Best Gaming PC Build Under 25000 In India 2024 (New CPU)

If you want a pc that can give some sensible gaming and working experience, consider checking the PC build given below.

You will get two PC builds, one from AMD and the other from Intel.

So let’s check the components used in that PC build.

Best PC Build Under 25000 (With Latest Processor)

Due to the low budget, there is no option for a good graphics card. So you have to make a PC with the newly launched AMD Ryzen 5 APU. However, if your only aim is gaming then consider checking the other build given below.

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For decent 1080p gaming performance check PC build under 50000.

1. ProcessorCore i3 1210011965
2. MotherboardMSI H610m-B DDR46950
3. Power SupplyAntec Atom V4502150
4. StorageHarddisk 500 Gb2000
5. Random Access MemoryCorsair Vengeance 8Gb2700
6. CabinetAny Mid-Tower1000

The Price to performance of the PC is very nice because of the new processor and future upgrade possibilities.

1. Processor – Intel Core i3 12100

Intel Core i3 12100 Processor

This process is newly launched and offers decent performance in gaming and working as well. Also, it performs better in comparison with the Ryzen 5 3600 processor in gaming.

Also, a dedicated GPU is not required for using this processor. However, the gaming performance is not much capable as compared to Ryzen Vega graphics.

Why consider this processor.

If you want to do normal gaming and some office work then you can consider this processor on your desktop. This processor supports PCIe 4.0 graphics cards and offers much better performance with high-end GPUs.

However, if you want a dedicated graphics card consider checking the second PC Build given below. After the processor let’s check the next component for the PC build.

2. Motherboard – MSI H610-B DDR4

Msi PRO H610m-B DDR4 Motherboard

This motherboard will be a great option if you want to use an i3 12th-generation processor. Also, you can use PCIe 4.0 graphics card on this motherboard.

As per the USB options, you will get two USB 3.2 gen 1 and four USB 2.0 ports. It will fully support the selected processor without any issues.

Why consider this motherboard

If you want the latest generation intel motherboard then this Msi H610m-B is a good option for you. However, you can consider an MSI Pro B660-A for more features.

Also, you can install a fast Nvme SSD on this motherboard.

3. Random Access memory – Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8 Gb 3200 MHz

Corsair Vengeance ddr4 random access memory

For normal working conditions and gaming, 8Gb memory is more than enough. However, you may need 16 Gb of memory while playing games on 1440p or higher resolution.

Why consider this memory.

In this memory, you will get a decent speed of 3200 Mhz which is good for playing games at 1440p resolution. It also comes with a heatsink on both sides so that the temperature of this memory remains lower while normal working.

4. Power Supply – Antec V450

Antec VP450 power supply for pc

For the power requirement of this computer under 25000, the 450-watt power supply will be enough. However, if you want to add a better graphics card in the future then you can 550 watts or 650 watts power supply.

Why consider this power supply.

For this PC build, a 450-watt power supply will be more than enough. Also, It comes with good quality according to the price of the power supply.

5. Storage – 500 Gb Harddisk

seagate 500gb hard disk

This 500 Gb hard disk will be more than enough for the basic requirements. However, if your requirement is around 256 Gb then you can consider 256 Gb SSD storage.

Because SSD performance is much faster than a hard disk.

Why consider this SSD storage.

For the normal working requirements and storing of files, this hard disk will be more than enough. However, if you want a much better storage option then you can consider the 240 Gb SSD.

6. Cabinet – Any

Cabinet for pc

For this PC Build, a mid-tower cabinet is an important requirement. But due to the low budget, you can consider checking a cabinet worth 1000 rupees.

This cabinet may available online but mostly it will get available on the local or offline markets.

Gaming Performance

Currently, the gaming performance is not up to the mark as there is no dedicated GPU included. But you can include a dedicated high-end graphics card for better gaming performance.

For gaming performance, you can play games on 1080p low to medium settings for playable frame rates. However, if you want to play some old games then frame rates at 1080p medium can be increased to 40 to 50.

Also, you will get getting an amazing processor that can handle high-end games on high resolutions if you want to install a higher graphics card in the future.

Moreover, you can still play games on this PC build at 1080p resolution. Minimum to minimum you will get playable frame rates on low settings.

Future Upgrade Possibility

As you know this PC build has an H610 motherboard that contains two memory slots and an M.2 slot. Also, M.2 slot is based on PCIe 4.0. So let’s check the other upgrade options.

Graphics card (High-end)

If you want to install a high-end graphics card on this PC you can easily do it. Until a new PCIe generation is launched that won’t support it. But still, it supports almost every high-end graphics card.

Also, the processor will be capable of playing games with a high-end graphics card.

Random Access Memory (Additional)

You can install another up to 32 Gb random access memory on this PC build.

Storage (M.2 SSD)

M.2 SSD is a nice option if you want to increase the speed of your PC. You can use PCIe 4.0 in this PC build.

Gaming Pc Build Under 25000 (Only For Gamers)

This is a gaming PC because, in this build, you will get an option to include a dedicated graphics card. Also, you will get the option of i3 10th generation for decent performance while doing normal work.

However, the performance of this processor will be lower as compared with the Ryzen 5 4600g in the above build.

1. Processori3 10105f6049
2. Graphics CardGTX 660 Or GTX 750 Ti Or GTX 9506000
3. MotherboardMsi H510m-a pro5900
4. Power SupplyAntec VS450L1746
5. StorageHarddisk 500 Gb2000
6. Random Access MemoryCorsair Vengeance 8Gb2700
7. CabinetAny Mid-Tower1000


For gaming performance, you need a processor and a graphics card. Due to the increase in the price of graphics cards you have to select the option of intel core i3 12100.

However, if you can get the second-hand graphics cards mentioned in the second build then you will get much better gaming performance in the second PC build.

Also, both computers are capable of playing games on 1080p resolution.

So here is the guide for the best PC build under 25000.

Now I want to hear from you which of the gaming PC you liked the most. Just comment down below, I will appreciate it. For any questions and suggestions just comment below.


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