5 Best graphics card for video editing India under 30000

If you want to have a fantastic video editing experience you need to buy a sound graphics card for video editing.
But if your budget is slightly less, which is under 30000 and you want a graphics card in this budget.
So, I will tell you which GPU is best for this budget for editing video.
Let’s dive right in.
Best graphics card for video editing under 30000

Top 5 Best graphics card for video editing

In this list of you can expect fantastic video editing performance at 1440p resolution. And if you want to do 4K video rendering, then you need to buy something a little bit expensive.

1. RTX 2060 ti 6GB graphic card

Zotac RTX 2060 ti 6GB graphics card
RTX 2060 ti is an amazing card for our purpose. It has Gddr6 technology which is primarily for amazing video processing work.
You will face no issue while using this card. It also supports some gaming performance in this budget.
It helps to do smooth 2K video work in every video editing software. You can play some games with a 1440p resolution with this graphics card.

Performance of Rtx 2060 ti

As per the performance of this RTX 2060, you can do both gaming and video editing with this card. But if you want to do fantastic video editing you also need a processor.
Performance of Rtx 2060 ti
And if you have a good processor so you can do 2K video editing easily with this card.
This graphics card has 6GB Vram, which is impressive and the minimum requirement for video editing under 30000.
It has an unusual 1680 Mhz bus clock and 1920 Cuda cores which helps it to export your video projects faster.
If you want best ever performance then you can check the list of best graphics card in India.

Specification of this Rtx 2060ti 6GB

  1. Cuda cores:- 1920.
  2. Bus memory:- 1365.
  3. Boost memory:- 1680.
  4. Memory Clock:- 14 Gbps.
  5. power consumption:- 160W.
  6. Ram:- 6Gb
  7. Benchmark:- 14732.

2. Zotac GTX 1660 ti 6Gb graphics card for video editing under 30000.

Zotac GTX 1660 ti 6Gb graphics card
It is also a fantastic card for editing video. This card Is good for video editing purposes as this graphics card has 6 GB VRAM, which is the minimum requirement for 2K video editing.
This card supports some 4k video editing. But if you have a decent processor for it.
Its price is also very budget-friendly at just 24000.
The best part
This graphics card supports amazing gaming performance of 1080p ultra settings which makes it the best under that budget.

Performance of Zotac Gtx 1660 ti

As per the performance, this card can quickly help to play games for 1080p gaming and video editing.
Performance of Zotac Gtx 1660 ti
If you want to do 2K giving all video editing on this graphics card you need a good processor.
 This graphics card has a 1780  MHz bus clock which helps in exporting the video fast.
 And this card has Cuda cores 1536 Which helps in smooth video editing experience.

Specification of Zotac GTX 1660 ti

  1. Cuda cores:- 1536.
  2. Bus memory:- 1770.
  3. Boost memory:- 1500.
  4. Memory Clock:- 12Gbps.
  5. power consumption:- 120W.
  6. Ram:- 6Gb
  7. Benchmark:- 12803.

3. Gigabyte GTX 1660 super graphic card

Gigabyte GTX 1660 super graphics card
This graphics card is launched in 2019 and is the best budget card for 1080p gaming.
It provides slightly less performance from GTX 1660 ti. As per the video editing, this graphics card helps to do 1080p level video editing easily.
But as always you need a good processor for video editing to render the video experience.
Here you get 1450 Cuda cores which is just lesser than Gtx 1660 ti 6Gb version. But the price difference is more as per the difference in performance.
That’s why I made it on the third number on my list.

Performance of GTX 1660 super 6GB

As for performance, you will get the best performance from every card at that particular budget.
Performance of GTX 1660 super 6GB
But an increase in budget is possible for you. It would be best if you got a Gtx 1660 ti which is better than this graphics card.
With GTX 1660 super you can do video processing easily and fast if you have a decent processor. Either way, your experience would be that amazing.
The gaming performance of this graphics card is also excellent. But you will face some frame drops if you are playing at 1080p resolution with maximum settings.

Specification of GTX 1660 super

  1. Cuda cores:- 1408.
  2. Bus memory:- 1785.
  3. Boost memory:- 1530.
  4. Memory Clock:- 14 Gbps.
  5. power consumption:- 125W.
  6. Ram:- 6 Gb
  7. Benchmark:- 12705.

4. AMD RX 590 8GB graphic card

Rx 590 8GB graphic card
This graphics card is an old graphics card from AMD. But as the price of it is going to reduce day by day, you can extract the same with less.
Which makes it a budget-friendly graphics card for you. In my list, you don’t have a reasonable budget.
Rx 580 8GB graphics card has a 2304 stream processor, which helps you to export the video files faster.
But you may face a problem if you are doing 2K video editing and you are going to edit very fast this will give you minor lag because of less boost frequency 1545.
But it usually works well in video rendering work.
The last two graphics cards are listed by focusing the budget of an individual for buying. If you have that much budget, you can buy the graphics contained above.

Performance of Rx 590 graphics card

The performance in gaming as compared to video editing is better. Because it has more cores but less boost frequency.
Performance of Rx 590 graphics card
If you are going to video editing work with this at 1080p, it will give no problem.
You may face some 1 second in processing sometimes, not all time. But if you want to play games also I would suggest you buy this graphics card.
You can play games with no lag on 1080p ultra settings with this graphics card. There will be some minor lags that are affordable in this budget.

Specification of RX 590

  1. Cuda cores:- 2304.
  2. Bus memory:- 1545.
  3. Boost memory:- 1469.
  4. Memory Clock:- 8 Gbps.
  5. Power consumption:- 200W.
  6. Minimum power supply:- 550W
  7. Ram:- 8Gb
  8. Benchmark:- 9403.

5. Gigabyte GTX 1650 super 4GB OC Graphics card

GTX 1650 super 4GB OC Graphics card
The GTX 1650 super graphics card is ranking at number 4 not just because of its performance but because of the price to performance. It provides less than my last graphics card.
But as per the price, this provides even better performance from the last card.
GTX 1650 super is a new graphics card launched a few months ago. It is the successor of the GTX 1050 Ti which is the best graphics card under 10000.
As all graphics cards in this series come with a very less power consumption requirement, this card also comes with very less power consumption of just 75 W.

Performance of GTX 1650 super

As a part of performance GTX 1650 super provides a fantastic price to performance value.
Performance of GTX 1650 super
But the expected performance you can expect from these graphics is that if you have a good processor, you can expect 2K will possibly not be the best.
The 1080p video editing will be the best with this graphics card. As part heating, it never heats much because of less power consumption value involved.

Specification of GTX 1650 super

  1. Cuda cores:- 1280.
  2. Bus memory:- 1530.
  3. Boost memory:- 1725.
  4. Memory Clock:- 12Gbps.
  5. power consumption:- 75W.
  6. Ram:- 6Gb
  7. Benchmark:- 9809.


So If you want to buy a graphics card for video editing, you can go for RTX 2060 in this budget.
But if your budget is slightly less and you also want to do gaming, you can buy RX 590.
Here my top 5 picks.
Now I want to hear from you which graphics card from my list you liked the most.
Let me know by leaving a comment right now.


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