Netplus broadband plans review in India 2021 (Full In-depth)

Netplus broadband service from Fastway transmission private limited. They provide an amazing service at a very less price.

But they provide their services to some of the states in India. So in this blog, I had given a review of the best Netplus broadband plans in India 2021.

They now provides only Fiber broadband services. The fiber services from Netplus is great and affordable.

So let’s check the review on their broadband plans

Netplus broadband plans review in India 2021


I have to say that their plans are amazing you can check in this blog as you get all the information for free.

But we compared their plans and selected some best of the best plans from all plans.

Netplus Broadband plan review.

Netplus is a broadband provider. Which is trying to give the best and low price broadband services. Their plans are currently changed due to the launch of new plans by JIO fiber. 

In the Netplus broadband plan, you will get unlimited data in all plans. But still, it is limited to the 3300 Gb data per month.

After this data, the speed of the internet will be reduced to 10Mbps. In other plans, the speed will be reduced to 20 Mbps.

Truly unlimited 30 MbpsRs 471 (399 + GST)30 Mbps
Truly unlimited 40 MbpsRs 589 (499 + GST)40 Mbps
Truly unlimited 70 MbpsRs 689 (599 + GST)70 Mbps
Truly unlimited 100 MbpsRs 825 (699 + GST)100 Mbps
Truly unlimited 200 MbpsRs 1179 (999 + GST)200 Mbps
Truly unlimited 350 MbpsRs 1769 (1499 + GST)350 Mbps
Truly unlimited 400 MbpsRs 1887 (1599 + GST)400 Mbps

So all the plans which are priced below Rs 700 will be enough to watch video on Netflix and Youtube even on 4k resolution.

For these plans a router under 1000 rupees will be more than enough.

But still, it would be not enough for you to use it as the primary device for downloading games on the PS5 console.

For this purpose, you can select plans with higher speeds. Still confused to choose which plan would be good for you.

Just check the list of the plan Given below. Made by including only value for money plans.

Best Netplus broadband plan.

All plans are good but some of the plans are even better. So the first plan in this list is Rs 399.

Netplus truly Unlimited 30Mbps

This plan will be more than enough for you to watch videos on 4k resolution. Even the data you will be getting is unlimited. However, this same plan is also provided by some of the other providers.

Netplus 30 Mbps plan speed

The speed test of this 30 Mbps plan is given below you can check whether it will be enough for you or not.

Netplus Truly unlimited 100 Mbps

This is another great and similar to other broadband provides with a speed of 100Mbps from netplus. It will be more than enough for downloading games and 4k movies on your computer or console.

Netplus 100 Mbps plan speed

May be LAN cable issue normally speed is more than 100 Mbps.

The speed test of this 100 Mbps plan is given below you can check whether it will be enough for you or not.

Netplus Truly unlimited 350 Mbps

This is the best value for money plan given by Netplus to their users. In this plan you will get unlimited data with a speed of 350 Mbps. At this same price, other broadband providers are providing 300 Mbps speed.

So if your using Netplus you will get 50 Mbps more speed as compared to the other broadband providers.

However, other broadband providers are also giving some subscriptions to OTT apps at this price. For more information check the comparison section.

For these plans you have to checkout router under 5000.

Availability of Netplus services.

The availability of Netplus services is improved in the last few months. Now, Netplus is providing its services to more states of India.

So if you want to use their services. You can check the images given below. In the above-mentioned image, you will come to know about where the Netplus services are available.

Netplus Services availability

However, their services are not that better in the states other than Punjab and Haryana. But they are trying to prove it.

Installation charges

In netplus you have to pay some money for the installation. However, it would be free if you are paying them for more than six months as a first payment.

In Punjab and Chandigarh

In some cities of Punjab and Chandigarh, you have to pay no installation charges if you are doing a six-month payment at once to them.

In states other than Punjab and Chandigarh

You have to pay 1000 rupees for the installation of fiber wire in your home and 2500 rupees for the price of the Modem.

Tip: Make sure that you are getting a dual-band router. Because in a single band router you will not get that much speed.

Comparison with other providers.

With comparing you should not select a broadband provider. So let’s compare Netplus broadband with other provides like JIO, Airtel, and BSNL.

As per the price and data

The price and data given by Netplus are almost similar to other broadband provides. All the internet provides have now changed their plan to give unlimited data. So in comparison with Netplus with other internet providers, there is not a difference in price and data.

As per the Speed.

In some of the internet plans, you will get slightly better speed in the Netplus broadband services. 

You will get 50 Mbps more in both Rs 999 and 1499 plan as compared to others. So if you want better speed Netplus may be good for you.

As per the installation charges.

No one gives free Installation services. But only Netplus and Airtel give you in their half-yearly plan. So if you want free installation then Netplus and Airtel is an option for you.

However, Netplus is only giving free installation in Punjab and Chandigarh.

Other benefits.

In all the other provides like JIO and airtel you will get a Free OTT subscription in their expensive plans. But in Netplus you will not get any OTT subscriptions.

So if you want to free an OTT subscription then JIO fiber and Airtel would be better options for you. However, you will not get an OTT subscription for a price under 699 from JIO and Airtel.

Router for Netplus broadband

If you want an external to increase the range and speed. Then you can check The router given below.

Tp-link C1200 Dual-band router (with USB port)

Tp-link anchor A9 AC1750 wifi router

This router will be great if you want to use the internet for video streaming and gaming. However, the Regular router from Netplus will be more than enough for basic internet usage.

In this router you will get a USB port. It will help to share files through the router. Even you can connect your storage devices on this router.


Netplus Braodband would be an great option for you if your living in Punjab or Chandigarh.

You can compare the best broadband plans in India and select that will be better for you.

So here’s the in-depth Guide on Review on Netplus plans and serivces.

If you still have any questions relating to the plans of the Fastway broadband plans and Netplus review.

Ask me in a question, I will reply to each question you ask.

4 thoughts to “Netplus broadband plans review in India 2021 (Full In-depth)”

  1. 1) Make You Fool: Paise phle le lete han. 8700 le liye 6 months ke liye, advanced me. They said, within 10 days aapka connection lg jayega. It's day 15, and hmesha ki thran "sir, aaj pkka lg jaye ga.
    2) False Advertisement: In their website, it is written that 30 Mbit plan is just for 599. But it cost you 707. Bill me kuch bi nhi likha hua tha ki paise gye to gye khn. Its just 8700.
    3) No Response: They will never attend your call. Agar bychance kr bi di, to yehi "sir aaj hi sb thik hojaye ga, hmari team aari ha".


  2. My Net+ ID is 0001640675 . on 26 march 2020 a complain of non working of internet was lodged and it was intimated that due to lockdown(at that time) it is not possible no solve the issue. But he installed a new connection within 2 hours in same premises. does the lock down is only for attending complaints and not for new connections? Thats rediculous . The story does not ends here. further they said that hey will not solve the issue and this connection is discontinued. So in a nut shell it is a clear case of collecting money and refusing to provide service. Now 4 months have passed and as promised at the time of installation he is not refunding 50% of installation/security money. So it is advised to all customers not to choose NET+ if you have any other option.

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