Best Graphics Card For I5 4th Generation (November 2021)

If you want a Best Graphics For Your I5 4th Generation Processor then you can consider a graphics card from the list given below.

This list contains the latest generation graphics card. These graphics cards are fully compatible with your processor.

So let’s check the list of graphics cards.

Best Graphics Card For i5 4th Generation

Intel i5 4th generation processor is compatible with normal 1080p level gaming. However, if you want to play newly launched games then you have to low down your game settings.

Also, the newly launched graphics card in the RTX series may bottleneck your processor. You should use a maximum of RTX 3060 With this processor.

However, it is suggested to check a new processor for RTX 3060 Graphics card.

1. Zotac GeForce RTX 3060 6 Gb Graphics Card

Zotac RTX 3060 Graphics Card

Specification For RTX 3060

Bus clock1.78 GHz
Boost clock1.32 GHz
Maximum digital resolution7680×4320
Maximum GPU temperature93
Recommended Power Supply550
Graphics card power Requirement170

Overview Of Graphics Card

RTX 3060 is a great graphics card for 2k and 1080p gaming. It can handle newly launched games with this processor.

It has way more 12 Gb Video memory for smooth gaming. Also, it supports 2nd generation ray-tracing cores and 3rd generation tensor cores.

However, there may be some bottlenecks if you’re playing games on a low resolution with this graphics card.

For cooling, you will get the latest technology from Zotac called IceStrom 2.0. Further, there is an 11-blade resulting in 10 percent more airflow.

Moreover, for controlling the RGB and overclocking the graphics card. They provide Zotac Gaming FireStorm utility.

2. Asus GeForce RTX 2060 Super

Asus GeForce GTX 1660 Super

For gaming on 1080p resolution, this graphics card is enough. Also, You will get ray tracing on this graphics card. Ray tracing enhances the gaming experience.

However, you may face the problem of low frame rates while playing new games on 1080p with ray tracing.

For a smooth gaming experience, you will get Gddr6 6 Gb Vram on this graphics card. But still, for the price, this graphics card doesn’t provide much valuable performance.

You can check the RTX 3060 graphics card for better performance on 1080 resolution with ray tracing.

Further, you will get cooling quality on this graphics card and Asus utility software. This Graphics card can also be overclocked for some more performance.

3. Zotac GeForce GTX 1660 Super

Zotac GTX 1660 Super

Specification of GTX 1660 super

Bus clock1.78 GHz
Boost clock1.53 GHz
Maximum digital resolution7680×4320
Maximum GPU temperature93
Recommended Power Supply450
Graphics card power Requirement125

Overview Of Graphics Card

If you want to play games on your budget then this graphics card can be a great option.

This graphics card doesn’t support Ray tracing so that you can play games at 1080p resolution easily.

However, on the newly launched games, you may have to reduce your game settings. It can handle old games easily and provide a stable gaming experience.

It comes with GDDR 6Gb Vram and it is enough for smooth gaming on 1080p resolution.

If you want to play games on this graphics card then it can offer you 60 frames rates on medium to high settings with 1080p resolution.

So, it has a wide aluminum heat sink which helps it make the graphics card cooler.

4. Zotac GeForce GTX 1650

Nvidia GTX 1650

Specification of this graphics card

Bus clock1.48 GHz
Boost clock1.66 GHz
Maximum digital resolution7680×4320
Maximum GPU temperature94
Recommended Power Supply450W
Graphics card power Requirement75W

Overview Of Graphics Card

This graphics card comes in a budget range and it can offer you low setting 1080p gaming.

If you are going to try old games like GTA V. You expect 50 FPS on 1080p medium to high settings.

This graphics card has 4 GB of video memory that may be enough for budget-level gaming.

It requires low power consumption for smooth working and it remains cool with 90mm fans and an aluminum heat sink.

Also, this graphics card is also available in the small form factor.


I5 4th generation is still a good graphics card for normal gaming.

So if you want a graphics card for this processor then RTX 3060 can be the best option.

However, If you want a budget-friendly graphics card then the GTX 1650 is also compatible with it.

So here’s a guide on the best graphics card for i5 4th generation processors.

Now I want to hear from you which of the graphics cards you like the most

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