Netplus broadband plans review in India 2020

Netplus broadband service from Fastway transmission private limited. They were the fastest-growing company in 2020 and they provide an amazing service at a very less price. 

But they provide their services only in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and a union territory of Chandigarh only. So in this blog, I had given a review on the best Netplus broadband plans in India 2020
Their service is the best and budget-friendly but available in fewer cities in India. They provide two types of broadband services one is normal broadband service and the other one is fiber broadband service. Both were fully reviewed in this blog.

Netplus broadband normal plans review in India 2020

Netplus broadband plans review in India 2020
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I have to say that their plans are amazing you can check in this blog as you get all the information for free.

But we compared their plans and selected some best of the best plans from all plans.

Their normal plans start from the Rs 499/month in this plan you will get amazing Netplus broadband provides FUP OF 100GB data with a speed of 50 Mbps and speed after that data reduces to 10Mbps. 
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Netplus normal plans (other than fiber plans)

Netplus 499 plan is also a good plan. If you are getting double data by paying Rs 100 more it’s amazing. 

But one demerit is they don’t provide any plans less than Rs 499 plan. It means the minimum recharge you have to take is Rs 599. 

However, they offer a plan of RS 499 but in this plan, you don’t get that must benefits as you get in by investing one hundred more.

You get double benefit This plan is best because of the price, the speed offered, and data given in this plan.

Their second-best plan is New speed 50. In this Netplus provides Truly unlimited data with a speed of 50 Mbps.

As the price of this plan is Rs 1299 and at this price, nobody is providing that much benefit. 

You can’t not able to imagine that there is a big change in feeling when you change your plans from FUP to UNLIMITED. Netplus plans can change your whole internet experience.

Review on the services of Netplus Broadband

Netplus provides good broadband services in Punjab. As they provide services with lesser cost. But the main thing is the consistency of services like others.

Netplus broadband plan speed test
Netplus provides the best services for that price. And speed is constant there may be a problem in some days with services. But it is also fixed within some time. And the speed remains constant all the time. 

Don’t worry about the speed, the problem is availability. If it is available then enjoy it. However, In some places, the services are slightly slow only in some places where their services are just introduced.

In this netplus broadband reviews, you can see that the main problem is that about availability. But it will be available after some days.

Netplus Fiber broadband plans

This broadband service is going crazy as they were providing unlimited data with 100 Mbps speed under 1000. This is the best in netplus fiber plans under 1000

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Yes I know now sounds crazy but it is true so the first best plan in my list is Their truly UL 100 plan. 

In this plan, they provide an amazing speed of 100 Mbps with unlimited data. It meaning just download and download and download anything at any time. 

But this plan is only for fiber users for it you have to purchase their fiber broadband.

The second-best plan on my list is truly UL 200. In this plan, you will get an amazing 200Mbps speed with unlimited data.

This meaning now you can make your wifi open its meaning without the password.

But don’t do it because it will lead to data leaks and some other issues.

Netplus Fiber broadband plans reviews

The fiber broadband plans are amazing and they are so budget-friendly. You need to worry about the availability of the service only. But on some days it will be available to all the users.

As you can see in the plans you get amazing unlimited data consumption with an amazing constant speed of 50 Mbps. That will enough for you to downloading and stream videos if you have the best router under 5000.

Sometimes there will be an issue in the speed of this fiber broadband but that speed is fixed within some hours. Not daily, not weekly this issue arises maybe once in a month.

It is because the service is not launched completely.


You can buy net-plus broadband services as per the best plans discussed in this article.
If you still have any questions relating to the plans of the Fastway broadband plans and Netplus review.
Ask me in a question, I will reply to each question you ask.

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4 thoughts to “Netplus broadband plans review in India 2020”

  1. 1) Make You Fool: Paise phle le lete han. 8700 le liye 6 months ke liye, advanced me. They said, within 10 days aapka connection lg jayega. It's day 15, and hmesha ki thran "sir, aaj pkka lg jaye ga.
    2) False Advertisement: In their website, it is written that 30 Mbit plan is just for 599. But it cost you 707. Bill me kuch bi nhi likha hua tha ki paise gye to gye khn. Its just 8700.
    3) No Response: They will never attend your call. Agar bychance kr bi di, to yehi "sir aaj hi sb thik hojaye ga, hmari team aari ha".


  2. My Net+ ID is 0001640675 . on 26 march 2020 a complain of non working of internet was lodged and it was intimated that due to lockdown(at that time) it is not possible no solve the issue. But he installed a new connection within 2 hours in same premises. does the lock down is only for attending complaints and not for new connections? Thats rediculous . The story does not ends here. further they said that hey will not solve the issue and this connection is discontinued. So in a nut shell it is a clear case of collecting money and refusing to provide service. Now 4 months have passed and as promised at the time of installation he is not refunding 50% of installation/security money. So it is advised to all customers not to choose NET+ if you have any other option.

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