Macbook Air M1 Vs M2 Vs M3 (Best Choice?, Future Pricing?)

Currently, Apple has introduced their new Macbook Air M3 devices. Now, the latest generation model will replace the M1 MacBook Air. Therefore, you will get a Macbook Air m2 for $999 and a Macbook Air M3 for $1099.

The main question is should you purchase a Macbook Air M1, M2, or M3? We tried our best to answer this question in the best way possible.

Let’s find out.

What will be the best Choice?

We can find out the best choice with the help of the benefits available with each MacBook.

BasisMacbook Air M1Macbook Air M2Macbook Air M3
Battery15 Hours18 Hours18 Hours
Weight1.29 Kg1.25 Kg1.25 Kg
MagsafeOnly Type CYesYes
DisplaysOne External DisplayOne External DisplayTwo Displays
AdditionalNothingNothingAV1 Decode Engine

Now which one should you choose?

Because of the reduced pricing of Macbook M2, most users will likely shift to M2. But still, M2 was selling at its old pricing. Now, what will be the pricing of M2 in other online stores?

Expected Future pricing on online stores

The expected price of Macbook Air M2: $899.

As per the past trend with Apple Macbooks. The price is somewhat lower as compared to the official website.

Are you looking to consider a Macbook Air M2 or do you have any other deal, let me know in the comments.

Why Macbook Air M1 (After Being Discontinued)

Basically, the majority of the users prefer the Macbook Air M1 for two reasons.


The Macbook Air M1 might be available for very low pricing because of stock clearance sales or other offers. You may get it for $699 or $649.

It is still a good option over the Macbook Air M2. Also, it is a better option as compared to Windows laptops for productivity.

Normal usage or Better Choice in comparison to Windows laptops.

  • For Productivity, the Macbook Air beats almost every Windows laptop in this budget.
  • Macbook Air M1 comes with better battery backup.
  • You will get Faster reading and writing speed with Macbooks.


Now you know the future pricing of Macbooks Air m2 and m1. Also, you know it will be better to consider Macbook Air m1 over m2 in case of very affordable pricing.

Lastly, if you have any doubt or feedback on today’s post let me know in the comments below.


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