What is a low profile graphics card (Usable or not)

In this post, I have covered everything you need to know about a low profile graphics card.
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What are the most powerful?
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What is a low profile graphics card
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What is a Low profile graphics card?

A low profile is a smaller size of a normal graphics card with the same graphics chip available in a normal card. They are made for some PC cabinets that have less space for a graphics card.

Difference between Low profile graphics card And the normal graphics card

Low profile vs standard graphics card
There are lots of difference between these graphics cards if you want to know which is better then normal graphics card with the same model performs better.


The main difference between them is height because the low profile cards are only made for small cabinets.

The size of this low profile card is usually half of a standard graphic card but sometimes even less than half the size it has.

The normal size of low profile cards comes around 2 to 3 inches. And the size of a standard graphics card is around 6 to 7 inches normally.

The size of these cards is the main priority for buying them so if you are getting a graphic card with a low profile tag. It means the size of the graphic card is less than a normal or a standard graphic card.


The performance of a low profile card depends on the chip available in it. The performance of a GTX 1650 Low profile card is almost half of the performance from a GTX 1650 standard card.

If you want more performance then can purchase a graphics card under 20000.


That means if you want to play some games in your small form factor cabinets it is possible. But the main thing is that if you are still buying low-end or non-compatible graphics cards, it isn’t worth it.

If you want to know how to check if a graphics card is compatible with your system. So there are some steps like checking the PCIe version of the graphics card and motherboard.

Power requirement

This is the best thing in low profile cards. The power requirement is really very low means if you have a small power supply it is still going to work.

Basically in low profile cards power is not required by the frequency and its performance because they are lower than standard cards.

But sometimes These cards take power from the power supply additional e but yet the total power used by a low profile card is less than a standard.

Basically, a low profile card uses a power around 25 Watt but the standard card sometimes uses even more than 200 Watt.

Cooling in low profile card

A low profile graphic card doesn’t reduce heat as much as a standard graphic card. But still, you may see some heat produced by a low profile card.

If your graphic card is producing more heat and there is no cooling solution available then your graphic card’s performance would be dropped or maybe after your graphic card doesn’t work.

To maintain this good temperature in your graphics card, the company may use the small cooling fans or steel that remains cool every time.

Low profile graphics card with steel cooling factor
When a graphics card uses steel for maintaining temperature. In this case, the performance may be good for normal work but while gaming the heat increases and it will make your GPU work slow.
While your graphics card has a cooling fan for maintaining temperature. The performance would remain the same even when you are playing games. Fans help a lot to maintain temperature and giving some amazing frame rates.
Low profile graphics card with cooling fans
But still, sometimes you may face heating issues with it when you are playing a high-end game for a long time.



The low profile card can mount on a Pcie port available for a standard card. 

It means you can easily use a low profile card in your normal cabinets or motherboards without any issue.
But you can’t mount a standard graphic card in the place of a low graphic card due to lack of space.



A low profile graphic card is a good option for gaming in small or similarly designed cabinets. 

Make sure to buy a graphic card with a good performance and which is compatible with your motherboard and cabinet as well.


Here is my guide on low and graphic cards.

Now I want to hear from you what you think about these cards let us know by leaving a comment right now.

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