Best Wireless Mouse Under ₹1000 In 2024 (Great Value)

Every computer and laptop user wants a mouse. Also, a wireless mouse is a slightly better option for normal working.

There are lots of stock mouse which comes with a computer and sometimes these are not better. If better maybe they are not working properly right now. I would suggest replacing them with the best wireless mouse under 1000.

So, let’s check which is really worth it.

Best wireless mouse under 1000 for office use and gaming

In the list of wireless mouse, you can expect some decent options like the Logitech M330 for the best battery backup and the Hp Wireless mouse 250 for 3600 DPI capacity.

Also, you can expect great build quality from the options given below.

So check the first wireless mouse on our list.

#1 Logitech M330 silent plus (Wireless Mouse With Great Battery)

Logitech M330 silent plus wireless mouse


Battery24 months
Size6.79*3.84*10.54 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

This mouse is the best for this budget you can expect good build quality and good DPI performance from this mouse.

Best the part

This mouse looks premium and feels very good while you are using it. Also, it has the best battery backup of 24 months.

You can use this mouse for years if just clean it monthly. But it really works for long periods of time.

As per all Logitech mouse in this budget, I prefer this as the best mouse for home and office uses.

#2 Logitech M221 optical mouse (Good For office use)

Logitech M221


Battery18 months
Size6*4*10 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

Logitech M221 is another best mouse under this budget. This mouse is a wireless mouse that comes with amazing build quality.

You can connect this mouse with the help of a USB connector. Also, this mouse is very silent while using it.

The weight of this mouse is very low just 77g. It is also lesser as compared to the Logitech M330 mouse.

However, the battery backup of the Logitech M221 is 6 months less in comparison to the Logitech m330 mouse.

This is a slightly small mouse as compared to the others. But still, the size doesn’t make up a big problem while using it.

#3 Hp X200 Wireless Mouse (Good For Personal Use)

Hp X200 Wireless Mouse


Battery18 months
Size‎11.5*6.32*3.62 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

Hp X200 is an affordable mouse with black color and ergonomic design under this budget. It has 1600 DPI which can help the games and video editing for getting a better experience.

The battery backup is 18 months which is good for casual usage. However, if you are using it for a long time daily then the battery backup is just 2 to 3 months.

In this, you will get 12 month warranty. And it has a good build quality, made for a long time of work.

This mouse is best for gaming pc build under 50000.

#4 HP Bluetooth Mouse 250 (Good Option for Gaming)

HP bluetooth mouse 250


Battery15 months
Size‎3.2*6.5*11 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

Hp Bluetooth mouse 250 is also a good mouse for this budget. With this mouse, you will get a great and unique design from HP and a higher DPI of 3600 for gaming and video editing.

However, it has 3 months less battery backup as compared to the above-mentioned options. Also, don’t consider the Hp wireless mouse 250. It is a different product.

This mouse is more than enough if you want to do video editing and another thing on your PC. But still, it is recommended to use a wired mouse for the best experience in gaming and video editing.

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#5 Lenovo 530 Wireless Mouse (With different colors)

Lenovo 530 Wireless Mouse


Battery12 months (8 million clicks)
Size‎10.6*6.3*3.7 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

Lenovo 530 is an affordable and lightweight option for this budget. It has a good size and good color option if you want. The battery backup of this mouse is slightly less as compared to the other options.

The warranty of this wireless mouse is for 12 months. In this mouse, you will get an option to insert the batter\ys from its top. You have to remove the upper side of the mouse for inserting the battery.

Also, it has a magnetic connection for connecting the mouse body after installing the battery. Also, scroll well comes in a rubber material for a better user experience. You can use this mouse for your daily tasks without any problem.

#6 Dell 570-AAMH WM126 Wireless mouse (Lightest mouse in the list)

Dell 570-AAMH WM126


Battery12 months
Size19*19*6 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

This dell mouse is one of the lightest mouse which comes with a weight of just 57.5g. For added battery, you to remove the upper part of the mouse. Also, you will get an option of storing its USB receiver there.

It is a solid, lightweight, and affordable wireless mouse from dell for daily usage and work. If 12 months of battery backup in this budget is enough for you then you can consider checking this mouse.

Lastly, for better battery backup you can consider other options in this list.

#7 Lenovo 400 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo 400 Wireless Mouse


Battery12 months (8 million clicks)
Size‎11.9*39*6.5 cm
Tracking Methodoptical

This is another wireless mouse from Lenovo. It comes with an 8 million click battery backup. The battery backup is better as compared to a cheap wireless mouse.

But still, for the best battery backup, you can consider the first option in our list. This mouse comes with 1200 DPI which is enough for normal work and daily usage.

Lastly, the weight of this mouse is also heavy compared to the other option on this list. It can be the only option if other options are expensive or not available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it worth buying a wireless mouse?

Yes, a wireless mouse is a better way of using a computer mouse. But the performance of a wired mouse will be always better. The wireless mouse is only known for the best experience while normal working on your computer.

Which wireless mouse is best in India?

Logitech M330 is the best wireless mouse in India. Also, the Hp Bluetooth mouse 250 comes with 3600 DPI for a better experience from a quality device.


Wireless is an important part when it comes to using a computer. It gives you the option to use the mouse anywhere on the desk without checking the length of the wire.

However, the range of a wireless limited to the range of a wireless mouse. Because you will get the same 10-meter range which is available in the form of a 10-meter wire in a wired mouse.

For the best experience with the wireless mouse, you can check Logitech M331 or Hp Bluetooth Mouse 250. For a budget-friendly option, you can check the Hp x200 wireless mouse.

So here’s the guide on the best wireless mouse under 1000.

Now I want to know from you do you like the list I have mentioned above. Also, let me know if you have any questions.

Lastly, feel free to share the list with your friends.


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