Best Monitor Under 25000 in India 2024 (2k monitors)

If you’re are find the latest 2k monitor for you working or gaming. Then you the best possible option for that in this article.

Also, this list monitor contains the price of monitors under 25000. But still, monitors for a price under 20000 are not included in this list.

So let’s check that list.

Best monitor under 25000 in India.

As monitor in this budget, you will get a minimum of 27 inches monitor. Also, it will have a minimum of 2k resolution.

Some models will come with 32 inches and a 240 Hz refresh rate for a fantastic gaming experience.

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1. LG ultrawide 32 inches 2k monitor.

LG Ultragear TN panel monitor


Screen Size32 Inches
Resolution supported2k (1440p)
Display ports2 HDMI ports and 1 Display port
In-built speakersNo
Refresh Rate144 Hz

This is a decent monitor for working and video editing purposes. Because it comes with a large 32 inches display with 2k resolution supported.

Also, you will get a bezel-less display on this monitor. This means it will make the looks of your monitor much better as compared to before.

Moreover, it has the latest adjustable stand that allows you to rotate and adjust your monitor’s display as much as you want.

In comparison to normal monitors, an Ultrawide monitor works great. The only problem, it has a TN panel

2. Samsung 27 inches monitor

Samsung 27 inches curved monitor


Screen Size27 inches
Resolution supported1080p (Full HD)
Display portsHDMI and Display Port
In-built speakersNo
Refresh Rate240 Hz

This monitor is the best option if you want to play games on 1080p resolution. It comes with a 240 Hz gaming experience.

Also, it has a bezel-less display which allows you to get most of the 27 inches monitor. Even the display of this monitor is curved.

So it allows you to get an even better gaming experience as compared with a normal monitor.

Moreover, you can connect your XBOX or Plays station consoles with a monitor for a much better gaming experience.

3. BenQ 27 inches 2k monitor

BenQ 27 inch Monitor


Screen Size27 Inches
Resolution supported1440p (2k)
Display portsTwo HDMI ports and one Display port
In-built speakersYes
Refresh Rate75 Hz (with Free-sync)

You will get an amazing eye care feature on this monitor that allows you to use it for more time. 

Also, this monitor supports 2k resolution. As per the screen size, the picture quality will be shaper as compared to the normal monitor.

However, it has an in-built speaker. But still, the sound quality will be similar to a normal speaker.

Moreover, this monitor is not a gaming monitor. Because it doesn’t support more than 75 Hz gameplay.


The above-mentioned monitors are good for working and gaming. If you want to do some gaming and productive works then the first option is great.

But if you just want to play with a high refresh rate then a second monitor is also a good option. However, it only supports 1080p resolution.

For long-time usage, you can check the last monitor on this list.

So here’s the list of best monitors under 25000 in India.

Now I want to hear from you which of the monitor you liked the most. Just let me know by leaving a comment below.


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