7 Best Internet plans in India 2021 (New Unlimited plans)

There are JioFiber, Airtel, Bsnl, and Act broadband providers available in India. Each broadband provider has their internet plans on their own terms.

But we have done a lot of searches on these broadband providers and compared their plans so that it will let you know about the best broadband plans for 2021.

Currently, Jio, Airtel, and BSNL provide unlimited data for a price under 500 rupees. So let check more about their plans

7 Best internet plans in India

Internet plans are newly launched by almost every broadband provider. We have also included the new plans. Also, We have compared these new plans with the older ones.

1. JioFiber (starting from just Rs 399)

Jio internet provider has launched their fiber broadband services in India and they are offering a one-month free trial of their services. 

Their internet plans start from only 399 rupees per month. The cost of their plans will be similar to in every state of India. 

The best part!

You can stream one 4k and three 1080p videos at the same time 399 rupees per month plan.

Jio internet plans

You will get unlimited data usage in all their plans. But with one Commercial usage policy says that the term unlimited data means 3300Gb monthly. That mean’s the internet speed after consumption of 3300Gb will be reduced to 2Mbps.

However, this plan will be more than enough for your high-end internet usage. Also, unlimited calling is available on JioFiber plans.

JioFiber plans

With JioFiber you will get 14+ OTT apps subscriptions for a plan cost of more than 999 rupees per month. So if you want a free OTT subscription of 14+ apps then 999 per month will be best in the budget for you.

If you already purchased OTT subscriptions then your 699 per month plan for watching 1080p resolution videos. 699 per month plan gives you 100 Mbps speed with unlimited calling.

JioFiber provides 1Gbps speed in 3999 per month plan. But you will get maximum 3300 Gb data on this plan.

Additional benefits with JIO fiber

Jio offers OTT app subscriptions and Discounts on annual and half-yearly payments. As per the discount offered by Jio on long-term benefits. If you pay for 6 months then you will get 15 days free and if you pay annually then you will get an additional 30 days free usage benefit.

Free 30 days trial is also available in Jio plans. In this trial, you will get 150 Mbps speed with a security deposit of 1500 and if you want an OTT app you have to pay an additional 1000.

Free OTT subscription

OTT apps subscription is included in every plan of more than 999 rupees per month. A list of OTT is given below.

  1. Amazon prime
  2. Hotstar Disney VIP
  3. ZEE5
  4. JIO Cinema
  5. JIO saveen
  6. VOOT
  7. ALT Balaji
  8. Sony Liv
  9. Hoichoi
  10. ShemarooME
  11. Lionsgate play
  12. Sunnxt
Comparison with JioFiber Old plans

Newly launched plans comes with unlimited data comsumption. Also 399 plan is only available on the new plans. The minimum price to pay is 699 in old plans. However, the internet speed is similar between both old and new plans.

Free voice call

You will get free call benefits in all the Jio plans. But you have to connect your own Landline with a Jio router if you want to use the calling feature.

Otherwise you can also use Jio4gVoice application for free calling from Jio Network.

Comparison between Airtel and JIO fiber broadband plans

Both the broadband services are great as per their plans but Jio has a slight edge in low-cost plans. But in terms of all plans, both are competing very well.

2. AIRTEL Fibernet (starting from just Rs 449)

Airtel is the Second internet provider available on the list. The Airtel Broadband Plans start from 499 rupees per month that make it budget-friendly.

Airtel fiber plans

Airtel Fiber plans for budget users

Airtel stop their ADSL broadband services and started fiber services which are quite improved as compared to ADSL Broadband services. 

There is an installation cost of 1000 rupees in airtel but if you pay for three months then you will get free installation of their services. Now they were offering unlimited data consumption in their plans. But with a condition that you will not able to use data more than 3333 Gb per month.

In case, you are willing to open wifi signal for all😉.

As their basic plan, you will get an amazing 40 Mbps speed with fiber broadband services for a price of 499 per month.

You will also get a plan with a speed of 100 Mbps for a 799 per month. You can easily watch 4k videos with this plan. Even if you want to download games faster.

The best plan from Airtel is to cost you only 999 at that price you will get 200 Mbps speed with unlimited data. If compared with Jio 999 plan then Airtel plan gives you 50 Mbps more data.

