Best gaming laptop under 200000 rupee in India 2020

If you are finding the best gaming laptop in the price range of 150000 to 200000 I will be giving some best choices in this price range.

I have tested the more the laptops in this budget and they perform very well but just one problem is there you don’t get a high-quality graphics card. The graphics card you will be getting in this budget is RTX 2060 or 1070 old graphic cards. This graphic card is good but not at the Price this would be best.

Top 5 laptops under 200000 rupees in 2020

In this graphic card, you will get good processes that will help you to do the best possible video editing. But if you want to do some gaming at 2K or 4K settings you have to invest a minimum of 4 lakh rupees.

Or you can do a PC build in which you will get some 2K and 4K gaming experience under this budget.

Alienware Core i7 10th Gen m15R3 Gaming Laptop

Alienware Core i7 10th Gen m15R3 Gaming Laptop

This laptop is very good for gaming as well as video editing as you will getting there i7 10th generation processor and GTX 1660 Ti 6gb graphics card.

Specification of the Alienware Core i7 10th Gen

Ram in this laptop is 16GB ddr4 which plays a good role while video editing and it has SSD 512Gb Storage for a fast response rate.

If you want to store some games and videos and movies for you only have 512 GB SSD Storage for storing these which is quite low.

So if you want to expand it you have to rather install an internal or external hard disk.

The screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches which have full HD resolution With 300Hz refresh rate

In this laptop, you are going to get a Windows 10 operating system which is good for some video editing and gaming if you want to use any other operating system like Windows 7 or 8 maybe you like it more so you can easily install it.

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 9th Gen

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 9th Gen laptop

Apple MacBook Pro comes with an i7 9th generation processor and this laptop is not met for gaming but yet you can do some gaming on this laptop.

The main purpose of this laptop you can do your office work or watch lectures on this laptop very easily and it will not give you any leg while using browsers for some software for video editing.

Specification of the Apple MacBook Pro

In this laptop, you will get 16GB RAM with 512 GB SSD. and here you are not having any at HD storage or hard disk for storing more data you have to buy an internal or external extra.

This laptop has 16 inches screen size which is a slightly e better than its older version which is 14 inches and this laptop has an amazing Keyboard which sports some touch keys.

This helps you can increase or decrease your volume just by dragging your fingers on it or it has also had some customizations available on that as shown in the image above.

Here you also get a touch ID verification which helps you to unlock your laptop just by your fingerprints the same as a fingerprint unlock available in your mobiles.

AMD Radeon Pro 5300M Graphics card is available on this laptop it helps you to play some little bit games at 1080p level.

There are some gaming laptop which has it’s 1650 4GB which is better than this graphics card but if you’re willing to do at ultra settings even on 1080p it will give you some FPS around 30 to 40 sometimes in all games you will get above 40.

Here in this laptop, you are going to get 11 hours battery backup which helps you to do your work seamlessly but if you doing gaming your backup would be only 7 to 8 hours which is also good.

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Core i5 10th Gen

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Core i5 10th Gen

This is another laptop from Apple which is powered by i5 10th generation processor and you will get some smooth video editing performance but you will not able to get good performance gaming.

Specifications of the Apple MacBook Pro core i5

Hey, you get a good 16GB ddr4 RAM with 512 SSD. As in the last version of the MacBook, it also doesn’t have any other hard disk for storing data.

This is the best performing laptop under 200k rupees in 2020. You have to buy by an additional internal or external hard disk for storing more data in this MacBook.

The screen size of this laptop is 13 inches with full HD resolution and And as for graphics, you will get Intel integrated graphics which obviously don’t work well on gaming.

The price of this laptop is around 160000 Indian rupees and at this price, if you want an Apple laptop you can buy it.

Dell Gaming-G7 7590 laptop

This laptop is the best laptop on our list but this laptop price is slightly more sometimes even more than 200000. But during some sales, you will get this around 210K price. The operating system in this laptop would be Windows 10 and if you want any other version of Windows you can install it easily by purchasing from online.

Specification of the Dell Gaming-G7 7590

In this laptop, you will get 16GB RAM with a ddr4 version which is good for smooth working performance from the laptop.

The processor in this laptop is i7 10th generation with RTX 2070 graphics card. This graphics card really matters for gaming and you can expect 2K gaming performance from this laptop.

But sometimes you have to lower down your settings on 2K for gaming.

Dell G Series G7 7588 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

This laptop has the best processor on our list and its price is also less than 140k. The processor used in this laptop is i9 8th generation

Specification of the Dell G Series G7 7588

If you want some hard-working laptop you can buy this laptop as it also has a 16GB Ram ddr4 version it helps you for doing your work seamlessly.

In this laptop, you also get 128 SSD with 1TB hard disk so this laptop is the best as per the price.

As per screen size in this laptop 15.6 with full HD resolution this is good for gaming and editing purposes if you want to play games on 1080 p you need a full HD resolution laptop and this laptop has that.

As per graphics card, you will get GTX 1060 6Gb version this graphics card is a decent graphics card for gaming but if you really want to save your money you should check out our list of the laptop under 80000.

In this list, you will get some really good price to value laptops which will help you to get maximum gaming performance with a good budget.


If you want a good graphics card which values your money I would suggest you buy a laptop under the price od 100000 or If you want to spend more you can buy any laptop from my list of laptops.

Here are my 5 best laptops under 200000 in India 2020

Now I want to hear from you which of the laptop you like the most and let us know by leaving a comment right now.

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