Best wireless mouse under 1000 in India (Maximum DPI)

Every computer and laptop users want a mouse. But using a wired mouse doesn’t feel better.

So, now you want the most important accessory which is a wireless mouse for your pc.
There are lots of stock mouse which comes with a computer and sometimes these are not better. If you better maybe they are not working properly right now.
I would suggest to replace them with the best wireless mouse under 1000.
So, let check which is really worth it.
Best wireless mouse under 1000
In this mouse, you can expect the maximum DPI possible under this price range.
The looks of this are also good as per the price of this mouse. You can expect good to build quality from these mouse’s.
So check the first wireless mouse on our list.

#1 Logitech M330 silent plus wireless mouse under 1000

Logitech M330 silent plus wireless mouse
This mouse is the best in this budget you can expect good build quality and good DPI performance from this mouse.
Best the part
This mouse looks premium and feels very good while you are using it.
You can use this mouse for years if just clean it monthly. But it really works for long periods of time.
As per all Logitech mouse in this budget, I prefer this as the best mouse for home and office uses.

#2 Logitech M275 optical mouse

Logitech M275
Logitech M275 another best mouse under this budget. This mouse is a wireless mouse that comes with the amazing build quality.
The connectivity range of this mouse is also good as per this budget. It has more than 2000 DPI which also helps you to play fps games better.
As per the looks of this mouse, you will get the same design, and looks really cool as Logitech M330 has.
In this mouse, you will get an led light that has a green color, to check if the mouse is working or not.
The gaming and video editing performance with this mouse will be better than every mouse in this budget.

#3 Lenovo N100 mouse

Lenovo N100
Lenovo N100 is a mouse with black color and ergonomic in design under this budget. Its round shape design helps to play games better than other mouses.
But in this mouse, you will get DPU not more than 2000. Yes, this mouse still better than for this budget if you want a mouse from Lenovo.
In this, you will get 12 months warranty. And it has a good build quality, made for a long time of work.
This mouse is best for gaming pc build under 50000.

#4 Logitech M235 mouse

Logitech M235 mouse
Logitech M235 is also a good mouse for this budget. In this mouse, you will get good build quality but as per the design, it seems like a cheap mouse.
However, this mouse is much better than all the cheap mouses which are available in the market.
His mouse is even better at this price if you have no issue with its looks and you can handle this mouse with his cheap looks.

5# Zebronics alien optical mouse

Zebronics alien optical mouse
With this mouse, you will get amazing dpi which is 2400. The response rate of this mouse is also good as required for a gaming wireless mouse in this budget.
You will get amazing speed and the performance in this mouse and you can buy this mouse at will very less price which is under 1000.
As per the looks, this mouse looks like a gaming mouse and it really looks amazing as per the build quality and the quality.

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