Best Cpu Upgrade For i5 9400F in 2021 (New 11 gen processor)

The Intel Core i5 9400f is a decent processor. But the upcoming Intel processors are way more existing.

So today we discuss the best CPU upgrade options from Intel i5 9400f processor.

So let’s start.

#1 Intel Core i5 11400f Processor – 40% More Powerful then i5 9400f

Intel Core i5 11400f processor

The Intel Core i5 11400f processor benchmark is almost 50% better than i5 9400f. Also, you will get 6 more threads on i5 11400f as compared to i5 9400f.

However, both are based on the same architecture 14 nm. Still, you can expect much better performance in video editing on the i5 11400f processor.

But still, there is not much Gaming performance jump from i5 9400f to i5 11400f. Therefore if your main goal is gaming then you will only get some improvement in frame rates.

Why consider this processor.

If you want a better processor for productive works then you can consider this processor. However, if you’re a gamer or normal user then wait for the launch of upcoming Intel 12th generation processors.

Moreover, you have to purchase an Intel 11th generation motherboard for using this processor.

Bottom Line!

If you want better performance then consider the i5 11400f processor.

#2 Intel i3 11100f – Better For Gaming

Intel Core i3 11100f processor

This is a Powerful processor in the Intel I3 series. But still, it is not launched currently.

You can use this processor for normal video editing. However, you will get almost similar video editing performance from this Processor as compared with the I5 9400f processor.

However, the TDP (Power requirements) of this processor is too less as compared with the I5 9400f processor.

Also, this i3 processor performs much better in gaming as compared to i5 9400 processor. Moreover, the clock speed is also better in this processor.

Why consider buying this processor

This may be a budget-friendly processor which will be enough for the basic requirement which is fulfilled by the i5 9400f processor.

If you want to do 1080p video editing, programming and gaming then you can consider this processor.

Moreover, you can use this processor with a high-end graphics card. However, you should always prefer a currency generation I5 processor for newly launched high-end Graphics cards.

You have to buy a new Motherboard for this processor. It will not work on your Intel 9th generation motherboards.

#3 Intel Core i5 12400f Processor – 70% More Powerful than i5 9400


This processor comes in Intel 12th generation processors. However, it is not launched yet.

Finally, you may get 7 nm architecture on this processor. On this architecture TDP (Power Requirement) will go down as compared to 11 generation processors.

Also, the performance expected will be much better on these processors. Moreover, it may have bigger cache memory and clock speed for stable processing power.

Why consider buying this processor.

If you want a powerful processor from the Intel i5 series then you can consider this processor.

However, you have to buy a new motherboard to pair this processor. But still, you will get PCIe 4.0 on the newly launched motherboards.

Moreover, this process can handle 4k gaming easily. Even it is more powerful as compared with the Ryzen 5 3600 processor.


The Intel i5 9th generation 9400f processor is also a good option in 2021. But still, if you want a more powerful processor for working purposes then you can consider the I5 11400f processor.

However, there is no big difference in gaming performance between the i5 9400f and i5 11400f processors. So Feel Free to wait for 12 generation processor for better gaming performance.

So here’s the guide for the Best upgrade option on Intel i5 9400f processor.

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