The best upgrade from GTX 1070 2020

The best upgrade from GTX 1070 2020

GTX 1070 is a great graphics card that helps you to play games on 1080p Ultra settings and on a 75Hz monitor.

I have purchased it when it was launched but now if you are going to purchase some better options available in the market then it.

The main thing

Now if you want to play a game on 1440p, you need to upgrade from GTX 1070 to a better graphic card. I have made a list of the best upgrades possible from this graphics card.

Let’s check

Best upgrade from GTX 1070

Rtx 2070 for an upgrade to 1440p gaming

This time if you want to wait for RTX 3070 you can. But the launch of the graphics card will get a long time that is 3-4 months minimum. And you have to wait for the launch in your country if you are not from the united states.

If you want the same performance on 1440P gaming then you have to purchase a graphic card known as RTX 2070. The main purpose of this graphic card is to allow the user to play games on 1440p settings without any lag or stutter.

Zotac RTX 2070

The best part

The price of this graphic card is similar to Gtx 1070 when it was newly launched in the market. However, the price is of GTX 1070 is now reduced because new graphics cards are launched.

Rtx 2070 super upgrade for 2K high settings gaming

This graphic card is new and best for 1440p gaming. Even this graphics card in terms of graphics memory is faster than RTX 2070 ti.

And if you want to play games like GTA 5. You will get some playable fps on 4k resolution. But only on medium to high settings.

RTX 2070 super would be the best possible upgrade for you on GTX 1070.

RTX 2070 ti upgrade for 2k ultra settings gaming

This is a graphic card that is known for 1440p gaming. Even this graphics card will help you to play games on 1440p ultra setting without any lag or stutter.

if you want to play games like Pubg you will get the really amazing response time from this graphics card.

This graphic card is a next-generation graphic card which helps you to play games with rear tracing. Rear tracing makes your game look even better than before as compared to a graphic card in the GTX series.

Rtx 2080 upgrade to 4k medium to high gaming

Zotac geforce RTX 2080

Yes, maybe you don’t want to purchase RTX 2080 because you don’t funds, or you happy to play games on 2k settings.

But there will be some people here who want to play in 4K. For these people, I am suggesting RTX 2080 because there is a good price gap between both the graphics cards

The performance from this graphic card is great but it not affordable for everyone.

Rtx 2080 super for 4k gaming

MSI RTX 2080

This graphic card is the best and fastest graphic card from Nvidia.


 Because this graphic card has graphics memory faster than RTX  2080ti.  but for overall performance, RTX 2080ti  is better in every game you play.

This graphic card will allow you to play games on 4K  resolution with medium to high settings.  but the main thing you have to consider is that there is a huge gap in price between RTX 2070 E and RTX 2080 super.

 If you can afford it it will be the best upgrade from the GTX 1070. 

What would be the real-time for an upgrade from GTX 1070 graphics card

real-time for an upgrade from GTX 1070

There will be two reasons for wait or not buying. The first reason may be that you want to spend your money on a new graphics card like RTX 3070 and another reason maybe you want buy a graphics card mentioned above in cheap rates due to launch in new graphics cards.

My answer is that it would be better to wait. But there may be some scenarios in which the price of RTX 3070 will be higher and than the price of RTX 2070 or RTX 2070 super will not dropdown.

But still if the price of upcoming graphics card is affordable then my recommendation is to wait for new graphics cards.


Keep in mind one thing that if you are upgrading your graphic card for the best performance then you have to upgrade your monitor with a graphics card. 

I have mentioned the best possible upgrade from the graphic card called GTX 1070. You can also wait for the next generation graphics card from Nvidia

Now I want to hear from you which of the graphics card are you I would like to upgrade from your current GTX 1070  let me know by leaving the comment right now.

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