But if you want a 1 Gbps speed then you can check out a 3999 plan that will offer you the best performance at this price.

Additional benefits with airtel fibernet

For additional benefits you will get discounts and some OTT subscriptions.

OTT Subscriptions

For OTT subscrition you will get the following.

  1. Airtel Xstream app
  2. Amazon prime
  3. Zee5
Discount options in airtel connection

For discounts, you have to for a period of more than a month. But you will not able to change the billing in the future which means you have to pay constantly every three months until you are using the connection.

If you are paying monthly then you will get the free installation of the connection. If you are paying for six months you will get a discount of 7.5 rupees.

But if you are paying yearly you will get a discount of 15 percent which is around 1.5 months free.

3. BSNL connection (starting from just Rs 299)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the first broadband provider that has some amazing features and its plans are also affordable. 

Bsnl provides great services to its users on a budget. Some day before offers really expensive and non-unlimited plans. But now they have introduced new and unlimited plans for their users.

Bsnl ADSL broadband plans

BSNL ADSL broadband plans

Bsnl is providing the cheapest plan on its ADSL broadband plans but if Fiber Services are available in your area then it will give you better speed and performance as compared to the ADSL services.

It’s true that now BSNL is slightly expensive but it offers the cheapest internet plans in India which start from just 299 per month.

In this plan, you will good 20 Mbps speed with a FUP of 50 Gb. At this price, you won’t able to get this type of speed and services from any other broadband providers.

Another plan from Bsnl for ADSL broadband in the budget is 120_CUL this plan provides you 20 Mbps speed with 120 Gb per month after that FUP exhausted you will get a speed around 1 Mbps with unlimited FUP.

BSNL fiber internet plans

Bsnl has started its unlimited plans. As everyone wants unlimited data plans. This is because JIO broadband has started giving unlimited data.

In the first and cheapest plan from Bsnl, you will good 30 Mbps speed with a FUP of 3300 Gb which is almost unlimited. Even For the plans costing more than Rupees 1500 will have 4Tb Fup.

However, Bsnl is providing 2 Mbps data if you have exhausted this FUP.

Another plan from Bsnl for Fiber broadband in the budget will cost you Rs 799. This plan provides you 100 Mbps speed with 3300 Gb per month. The speed after this FUP will be 2Mbps.

These plans are only available where you will get the support of JIO and Airtel Jiber broadband services.

However, we also have some more amazing broadband providers available on our list. But maybe they don’t provide the services in your area. So that you have to choose BSNL which is available for almost all areas in India.

Check Best routers for BSNL Ftth plans

4. ACT Broadband

ACT BROADBAND is another broadband service provider in India that provides some value for money plans.

But their minimum plans start from Rs 799 per month that provides you great 100 Mbps speed with a Fup of 500 GB and 1 Mbps post speed.

Act broadband services are slightly confusing so if you want to buy they don’t have some cheap lens but they offer more data and speed. 

Some areas so you can check whether in your area their plans are cheap or not but in most of the areas their plans are good.

ACT broadband plans

The plans which you get available for most of the area of India are started from 799 rupees per month. In this plan, you will get a speed of around 100 Mbps with a FUP of 500Gb and 1 Mbps speed beyond FUP.

The data you are getting in this plan would be better than other providers and you have to keep in mind that if you’re buying this plan for a year you will get a router free with it. The details are given in the offer section of Act broadband in this article.

All the plans of Act Broadband are given to some areas like Chennai. In these areas, you will get some plans with 1gbps speed which are not available to other areas that may be available in the future I will update when it available.

In these areas, the minimum plan you have to select will cost you around 820 rupees, with those plans you will get a speed of 50 MBPS with the FUP of 200Gb and 1 MBPS speed beyond FUP.

ACT broadband offers

Act Broadband gives some amazing services if you are paying for annually, which means you will get a free router and 2 months free with the first plan which costs only 9588.

In this plan, you will get a speed of a hundred MBPS with a FUP of 500GB And the speed beyond it would be 512 Kbps Mbps that is also quite less. The monthly average cost would be around 800 as usual.

The best Act Broadband annual rental plan is Act Diamond in this plan the cost would be around Rs 16188.

In this plan, you will get a speed around 300mbps and with the FTP of 1.5TB and speed afterward would be 2mbps unlimited.

