7 Best Unlimited Wifi Plans In India 2023 (From ₹399)

You will get JioFiber, Airtel, Bsnl, and ACT broadband providers in India. Each broadband provider has introduced its affordable and unlimited data Wifi plans.

After a lot of research and comparison of these broadband providers, I have made a list of the best internet plans for 2023.

Currently, Jio, Airtel, and BSNL provide decent wifi plans for homes with a price under 500 rupees per month.

So let’s check out more about their plans.

7 Best Internet Plans in India (Unlimited Wifi Plans)

We have included everything such as plans, Free installations, Free OTT subscriptions, and comparisons. Also, quick information of the internet plans and providers.

Following are the best internet plans with internet speed and data available on them. These monthly plans would be enough for students and personal usage.

However, for business usage, you can consider checking the economical option from Jiofiber, Airtel, or BSNL.

Following is the list of plans you check for the best experience.

Internet PlanInternet SpeedPurposePrice
JioFiber 30 Mbps30 MbpsFor Students399
Airtel Basic40 MbpsFor Home Usage499
BSNL Fiber Basic30 MbpsFor Normal Work449
JioFiber 150 Mbps150 MbpsFor Free 14 OTTs999
Airtel 1099 plan200 MbpsFor Free 7 OTTs1099
BSNL 999 Plan150 MbpsFor Free 7 OTTs999
JioFiber 300 Mbps300 MbpsFor Free Netflix1499

Now, Do you Want to know full details about the internet plans and internet providers? Then consider checking the full details given below.

1. JioFiber (Plans Starting From Rs 399)

Jio is one of the best internet service providers in India. They offer unlimited wifi plans for a price of 399 rupees per month. The cost of their plans will be similar to that in every state of India. 

The best part!

You can stream one 4k and three 1080p videos at the same time with 399 rupees per month plan. This is the only service available in the market that offers prepaid services. However, it may be limited to some areas.

Currently, you can get two services from Jio. Postpaid service and prepaid service.

Jio Prepaid Plans

Plan NameDataValiditySubscription
Plan ₹399 + GSTUnlimited @30 Mbps30 DaysNo
Plan ₹699 + GSTUnlimited @100 Mbps30 DaysNo
Plan ₹999 + GSTUnlimited @150 Mbps30 DaysPrime Video, Hotstar, and 14 more
Plan ₹1499 + GSTUnlimited @300 Mbps30 DaysNetflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and 14 more
Plan ₹2499 + GSTUnlimited @500 Mbps30 DaysNetflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and 14 more
Plan ₹3999 + GSTUnlimited @1 Gbps30 DaysNetflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and 14 more
Plan ₹8499 + GST6600 Gb @1 Gbps30 DaysNetflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and 14 more

Installation cost

Installation cost on the Jio Prepaid plans is ₹2500 with a 4k setup box and ₹1500 without a 4k setup box. However, you will get a one-month free trial with an option to claim a refund if you don’t want to use their services after the trial period.

Jio Postpaid Plans

Plans under Jio Postpaid are similar to those available on Jio Prepaid. But in the postpaid, you will get two Add-ons.

Add-on NameSubscriptionOther Things
Addon ₹1006 OTT Apps SubscriptionAs per plan
Addon ₹20014 OTT Apps SubscriptionAs per plan

Installation cost

There is no installation cost on Jio Postpaid plans. However, you will not get any free trial in these plans.

Questions? Drop a Comment Below and We’re there for You.

Free OTT subscription

List of OTT subscriptions available on 999 or more plans.

  1. Amazon prime
  2. Hotstar Disney VIP
  3. VOOT Select
  4. Sony Liv
  5. ZEE5
  6. Voot Kids
  7. Sun NXT
  8. Hoichoi
  9. Universal +
  10. Lionsgate Play
  11. Discovery +
  12. JIO Cinema
  13. ShemarooME
  14. Eros Now
  15. JIO saveen
  16. ALT Balaji

Additional benefits with JIO fiber

  • No Security Deposit with 6 Months plans
  • No requirement to recharge regularly
  • 15 days more with 6 months plans and 30 days more with 12 months plan
  • 15 OTT subscriptions on a ₹1499 per month plan

However, the Jio Gigabit router can support up to 1 Gbps internet speed but the range of that router is limited. So, if you want more wireless coverage then consider adding your own router for Jio fiber internet.

