Amazon Basics Wireless Rechargeable Mouse (Full Testing Review)

If you are looking for a wireless mouse under 500 then this computer mouse can be a good option. Also, you don’t have to change the batteries again and again with this mouse.

Therefore, let’s know more about this Amazon basics wireless rechargeable mouse in its review. It comes with good rechargeable features to charge it with a micro USB cable.

Also, it comes with 1600 adjustable DPI which makes it a good option for gaming. For gamers, this mouse has RGB lights and a DPI adjustment button.

So let’s start its review.

Amazon Basics Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

Box Contents

  • Amazon Basics Mouse
  • 2.4 GHz dongle
  • Micro USB cable
  • User manual and warranty card


ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1 and 2.4 GHz dongle
RechargeableYes (Micro USB cable)
DPIup to 1600
RGB lightsYes (multiple colors)
Sleep ModeYes (after 60 seconds)
Weight60 grams

Build quality and design

Coming forward to the design, it has a quiet slim body. The weight of this mouse is very acceptable.

It is not a good option for long hands because it doesn’t have any arm-rest or you can say it is a slim mouse.

If you want to use this mouse for a long time, it may create a problem for you.

The build quality of the mouse seems beautiful and solid. It is a lightweight mouse offering easy handling.

Battery life

The battery life of this mouse is 18 hours. I have been testing this mouse for more than two weeks now. After charging the mouse full, I have gone 6 hours of gaming and 12 hours of normal browsing.


You will get a large variety of features in this mouse. These features are described below.

Rechargeable Mouse

One of the best features of this mouse is its rechargeability. You don’t need to install any batteries on this device.

You will get a Micro to USB cable which helps to charge this mouse. You just need a 5v power to charge this mouse.

I am still testing this product, therefore I don’t have data about its charging time and battery life. It will be available here soon. This mouse is one of the best affordable rechargeable mouse.

Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz dongle connection

Amazon Basics Wireless Rechargeable Mouse connectivity options

For using this mouse wirelessly, you will get two options: Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz dongle. However, you can connect with only one device at a time.

You will not have any button to switch between multiple devices. 

Also, Bluetooth devices other than mobile can be easily connected with it. To connect with your mobile, you have to use its 2.4 GHz dongle with the help of an OTG adapter.

Auto Sleep Mode

Battery life is an important aspect of wireless devices. Therefore, this mouse saves its battery with the help of auto sleep mode.

In our tests, we found that it goes to sleep after 60 seconds. The mouse won’t go to sleep after the shutdown of the PC, you have to give it a single click for that. It means if you don’t pressed once after shutting down your PC, then the mouse will continuously consume battery.

Multiple DPI

This button is placed just below the scrolling wheel to adjust the DPI of this mouse. You will get three options these are 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI.

Multi Color LED lights

It has beautiful multi-color LED lights. These LED lights are not visible during the sleep mode.

However, you will not have any option or button to control or turn off these LED lights.


Easy to use on PC and Laptops

You can easily connect this wireless mouse to your laptops and computers. I have tried connecting both options and found that it working.

Compatible with Smart TV because of Bluetooth

You can connect this mouse to your smart TV as well the help of Bluetooth.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse

1. Good Quality1. Few Customizations with LED lights
2. Multiple LED lights2. No option to turn off LED lights
3. Up to 1600 DPI3. Can’t connect multiple devices at once
4. Rechargeable
5. Affordable

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This Amazon basics wireless rechargeable mouse is a good device for normal and some gaming. It is a good mouse for gaming as well due to its 1600 DPI.

Also, it connects instantly with both connectivity Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz dongle. Therefore, it is a great mouse under 500 and gives you a decent experience.

Now I want to know if you have any questions about this mouse. Let me know in the comments below.


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