Amazon Basics Wired Mouse Review (Full Testing)

Most of the affordable computer mouse don’t provide good build quality. But you will have a good build quality on this Amazon Basics Wired Mouse.

We have tested this mouse for around three months and added everything found in the review of the Amazon basics wired mouse.

It comes solid body and handling for long usage.

So let’s start the review.

Amazon Basics wired mouse

Box Content

First of all, let’s see what is available in the box of this mouse.

  • Amazon basics wired mouse
  • A user guide and warranty card.

You will get only two things in the box. However, the box looks nice as well.


Now, let’s know about the features of this mouse.

Body and build quality

It comes with a solid build quality. You will get an armrest-based mouse. Its weight distribution is very good.

Its body is fully plastic-based, and the size of this mouse is good for most hands. It is best for medium hand-based mouse and long hand-based mouse as well.

You can use this mouse for long hours and it can last for months easy. This mouse can be easy for left-hand users without any issues.


The click quality of this mouse is very nice. You will get good click sounds and it feels solid as well.

You will get a large area to click on this mouse.

Scroll wheel

The scroll wheel is not playing, it has a good grip for fingers. You will get the third button on this scroll as well, but that button seems slightly hard to press.

Good quality USB connector

Amazon Basics wired mouse USB connector

This wired mouse has a big USB connector which is very solid as compared to cheap mouse available online in this budget.

It is one of the best USB connectors, we have seen in this budget.

Long Wire

The wire length of this mouse is normal. It is enough for desktop and laptop usage. But still, if you need a longer length of cable then you may face some issues.

However, the wireless length is similar to the other mouse available in this budget.


Use with laptops

You can easily use this mouse on your laptop. The length of the wire is more than sufficient for a laptop.

It connects very easily to the laptop and has a solid USB.

Use with desktops

For normal desktops, this mouse is more than enough. However, if you want a mouse for gaming then you need a better mouse.

You will get the basic 1000 DPI on this mouse. Also, for the high-resolution monitor, you should consider a better mouse.

Because you have to drag around 3 inches to move from one corner to another for a 1080p resolution monitor. But for a 4k monitor, you have to drag around 5 inches.

Use with mobiles

You can connect this mouse to your mobile as well with the help of an OTG adapter. Just connect the USB connector with your OTG adapter to use.

No need to install software or anything.

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Comparison with Zeb-power

BasisAmazon Basics wired mouseZebronics Zeb-Power
Build qualityBetterGood
USB connectorBetterNormal
Weight73 g52 g
Long usageBetter handlingBetter handling

Pros and cons of Amazon Basics Wired Mouse

1. Solid build quality1. Slightly smaller wire
2. Good sound of clicks
3. Easy to setup
4. Long-time usage possible


The Amazon Basics wired mouse is an ideal and affordable option for normal working. You will get a quality like an expensive computer mouse with a very affordable pricing.

Also, the body of this mouse is well-made for long usage.

So here’s the review for Amazon Basics Wired mouse.

Now I want to know from you do you liked it. If you have any questions related to it, let me know in the comments below.


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