Comparison between Airtel and JIO fiber broadband plans

Both the broadband services are great as per their plans but Jio has a slight edge in low-cost plans. But in terms of all plans, both are competing very well.

2. AIRTEL Fibernet (Plans Starting from just Rs 499)

The Airtel Fiber Broadband Plans start from 499 rupees per month that making it budget-friendly.In this basic plan, you will get an amazing 40 Mbps speed with unlimited data consumption. However, unlimited data is limited to 3333 Gb per month.

In case, you are willing to open the wifi signal for all😉.

Also, You will get 100 Mbps speed for Rs 799 per month. But in Jiofiber 100 Mbps plan costs ₹699.

For the best plan, you will get 200 Mbps at a price of only Rs 999 per month. It gives 50 Mbps more data from Jiofiber at the same price.

Airtel Broadband plans

Airtel Broadband plans

Installation Cost

If you want to install airtel broadband services you can pay 3 months in advance. For the Basic plan, you have to pay ₹1764 (₹588 *3).

OTT Subscriptions

For additional benefits, you will get discounts and some OTT subscriptions. For an OTT subscription, you will get the following.

  1. Airtel Xstream app
  2. Amazon prime
  3. Zee5

Additional benefits with airtel Fibernet (Discount options in airtel connection)

For discounts, you have to for a period of more than a month. But you will not able to change the billing period in the future which means you have to pay constantly as you opt for the first time until you are using the connection.

If you are paying monthly then you will get the free installation of the connection. Also, If you are paying for six months you will get a discount of 7.5%.

But if you are paying yearly you will get a discount of 15 percent which is around 1.5 months free.

3. BSNL Broadband connection (Plans Starting from just Rs 299)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) provides budget-friendly plans starting from Rs 329. Bsnl has introduced new fiber plans with unlimited data for home usage at amazing pricing.

Bsnl also has started its unlimited plans. Because JIO broadband has started giving unlimited data.

Bsnl Offers you decent internet speed from 30 Mbps to 300 Mbps with unlimited wifi for home usage as well as office usage from 471 rupees to 1769 rupees per month. Also, you will get a free Disney Hotstar subscription included for a plan costing more than ₹666 per month.

BSNL fiber internet plans

Plan NameDataValiditySubscription
Plan ₹329 + GST10 Mbps For 1000 Gb30 DaysNo
Plan ₹449 + GSTUnlimited @30 Mbps30 DaysNo
Plan ₹499 + GSTUnlimited @40 Mbps30 DaysNo
Plan ₹666 + GSTUnlimited @60 Mbps30 DaysHotstar Super plan
Plan ₹799 + GSTUnlimited @100 Mbps30 DaysHotstar, Zee5, Voot, Sonyliv, and YuppTV
Plan ₹999 + GSTUnlimited @150 Mbps30 DaysHotstar, Zee5, Voot, Sonyliv, and 4 More
Plan ₹1299 + GST200 Mbps For 4000 Gb30 DaysNo
Plan ₹1499 + GSTUnlimited @200 Mbps30 DaysHotstar, Zee5, Voot, Sonyliv, and 4 More
Plan ₹1799 + GSTUnlimited @300 Mbps30 DaysHotstar, Zee5, Voot, Sonyliv, and 4 More
Plan ₹4799 + GST300 Mbps For 6500 Gb30 DaysHotstar, Zee5, Voot, Sonyliv, and 4 More

Also, Bsnl is providing 4 Mbps FUP speed for normal plans and 10 Mbps or 15 Mbps FUP for higher plans. You can use Bsnl Broadband for your online class and normal usage. Not great for downloading too big files because they offer a maximum speed of 300 Mbps.

From competition like JioFiber and Airtel, you will get a maximum of 1 Gbps internet speed.

