Best Motherboard For Intel i5 10400f CPU In 2024 (Valuable)

Intel i5 10400f is old but still a good option for gaming. Also, every game is compatible with this processor.

So today there will be some best motherboards compatible with your Intel core i5 10400f processor.

Let’s check these options.

Best Motherboard for Intel core i5 10400f

MSI MPG Z590I9 11900kRTX 4090 $129.99
MSI H510-A Proi5 11600kRTX 3070 Ti $119.99
MSI B560Mi7 11700kRTX 4070 Ti $129.99

The MAX CPU and GPU is just a suggestion. You can use any processor and graphics card on these motherboards. However, intel’s 12th and 13th generation processors are not working on these motherboards.

Also, these motherboards are compatible with the i5 10400 and i5 10600 processors. 

Important Note:

Currently, the latest generation of motherboards with the latest generation processors offers much better value and performance. If possible try changing the motherboard and processor as well.

Or consider an affordable and amazing motherboard given below if you don’t want to change your PC recently. For a new PC, Intel 12th-generation processors and motherboards are better options.

The first motherboard on the list is based on the Intel Z590 chipset.

1. MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Plus Motherboard ATX (Best)

MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Plus Motherboard ATX

Specifications of Z590 Motherboard

ProcessorIntel 10th and 11th generation
Memory Slots4x DDR4 Slots (Maximum 128 Gb)
PCI-E Slot1x PCI-E 4.0
USB Ports (Back Panel)8 USB Ports
USB Ports (Front I/O)7 USB Ports
Fan Headers7 Fan Headers
Flash Bio ButtonYes
Type – C PortYes
WifiWifi 6 Up to 2.4 Gbps Transfer Speed

This motherboard is an upper model for gaming and productivity tasks. It can handle every 11th and 10th-generation processor without any issues.

Also, it can be a good option when it comes to using a high-end GPU with your Intel i5 10400f processor.

Why consider this motherboard

Only consider this motherboard when you have no option than changing your i5 10400f processor.

For a better value-for-money option, change your current processor and consider the latest generation motherboard and CPU.

View more CPU upgrade options from i3 10100f.

Lowest Price (Across Major Stores)

2. MSI H510M-A PRO Motherboard

MSI H510m-a pro motherboard

Specifications of Msi H510m

ProcessorIntel 10th and 11th generation
Memory Slots2x DDR4 Slots (Maximum 64 Gb)
PCI-E Slot1x PCI-E 4.0
USB Ports (Back Panel)6 USB Ports
USB Ports (Front I/O)4 USB Ports
Fan Headers1 Fan Headers
Type – C PortNo
InternetLan Port

Msi H510m is a budget-friendly, entry-level motherboard compatible with your intel core i5 processors.

Also, this motherboard is used with a high-end graphics card for gaming performance. It has two random access memory slots.

Why consider this motherboard

The main reason for the motherboard is the PCIe 4.0 and fast Nvme storage compatibility. 

Further, you can also use any Intel 11th-generation processor on this motherboard.

View full review.

Lowest Price (Across Major Stores)

3. MSI B560M PRO-VDH Micro-ATX (Entry Level B560 Motherboard)


Specifications of Msi B560

ProcessorIntel 10th and 11th generation
Memory Slots4x DDR4 Slots (Maximum 128 Gb)
PCI-E Slot1x PCI-E 4.0
USB Ports (Back Panel)6 USB Ports
USB Ports (Front I/O)6 USB Ports
Fan Headers3 Fan Headers
Flash Bio ButtonYes
Type – C PortYes

B560 is slightly a high and better model as compared to the H510 chipset. It has more USB and SATA ports and four random access memory slots.

Also, it comes with the latest generation PCIe 4.0 slot and a fast Nvme SSD option. Additionally, it has a USB Type-C port for better transfer speeds.

Why consider this motherboard

The main reason behind this motherboard is the four memory slots and better VRAMs for handling the high-end CPU.

If you want a high-end motherboard for your CPU then you can consider the upcoming option.

It is capable of the best graphics card for the i5 10400f processor.

Lowest Price (Across Major Stores)


Intel i5 10400f is still a good processor for gaming. So you need a good processor for this Cpu.

You can use the Z590 or H510-based chipset which is fully compatible with your processor.

Also, you will get some great options within these chipsets given above.

Now I want to know from you which of the motherboard you liked the most. Let me know in the comments below.


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