5 Best Laptop Under 20000 In India 2023

What will be the best laptop under Rs 20,000 in India 2023? Which is best for lite gaming and video editing.

On this laptop, you can play games at 720P with any lag. If your budget is less and you want the best gaming laptop in that budget

Everyone wants to play games but they don’t have that much budget expensive gaming laptop. there are some laptops under 20000 which are suitable for you to play games under 720p. 

On these laptops, you will get 4GB of Ram which is good for our gaming experience. With an amazing 1TB hard disk or 256 GB SSD.
Here you can easily upgrade your gaming laptop with 4GB ram with ddr4 type. 

These Ram 1877Mhz of speeds. these laptops come with a 14-inch display which is good for giving experience. and you can even get a good battery which gives backup of 4.5 hours. 

With a good charger in building the box. f with good charger inbuilt in the box. The following are some laptops that are best for gaming following are the laptops that are best for gaming.

Best laptop under 20000 in India

5 best laptop under 20000 in India 2020

1. HP 14q APU Dual Core A9

HP 14q APU Dual Core A9
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This is the first laptop in our build this comes with good Ram. in this you got AMD APU Dual Core A9 Processor.

This processor supports budget gaming. With this game laptop, you can play Pubg PC Lite at 50 to 60 FPS full stop and in this, you got an amazing 4 GB of ram which also makes a Pubg PC Lite stable and smooth.

There are so many laptops in the market but only this laptop sports 256 GB SSD which booting speed this laptop.

If you want to play all games in 4k settings have to build an expensive pc build. That has some top-performing parts.
It comes with an inbuilt 65 w charger.

The battery of this laptop gives 425 power backup and you can expect this will be charged in 2 to 3 hours only.

As laptops named is HP you can expect the amazing build quality from his laptop. This is the best Hp laptop under 25000
This laptop comes with an amazing AMD Radeon r5 graphics card.

with inbuilt windows 10 home. Windows 10 is an amazing operating system for home and office use. In this laptop, you don’t get any quad-core processor only a dual-core processor.

It has 15.6 inches screen size. which good in this budget. This is the best laptop in that price range.

In this, you don’t get any intel Pentium processor but this processor is better than that processor.

2. Lenovo Ideapad S145 APU Dual Core A6

Best laptop under 20000 in india 2020

This is the second laptop of our list this comes with good Ram and processor for gaming under this budget.

This laptop you get AMD APU Dual Core A6 processor which is suitable for gaming. this comes with 4GB of Ram which is ddr4.
You can expand the RAM with 4GB ddr4.

This process is good for gaming as well as video editing. and you can expect some good frame per second in games at 720 p settings. you can expect smooth in gaming in Pubg PC Lite. 

If you want some better performance you have to purchase a minimum of a laptop under 40000 for some required performance.

This is the first laptop of the list of 5 Best laptops under 20000 in India 2023.

IT comes with 1TB storage which is good for storing more and more files and give is amazing places to have big games like GTA V.however you cannot get SSD on this laptop.

But that’s enough on this laptop. This laptop comes with a 45-watt charger. This is the best Lenovo laptop under 25000.

The battery life of this laptop is 4-5 hours as per normal usage.
Don’t buy laptops under 15000 these will not provide you any gaming experience.

But if your budget is less than 15000 you can do the best gaming only buy building a computer.

This is the best budget laptop models from Lenovo, as it comes with an amazing 1 TB hard disk and processor.

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  • September 25, 2020 at 10:11 am

    Very nice 👌 detailed blog.
    I am confused between Asus vivobook 15 & hp 14 3rd & 4th in the list. Which one you would suggest ?
    Please let me know 🙏

    • September 25, 2020 at 12:25 pm

      If you want to compare both then I would say that Hp 14s performs slightly weak in comparison to Asus book 14. If you want better slightly better build quality then Hp and if you want a slightly better user experience you can check the Asus Vivo book. But still, Hp 250 G7 will be the best laptop.

  • November 2, 2020 at 9:37 am

    I am glad to be one of many visitants on this great website (:, thankyou for posting.


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