Bsnl ADSL broadband plans

Plan NameDataValiditySubscription
Plan ₹299 + GST100 Gb30 DaysNo
Plan ₹399 + GST200 Gb30 DaysNo
Plan ₹555 + GST500 Gb30 DaysNo
Plan ₹949 + GST1100 Gb30 DaysHotstar
Plan ₹1299 + GST1600 Gb30 DaysNo

BSNL ADSL services are only available in some areas where you will not have any Fiber services from JioFiber and Airtel.

It’s true that BSNL ADSL service is slightly expensive but they are providing the cheapest wifi plans. But if Fiber Services are available in your area then it will give you better speed and performance as compared to the ADSL services.

In this service, you will get a maximum of 10 Mbps wifi speed with the data mentioned in the above table. With 4 Mbps FUP speed. But still, this is reduced speed before some time bsnl is offering 20 Mbps speed for the same pricing.

Installation Cost

For installing the BSNL broadband services you need to pay something around 2000. The amount can be less and can be more depending upon your area. Also, you have to buy a Fiber router for bsnl or a Fiber modem For BSNL.

Router Pricing can be capable. However, the router is free with the following conditions.

  • Single Band router is free for 6 Months plan
  • Dual Band router is free for 12 Months plan

OTT subscriptions

You will get the following OTT subscriptions in their plans.

  1. Hotstar
  2. Zee5
  3. Voot
  4. Sonyliv
  5. YuppTV
  6. Lions Gate
  7. Shemaroo
  8. Hungama

Additional Benefits.

In their every plan you will get Free Local + STD calls to any network.

For a full review of BSNL broadband services.

4. ACT Broadband (Plans Starting from Rs 549)

ACT broadband is also a good option for internet services in India. But still, their fiber plan pricing varies from area to area. However, in some areas, you will get 50 Mbps internet speed for the price of ₹549 and 150 Mbps speed for just ₹749.

In most areas, they provide 40 Mbps speed for ₹549 and 150 or 75 Mbps speed for ₹799. For better information, you have to enter the area on their website. However, you can also check the other affordable options given below.

They provide unlimited data plans except in Bengaluru. It makes their plans confusing as compared to others offering the same plan in every area.

ACT broadband plans

Act Broadband plans

Also, you have to keep in mind that if you’re buying this plan for six months, you will get a free router with it. The details are given in the offer section of Act broadband in this article.

Things to consider!

The plans of ACT broadband are slightly expensive in Chennai. In these areas, you will get 100 Mbps plans that are way expensive. But still, some plans like ‘ACT lighting’ offer a similar price and internet speed.

ACT broadband plans in Lucknow

The best part!

You will get 1Gbps speed with a 5000Gb data limit for a price of 2999 rupees. Even you will get some of the offers mentioned below.

Installation Cost

The installation cost depends on the area to area. Normally, it is nearly 1000 rupees and the price of the router. However, it will be free if you are going with the 6 months or 12 months plan.

Additional offer of ACT broadband.

Act Broadband gives some fantastic services if you are paying annually or for 6 months.

For 12-month plans and a one-time payment, you will get 2 months of free service and a free router.

In 6 months plan, you will get free installation and a free router for 6 months.

ACT broaband first plan offer

Additional Offers in this plan you will get a free router, 2 months free subscription to act Diamond plan, 350 cashback on Netflix per month, and the data you’re getting in this plan are 20% more as compared to when you are paying monthly.

Also, check the best router for act broadband.

5. Hathway connection

Hathway Broadband services is a good broadband service. If their new plans are in your budget.

Now, they offer 75 MBPS for 525 rupees per month with unlimited data. However, these plans are not available in every area.

Consider checking the pricing of your area on their website. The services are good and available in most areas of India with a free router for use.


This router is free until you are using their plans. In some states, they only have a 3 months plan.

The best plan from their services is around 699 per month. In this plan, you will get a speed of 200 MBPS with unlimited data.

Hathway broadband plans

Hathway Broadband Plans

Drawbacks of Hathway broadband plans

Have you made up your mind to buy Hathway broadband services? Now keep in mind these above-mentioned plans are only available in Hyderabad, and the prices for other areas are not as great as in Hyderabad.