Additional Offers in this plan you will get a free router, 2 months free subscription to act Diamond plan, 350 cashback on Netflix per month, and the data you’re getting in this plan is 20% more as compared to when you are paying monthly.

Also check the best router for act broadband.

5. Hathway connection

Hathway Broadband services are improved a lot during a few months their plans and prices were improved.

Now, they offer 100 MBPS speed for just 600 rupees per month with the FUP of 1TB, and the speed after this data would be 3 MBPS which is quite impressive as compared to others.

Hathway broadband plans

Last year they were providing 50 Mbps speed, 50 GB data, and 2 Mbps unlimited speed in 849 per month.

The thing to be kept in mind that if you want to buy their plans you have to pay for 3 months there is not an option for monthly payment.

The services are good they are available in most of the areas of India and they also provide you a router free to use so that you don’t have to pay additional for that for it.

But this router is given to you for the period when you are using their services.

Hathway broadband plans

The best plan from their services is around 899 per month. In this plan you will get a speed of 200 MBPS with the FUP of 1TB and a speed of 3 MBPS beyond that data.

Drawbacks of Hathway broadband plans

The best plan from their services is around 899 per month. In this plan, you will get a speed of 200 MBPS with the FUP of 1TB and a speed of 3 MBPS beyond that data.

Have you made your mind to buy Hathway broadband services? Now keep in mind these above-mentioned plans are only available in Hyderabad, and the prices for other areas are not that great as in Hyderabad.

Just check if the price is under 1000 the minimum speed should be 50 Mbps with a FUP of 500 GB.

For Example. These types of plans you will get usually are good as per price. You can select 100Mbps and 200 Mbps plans from these plans.

But there are plans like I have mentioned below these are so expensive plans that are I would suggest you to check if the plans are good in your area or not.

6. You Broadband

YOU broadband service is provided by Vodafone and they provide this service to only some parts of cities in India. They were also providing some great value if you want to acquire the plans.

You broadband plans

YOU broadband 30 Mbps plan

One thing I don’t like about this service is that their cheapest plan starts from 899 per month that provides you a speed of around 30 Mbps. The speed at the budget is not that acceptable.

And maximum speed developing India plans is only 200 MBPS. This for max is very low as per the plan they offer. As you have some options like Jio and airtel for 1 Gbps speed.

For 100 Mbps speed, you need to pay 1809 rupees per month this is double as compared to Jio and Airtel plans.

YOU broadband 100 Mbps plan

Additional benefit

As per the additional benefit, you will get some additional data if you pay quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. But the speed will remain the same.


This is an amazing broadband service available for only Punjab and Chandigarh users. They provide truly unlimited plans and you will get a speed of 40 Mbps for just Rs 499 per month.

Truly unlimited 30 MbpsRs 471 (399 + GST)30 Mbps
Truly unlimited 40 MbpsRs 589 (499 + GST)40 Mbps
Truly unlimited 70 MbpsRs 689 (599 + GST)70 Mbps
Truly unlimited 100 MbpsRs 825 (699 + GST)100 Mbps
Truly unlimited 200 MbpsRs 1179 (999 + GST)200 Mbps
Truly unlimited 350 MbpsRs 1769 (1499 + GST)350 Mbps
Truly unlimited 400 MbpsRs 1887 (1599 + GST)400 Mbps

They also offer you a speed of 1 Gbps in their plans which will cost around Rs 3999 per month. This plan is for youtube video streamers and daily game downloading.

But if you want a decent 100 Mbps speed they offer that for just Rs 699 per month which is amazing and too affordable.


If you want an amazingly fast and fordable option for the internet then Jio Fiber broadband will be best for you.

Jio is also offering additional benefits like OTT subscriptions and setup boxes. Even the base plan can stream 4K videos.

But if the Jio broadband services are not available in your area you can select Airtel broadband services.

Airtel is also providing some similar speed and prices with their plans.

Now I want to hear from you which of the plans are willing to apply for or I have missed your personal favorite.

Let us know by leaving a comment right.

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    1. Rs 80000/- is too much as per the internet speed is also not that much. Maybe other services are not available in your area. If available then Jio, airtel, or BSNL are offering much better options. Also, if you want the latest pricing. Feel free to bookmark this page.

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