minimum of 600 watts for RTX 3060 ti. However, you can’t use fully RTX 3060 ti. The RTX 3060 ti underperforms with a 550-watt power supply.

550w power supply enough for RTX 4060 ti

Yes, a 550-watt power supply is more than enough for both variants of the RTX 4060 ti graphics card.


For the best power delivery to your component, you should select at least one of the mentioned options. A power supply from a local brand can damage your components and a 450 watts power supply is not a future-proof option anymore.

Therefore consider the Corsair Vs450 or Deepcool PK450D power supply for best performance.

So here’s the list of the best 550-watts power supply.

Now I want to hear from you which of the power supply you liked the most. Let me know in the comments below.


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