In some areas, maybe you will not get an option for their fiber services then you will get the following plans.

Just check the below-mentioned plans you will get an idea that there is some problem with their plans. You will get 50 Mbps internet for a higher price and 100 Mbps speed for a lower price.

Other hathway broadband plans

Installation cost

You have to pay for installation charges depending upon your area of the fiber connection and the installation and cost of the router are free in their plans. Also, you have to pay a security deposit.

Additional benefits

You will get a free dual-band router with their plans for usable until you are paying for their services.

6. Tata Play Fiber broadband

Tata Play Fiber broadband service has been introduced with unlimited data consumption with a minimum plan of ₹750 with 50 Mbps internet speed.

Also, you will get free Landline Service from their plans. They offer 1 Gbps as the maximum internet speed. However, the first plan may seem slightly expensive.

But their plans are quite affordable and flexible according to the needs.

Unlimited 50 MbpsRs 884 (749 + GST)50 Mbps
Unlimited 100 MbpsRs 1121 (950 + GST)100 Mbps
Unlimited 150 MbpsRs 1239 (1050 + GST)150 Mbps
Unlimited 200 MbpsRs 1357 (1150 + GST)200 Mbps
Unlimited 300 MbpsRs 1770 (1500 + GST)300 Mbps
Unlimited 500 MbpsRs 2714 (2300 + GST)500 Mbps
Unlimited 1 GbpsRs 4248 (3600 + GST)1 Gbps

Installation cost

The installation cost will be ₹1500 minimum. It includes ₹500 for installation charges and ₹1000 for a security deposit. However, you will get a free router and free expert installation if you opt for 3 months plan.

Additional benefit

You will get some discounts on higher plans like 6 months plan and 12 months plan.

7. NETPLUS Broadband plans

This is an amazing broadband service available for only Punjab and Chandigarh users. They provide truly unlimited plans and you will get a speed of 40 Mbps for just Rs 499 per month.

Truly UL 100 MbpsRs 589 (499 + GST)100 MbpsNo
Truly UL 150 MbpsRs 689 (599 + GST)150 MbpsNo
Truly UL 200 MbpsRs 825 (699 + GST)200 MbpsNo
Truly UL 250 MbpsRs 943 (799 + GST)250 MbpsNo
Truly UL 150 MbpsRs 943 (799 + GST)150 MbpsYes
Truly UL 400 MbpsRs 1179 (999 + GST)400 MbpsYes
Truly UL 500 MbpsRs 1532 (1299 + GST)500 MbpsYes
Truly UL 600 MbpsRs 1769 (1499 + GST)600 MbpsYes
Truly UL 1 GbpsRs 4720 (3999 + GST)1 GbpsYes

They also offer you a speed of 1 Gbps in their plans which will cost around Rs 3999 per month. This plan is for youtube video streamers and daily game downloading. It is good if you’re finding a gaming plan with 1 Gbps Internet speed.

But if you want a decent 100 Mbps speed they offer that for just Rs 699 per month which is amazing and too affordable.

Installation cost

There some installation cost but if is free with three months plan.

OTT subscription

  1. Zee5
  2. Voot Select
  3. Sonyliv
  4. EpicON
  5. Shemaroo
  6. Hungama Play
  7. Hungama Music
  8. Discovery+
  9. ErosNow
  10. AltBalaji
  11. Mxplayer
  12. Gaana
  13. And 2 more.

Additional benefits.

You will get a free router on their 3 months plan and 2 months free on 10 months plan.

Which broadband plan should you choose?

Which Wifi plan should you choose

There are a lot more plans available. They might confuse you about which one is best for you. So let’s check which plan will be good for you as per your requirements.

Internet speed (How much internet speed do you really need?)

It depends on what you want to do with the internet. If you’re going to watch a movie or browse on the internet then a basic 30 Mbps will be enough.

30 Mbps/ 40 Mbps Internet speed

30 Mbps wifi plan

While testing 30 Mbps internet speed, we found you can do almost every task on the internet easily. However, if you have multiple devices streaming videos then you may face issues of buffering after connecting more than 5 devices. Only if they are watching the video or movie in 1080p resolution.

