5 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 In India 2022 (latest)

What do you want in a laptop under 70000?

You want the best processor or graphics card. So the answer is if you want to play games then you need both of them should be better as much as possible in this budget.

But if your objective of buying a laptop is not gaming it means you are buying it for basic works which can be done only by a better processor.

So I have discussed all the laptops best in this budget as per your needs.

Top 5 best laptops under 70000

I have personally tested the performance of these laptops and now I know which laptop will be best for you in this budget.

Asus Tug Gaming  gaming laptop

Asus TUF A15 gaming laptop under 70000

Asus TUF A15 has Ryzen 5 4600H processor which is best for gaming in this budget for laptops. If you want to play games on this you can easily play on 1080 high setting because here you get an amazing GTX 1650ti 4GB graphics card.

This graphics card is the DRR6 graphics card which supports high-level gaming in the budget with less power consumption which helps the laptop to give more battery backup as compared to others.

As per the ram, you will get 8GB DDR4 ram helps you to perform your tasks in a better way. The display size of this laptop is 15.6 Inch with a 144Hz refresh rate which is enough for in a laptop.

In this Asus tuf A15 laptop, you can play gaming Full HD resolution easily with a good and smooth gaming experience. Sometimes when you are playing big games then you can face some lags but only in high settings.

Upgrade option for Asus TUF A15 laptop

RAM: In this laptop, if you want to expend the Ram capacity then you can expend up to 32Gb. Which will help you to play games on 2K resolution but because of GTX 1650 ti 4 Gb graphics card you may face some lags when you are playing on 2k

The best part?

Here in this laptop, there is no need to upgrade the storage capacity as the storage of this laptop is enough 1Tb HHD + 512Gb SSD.

MSI GF63 Thin Core i7 9th Gen

MSI GF63 Thin Core i7 9th Gen

This is really on using the laptop for Gamers and some of the video editings work as here you get i7 9th generation best high-end processor in this budget.

With the same and Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card which is available in almost every laptop in the polity which we have listed in this article.

If you want the same performance available as this laptop you can also build a PC that will cost 50000.

This laptop Has 8GB RAM which is available as per minimum requirement in every laptop from our list.

With standard 512 GB SSD as available in all MSI laptops for this budget. This SSD is similar to the SSD available in the last MSI laptop model.

The best part!

The main high lights of this laptop are its processor that i7 9th gen. And if you want to play some games even on 1080p ultra you not going to get any laptop because of this processor as this laptop has a 15.6 inches full HD display for playing games.

Upgrade available for this laptop

The main upgrade in a laptop is RAM and storage in this laptop you can increase the Ram up to 32 Gb and the storage with 2TB with the hard disk.

As in this laptop, you are setting a maximum of 512GB SSD already available which is the maximum SSD supported. Maybe in future models, this can be increased.

MSI Alpha 15 Ryzen 7 Quad Core

MSI Alpha 15 Ryzen 7 Quad Core

MSI Alpha is a good laptop for gaming and video editing as the here you get Ryzen 7 Quad-Core processor which gives similar performance to  i5 9th gen processors.

This laptop comes with a 16GB Ram which is the highest Ram on our list. 16GB RAM is enough really good for high-end and smooth gaming.

The 16GB ram is available on the laptops under 80000 which are good for best gaming in 1080p ultra settings.

In this, you get 512gb SSD which really provides a good speed while running your laptop and opening some games. Even video editing experience also so goes better with this SSD as compared to a normal hard disk. The Graphics card on this laptop is Nvidia GTX 1650 4Gb.

One thing should be kept in mind that this laptop doesn’t have an internal hard disk it has only 512 GB SSD in build with a 15.6 inch full HD display. If you have lots of movies storing habits so you should not prefer this or you have to buy an external hard disk with it.

In this laptop, you are getting 4 hours of battery backup on a single charge with normal working and if you are going to play games then your laptop battery will be drained within 2-3 hours.

Possible upgrade in this laptop

RAM in the laptop you can expand up to 32GB and as per some other components, you to change the as this is a laptop, not a pc.

Yes, you want to increase some storage then you can add some more drives in this laptop for more storage on your laptop.

Asus ROG Strix G Core i5 9th Gen

Asus ROG Strix G Core i5 9th Gen

This Asus rog series is made for Gamers as they launch both smartphones and laptops in this series and they provide amazing gaming performance in smartphones as well as on laptops.

As in this laptop, you will get an I5 9300h 9th generation processor that is a gaming processor suitable for 1080 gaming. 

This processor has a 2.4 GHz base clock and 4.1 GHz boost clock which makes it a suitable processor not best for video editing but good for gaming.

As per the graphics card you are getting a 4GB GTX 1650 standard graphics card which is available with all laptops in our list.

This laptop has a 120 Hz Refresh rate which helps you to get more experience while using your laptop. This refresh rate gives you more smoothness and responsiveness when you are using it you can easily come to know about.

As this laptop has 15.6 inches full HD display with 4-5 hours of battery backup your experience with this laptop is really great.

Upgrade available with this laptop

As per the upgrade for this laptop, you can upgrade only the Ram and storage on a laptop. So in this laptop, you will get 2 Ram slots and each slot supports 16Gb ddr4 ram.

You have to purchase a new ddr4 Ram for this laptop if you want to increase the ram storage.

And For storage, you can expend it up to 2 Tb hard disk if you want. And you can expend SSD up to 512Gb.

Dell G3 3590 gaming laptop

Dell G3 3590 gaming laptop

Dell provides amazing laptops as per the build quality and looks. This laptop has an amazing design with a backlit keyboard and as per all laptops here you also get some lightning on the laptop.

In this laptop, you will get an i5 9th generation processor that is i5 9300h. This processor is really amazing for gaming on this budget. As I told you more about this processor on the description of other laptops in our list.

In this laptop, you will get 8GB ram which is the standard of our list. Only one laptop in our list has 16Gb ram. As 8GB ram is also good for gaming but more of the ram you have better it is.

As per the main part for gaming which is the graphics card you are going to get Nvidia GTX 1650 with 4 GB VRAM.

In this laptop, you are getting 512Gb SSD only. But you can insert a hard disk in the future. The screen of this laptop is 15.6 inches with full HD resolution.

Upgrade for this laptop

If you want to do some upgrade to this Dell G3 3590 you can upgrade the ram to 32Gb which is available in every laptop in our list.

And if you feel the there you are getting less storage then you can expend the harddisk storage on this laptop up to 2 TB of the hard disk.


If you want to buy a laptop just for gaming you can buy the first few options in our list buy. And if you want to buy a graphics card for performance purposes you check some other laptops on our list.

If you want to get maximum gaming performance you have to consider that your processor should complement your graphics card otherwise it will bottleneck.

Here’s my list of laptops under 70000 for you for the best experience.

Now I want to hear from you which of the laptop in this budget, you liked the most. Let us know by leaving the comment right now.


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