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5 Best Mouse Under 200 Rs in India 2022 (Wired & Wireless)

There are so many mice for laptops and computers available in the market. But selecting the best under 200 rs in India 2022 from them is slightly difficult.

So I made a list of 5 Best mouse under 200 rs.

With this list, you will get the best mouse to buy for under 200 rs with the best possible performance in that budget.

The best mouse in this list contains only those mouses which look good and with the best DPI for this budget.

It doesn’t mean that if the price is lesser then you don’t get value for it. But you will get amazing value for money with these mouse on this list.

Top 5 best mouse under 200 rs

They’re the best mouse that is possible in this budget But there is no wireless mouse.

As we always suggest not buying a wireless mouse for a price of less than 500. Even under 150 rs mouses are available on this list.

1. Flipkart SmartBuy WDTM501 Wired Optical Mouse

This is the best mouse on this list. This comes with amazing looks and amazing performance in this budget.

mouse under 200 rs

This mouse is the best Gaming mouse – Flipkart in this budget. It is Flipkart’s product you will get amazing build quality according to this budget.

Sometimes these mouses are used in the best Gaming pc build under 50000.

2. Dell MS 116 Wired Optical Mouse

Dell Mouse under 200

This is the cheapest mouse from Dell Company. Dell is known for quality products and you will get an amazing-looking mouse for just rupees 210.

This is slightly higher than our budget but it is also the best mouse.


The main thing under this budget is not looks, it builds quality. If the mouse is strong it will last long. And it will be best for you.

3. DEZFUL LXWM102 BLUE Wired Optical Mouse

DEZFUL LXWM102 Optical Mouse

This is a mouse that is best for looks but it doesn’t support any RGB in this budget.

But still, it looks amazing for this budget. This amazing color option is not offered in any other Mouse only In this mouse.

But only looks shouldn’t be the factor to purchase a product. So the performance is also good as per this budget.   This best part   This even termed as the best gaming mouse for this budget.

Just because of the looks. But it is not true gaming must contain a good DPI that helps in gaming.

4. Zebronics ZEB – Power Wired Optical Mouse

Zebronics ZEB Wired Optical Mouse

This is also an amazing mouse for consideration.

Even it is the best USB mouse in this budget. But doesn’t provide that much build quality as dell provides.

However, it is less expensive than that mouse. Both are best on their part.

5. Zebronics Zeb-dash Wireless Optical Mouse

Zebronics Zeb-dash Wireless mouse

This is the cheapest wireless mouse on this budget. With this mouse, you can expect good performance as per its price.

Even this mouse is good for normal usage. But this mouse doesn’t have that much build quality as available in some budget models.

However, it has the best which is required on that budget. These mice are mostly used in pc under 10000.


There is only one wireless mouse and four cheap wireless computer mouses are available on our list.

Dell is providing the best build quality as per the computer mouse.

So here’s the guide on the best mouse under 200 in India

Now I want to hear from you. Do you like this list? Or you know about some better computer mouse in this budget let us know in the comments.

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