Also, you can easily watch movies in 4k resolution on 30 Mbps internet speed.

100 Mbps Internet speed

While It comes to 100 Mbps internet speed, you can use it to download big games in lesser time. Also, it gives you the option to stream up to 5 devices at 4k resolution. However, on one device you may face some buffering issues.

150 Mbps Internet speed

150 Mbps is an ideal option for faster internet speed and downloading big games very fast. This internet speed will be more than enough for all of your internet usage requirements. However, if you want to internet for your gaming console then you have to consider upcoming options.

300+ Mbps Internet speed

300 Mbps or more internet speed can be used for the purpose of gaming and live streaming of videos on youtube or other social media platforms. Also, it will be more than enough for live streaming a 2k video on a constant basis. However, for normal usage plans internet speed up to 150 Mbps will be enough.


If you’re a student and you need an internet connection for your online classes and online courses, you can check the latest launched JioFiber plans.

The plans of JioFiber are starting from 399, and this plan is enough for attending all your classes as unlimited data is available at that price.

Likewise, you can check Airtel or BSNL broadband plans for the same 30 Mbps speed. Even the cost of Airtel and BSNl broadband will be less than 499 with unlimited data.

Work From Home

For working from home you need a minimum unlimited internet plan which is currently provided by almost every fiber broadband provider. However, a 30 Mbps plan will be enough for you, if you’re doing simple office work.

For this requirement, Airtel and JioFiber both are offering a 30 Mbps plan at an affordable price. Alternatively, you can BSNL broadband and Hathway broadband for the same plan.

Moreover, if you’re attending high-quality video calls or doing other works requiring more internet speed, you should check 100 Mbps or more plans for better comfort.

Content Streaming

Content Streaming requires more internet data as well as speed. Even content streaming requires a high-performing internet speed. So for that requirement, you can check the 200+ Mbps internet plan from BSNL broadband. It will cost you just Rs 999 for 200 Mbps with unlimited data.

Alternatively, you can check out JioFiber if you want some free OTT subscriptions at the same price. However, the internet speed will be 150+ Mbps.

If you want more internet speed then JioFiber is a better option because BSNL offers a maximum of 300 Mbps internet speed on its Fiber connection.


If you are a gamer and want to download high-end games to your computer or mobile device the fast internet will be a better option for you.

For that reason, you can check Airtel broadband or JioFiber, both offer great internet speed with unlimited data.

Only JioFiber is offering 500 Mbps internet speed for 2500 rupees and unlimited data. However, you will get a 1 Gbps internet plan from Airtel for 3999 rupees.


If you want an amazingly fast and fordable option for the internet then Jio Fiber broadband will be best for you.

Jio is also offering additional benefits like OTT subscriptions and setup boxes. Even the base plan can stream 4K videos.

But if the Jio broadband services are not available in your area you can select Airtel broadband services.

Airtel is also providing some similar speed and prices with their plans.

So here best broadband providers in India.

Now I want to hear from you which of the plans are willing to apply for or I have missed your personal favorite.

Let us know by leaving a comment right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Internet plan is best for Home use?

JioFiber, Airtel, and BSNL are the best broadband providers for home use. These providers offer you low-cost as well as expensive internet plans. Also, you will get some additional discounts and Subscriptions for higher plans.

Who has the best internet service?

JioFiber and Airtel broadband is providing the best internet service with affordable plans. Even you can connect them in case you have faced any issues with your broadband or internet speed.

What is the best internet package?

It fully depends on your internet usage. So if you’re using the internet for browsing and watching videos on Youtube and Netflix then a 50 Mbps plan will be enough for you. But if you want to download some high-end games then you required a minimum 150 Mbps plan.


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    • January 20, 2021 at 5:22 pm

      Rs 80000/- is too much as per the internet speed is also not that much. Maybe other services are not available in your area. If available then Jio, airtel, or BSNL are offering much better options. Also, if you want the latest pricing. Feel free to bookmark this page.

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